Finally! (a graduation page)

Hi friends!

Hope that you are doing well!  We have had some sickness (not me but my granddaughter) in our family.  Hoping that it goes away and everyone is healthy this holiday!

Diploma in hand!

I matted the pics on a piece of white paper.  I left space around the pictures and then matted the white paper on a piece of black paper.  Finally, I put the matted pics on a piece of fun graduation cap paper.

On the white paper I added lots of sparkle with the jeweled graduation cap, the word “finally!”, and shiny stars.  I then added a “congrats” sticker and a diploma sticker.  Result – awesome layout!

That is all for the day.  I need to get back to card making (not too many left, thank goodness, since Christmas is such a short time away), gift wrapping, and running to the post office to ship gifts.

God bless!

Origami Flowers

Hello friends,

It has been awhile since I have been on here.  I have had Thanksgiving, helping my son move, and getting things ready for Christmas (still so much to do – I am making my own Christmas cards this year so that Is taking a lot of time.  I will show them after everyone receives theirs.  I really like them.).

This post shows pictures from my friend’s daughter’s wedding.  While I was there last time we helped make some flowers using paper (origami).  She used what we made and made more and created some awesome bouquets and center pieces for her daughter’s wedding.

Jessi is holding her paper flower bouquet (and her dad’s arm). Great family!  So beautiful (and handsome)!

One of the tables with the centerpieces made using the origami flowers.

We made a YouTube video of us making the flowers.  I will link it below and you can learn to make the flowers if you are interested.

That is all for the day!  Thanks, Terri, for sending the pictures (and for putting up with me and my video making)!  Congratulations, Jessi!

God bless you all!