Making Flags

I am going to show an idea using what most of us have around our homes – toothpicks.  I am going to make flags out of toothpicks.  It is super simple, super fast, and super cute.

I am using a toothpick that has points at both ends so using scissors I cut one end off the toothpick.  I am going to use a sticker for the flag.  What I did was mount the sticker onto a piece of cardstock.  I cut the cardstock slightly bigger than the sticker.  I then made a “v” cut into the end to give a banner effect to the flag.  I then used quick dry liquid adhesive to glue the flag to the toothpick.  I used this technique for one flag.

I made two other flags slightly different because two of the stickers I used had a blank edge (apx 1/2″) on one side.  So, what I did was to mount the sticker on cardstock (as above) but I left the blank section of the sticker cardstock free.  I went ahead and made the “v” cut on the end but instead of using the adhesive to attach the sticker I just wrapped the sticker around the toothpick (the part I didn’t attach to cardstock) and had it stick to the back of the cardstock.

Three flags adding a lot of emphasis to my layout.

Three flags adding a lot of emphasis to my layout.

You can place the ends of the toothpick behind other embellishments,  journaling, or the photo, or you can show the whole flag.  I placed mine behind a journaling tag.  I added some washi tape to the edges of my photo frame and called it done.

I am going to start keeping toothpicks with my scrapbooking supplies.  The flags make the embellishments “pop”.

Hope your day is fantastic!

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Making Flags

  1. The tooth pick idea is cute and different. That was some day for Ben. I believe that was the first time we ever saw Amber. Amber and another girl showed up at the church. I remember you taking tons of pictures at the dinner. EJ and I had to get right back home. Probably because of work.

    • That was the first day I saw Amber – I’m pretty sure. I saw her at the school after the graduation. I remember how long and pretty her hair was.

  2. I really like this idea!! I like the different words – aunt, uncle etc, A different way to do those pages of those in-laws. I think it would go good on a sport page too, It’s snowing in Kansas so maybe I will get the day off tomorrow to play.

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