Don’t Be Afraid to Cut

If you have followed my blog for very long you will have noticed that I cut a lot of my pictures.  I do that when the background is distracting to what I want the viewer to be focused on.  I also have done that when there is no purpose for the background and the paper or decorations on the page are a lot more exciting than the background of the photo.  A final reason that I cut a photo down is because the  ephemera is significant to what the page is about and the full size photo is covering up something important.  I cropped both of the photos on my layout today.  I did it for the third reason.  The certificate is important to the page.

Tim going indoor skydiving in CO.

Tim going indoor skydiving in CO.  Notice the signed name “timmy” is in Tim’s handwriting.  <3

What a fun day we had!

God bless!




2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Cut

  1. That Tim is really a dare devil. I think it’s okay to crop pictures if it doesn’t destroy the meaning. The background tells it all. Jason did sky diving once. I have a gray hair for all the things my kids did. No wonder I support the Clariol company.

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