Party Pics

In the title the word pics isn’t referring to pictures, it is referring to toothpicks.  I’m using the toothpicks, in today’s post, that have the frills on the end.  They remind me of a party – a celebration.  I’m using them to create flags like I did with the other toothpicks but these create a little more fun.  I must say, the flags I am creating today are very amazing.

What I am going to do is punch three black Mickey Mouse head punches and three red ones.  I am then going to choose three toothpicks, each with a different color frill on the end.  Using liquid fast dry adhesive I am going to glue the black Mickey face to the top of the tooth pick, just under the frills.  I am gluing it to the side, not the center, of the face.  I think that makes it look more like a banner or flag.  I am adding a mini foam adhesive circle to the front of each Mickey face.  Then I am going to glue the red Mickey faces to the other side of the toothpick so that they almost match up with the black Mickey faces but the black does show through.  They will be placed on top of the toothpicks and on top of the foam adhesive circle.  This will add dimension and make sure that everything stays together.  The final touch I will add is putting a Mickey Mouse letter on each flag that spells TIM.

Disney!  What a great time he had!

Disney! What a great time he had!

I must say, I love the outcome!  I must also say, I love washi tape.  I’ve been adding it to almost every layout.

Hope your Monday was made a little better by this post.  ;D

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Party Pics

  1. I love this idea!! Since you’re working on Disney pages ,Lowes in the past had paint swatches with Mickey Ears- Disney stuff. Might check if your interested.

    • Good idea! I also have another cute idea for paint swatches. Hopefully I will get there in the next week or so. I was just there on Saturday but didn’t think about it.

  2. Washi tape and toothpicks make one cute page. Who doesn’t love Disney and Mickey? Tim likes to take pictures too, I guess. The paint swatches are one good idea. I’ve seen some crafts using them. They are free, too. You may not want to get too greedy and get thrown out of the store. Ha!

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