Washi Flags

Hi, everyone.  Today’s idea builds on yesterday’s.  I am going to make another flag that is SO simple but so cute.  It is a flag using washi tape.

I started with the toothpick with points at both ends.  I clipped off the point at one end.  I tore off a 3-4″ segment of washi tape.  I then placed a toothpick about half way onto the washi tapes sticky side.  I placed the end of the toothpick where I had cut off the point.  I then stuck the washi tape together securing the toothpick.  What is so nice about washi tape is if you get the placement wrong it can be easily separated and replaced.  Finally, I cut off the end of the washi tape to the length that I wanted my flag.  I then cut a small slit up the middle and then started at the corner and cut up to the top of the slit.  I repeated at the other corner.  It is the easiest way to make a nice “v” at the end of the flag.  I made three flags and then put a sticker on each.  I then wrote the names of my brother and his high school friends at their reunion.

Greg at his high school reunion.

Greg at his high school reunion.

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!


One thought on “Washi Flags

  1. High School Reunions are fun. You get to see how many kids your friends had and how much older they look. Also the cool high school boyfriend is bald and no teeth. Ha! REVENGE! Greg is lucky to go to his every year.

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