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Hi!  Hope your week is going fantastically!  The page I am going to show is one I’ve been thinking about for quite some time.  The pictures are of my family at Thanksgiving. So….I obviously wanted the page to be fallish.  What I had in mind was a bare tree with leaves on the ground around it.  What stopped me from doing the page sooner is I wanted to get a couple of leaf punches.  I actually found one but it was a mini one and I wanted a couple of different sizes.  I haven’t found those – yet.  So….the other day I was glancing in a clearance rack at a art and craft store and found a packet of paper leaves.  Some were plain leaves and some had words like family, memories…. on them. They were in fall colors, too.  EVEN BETTER!  They ended up being SO cheap – like 10 cents or less.  Wow!

Here is my page.

Thanksgiving at the folks.

Thanksgiving at the folks.

Brad (the hubby) told me that I should have had more contrast between the tree trunk and the background paper but he told me this AFTER the page was finished.  He is probably right but I still love it.  I still have some leaves left for different projects.  I have a totally different idea in mind.  I will be sure to post when finished.

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Another Tree Page

  1. If you want to get more definition on the tree trunk and leaves– you can take a q-tip and ink or chalk them. It’s great to find treasures on sales!!

  2. Thanksgiving is always a fun “fill up your belly day”. Brad looks pretty happy. Pass the biscuits please. Love the little crow in the tree and the pretty leaves.

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