It’s About Time

Hi friends,

Still working on Tim’s album.  With all that is happening in life it is slow going.  It will get accomplished and I enjoy the process.  That is what is important!

Finally, he graduates – about time!

This was a lot of fun and very simple.  I took a black piece of cardstock.  I had a matted picture of Tim receiving his diploma (came that way).  I adhered it to a gray piece of cardstock.  I attached that to the black cardstock.  I put the jeweled sticker that says “about time” on the black.  I put stickers that say “congratulations” down both sides of the matted picture.  Finally, I added one of his name cards (I will never use them all up but I am putting them everywhere that I can think of.  😉  ).

Looks super!

God bless!

Senior Pics at the Angel Oak Tree

Hi friends,

This is a quick layout.  I started it with a postcard that I bought from the gift shop.

Angel Oak senior pics.

I matted the postcard (just like I did the pictures) and put it on a beautiful piece of cardstock that works perfectly for his school colors and for a tree.

I then matted the picture to the right and attached it to the layout.

Finally, I wanted to mat the picture but I also wanted it to be a little snazzy.  I took the mat and turned it (and attached it to the page).  I then attached the picture (turned different than the mat).  Finally I added stickers to the top and bottom of the mat that went over the corners of the picture.  They say “senior” all across the sticker.

Last, in the empty space I added a sticker that says “class of” and numeric stickers for “2017”.

Very simple page but I love how it turned out!

God bless all of you!

Marine Ball (ROTC)


Hump day!

Hope you are flying through the week and having a good time at it!  We are busy little campers, here.  We are having cars worked on, putting in a new kitchen sink and faucet (home improvement that we have never done before), besides taking care of some medical stuff and everyday life.

Here is a layout that I tackled and love!

Tim’s freshmen year ROTC experience ended with this finale.

First I emptied a bowl of seashells and traced the circumference of the bowl on the page (lightly with a pencil).  I matted the two pics that I wanted to use and decided where I wanted them on the page.  I then started putting the alpha stickers on the page -“Marine Ball”.

I found out later that I should have put Military Ball but I am not changing it.  It was at Paris Island, which is for the marines, so that is the reason my thinking went astray.  I guess if I would have scrapped it sooner my middle aged brain might have remembered correctly.  🙂

I then added the numeric stickers for the year.  I filled in the rest of the circle that I had traced with fun dance and music stickers.  I also added a disco ball in the top right corner and a sticker that says “Let’s Dance” in the top left corner.

A word of advice – or I could say, learn from my mistake – the pencil was a pain to get off the page (even when lightly traced).  I covered most of it with the stickers and pictures but then there were parts that were difficult to erase without damaging the paper.  From now on I am going to try it on the reverse side that I am going to be using and make sure I have the proper eraser available. (A gum eraser seems to work best and it will even help remove adhesives).

Thanks for stopping by.  See you on the other side of the week.

God bless!


Hats Off!

Happy Monday!

I am still working on Tim’s albumS.  Yes, I am admitting that there will be two high school albums.  One for his freshman, sophomore, and junior year.  One for his senior year.

Throwing up caps and beach balls.

It is kind of hard to see the hats and beach balls but they were there (and are in the pictures on close inspection).  🙂

I love the paper because it looks like a whole bunch of hats and balls at the bottom and then scattered ones the closer that they got to the top.  Like they were being thrown into the air.  I added some graduation caps(with fun expressions beside them) and a beach ball stickers to the layout.  I matted two pics on a piece of black paper and then made them separated with washi tape.  Last, I added a 3D sticker that says “Hats off to you!”.

Hope your Monday (and mine) is awesome!

God bless!

A Tim Collage

Happy Monday,

I had a really great weekend and I hate for it to end but the weekdays will be good, too. (But really looking forward to next weekend).

Fun pics that didn’t have a home – now they do. Love a collage layout!

Pics from stopping for a cave tour on vacation, his Lifetouch Safe Smile cards, Tim leaving for junior prom with US (doesn’t happen often), jumping on a trampoline, Chuck E. Cheese, boating in Iowa with a bucket on his head, and his last Easter basket.  🙂  I arranged and rearranged.  I even matted a few.  Finally I adhered the pics and left a gap in the top right corner for a quote from Dr. Seuss.  Last, I put a border sticker on the bottom of the layout.  Fun page (especially with Chuck E).

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!

Puppy Love

Howdy folks!

So happy it is Friday!  This weekend we are having a belated birthday party for my granddaughter at my house (we have a swing, teeter totter, trampoline, and climbing dome so it should be fun).  Sounds like a fun/tiring time for grandparents.

Today’s layout is about a puppy and a kid (baby goat) and how Tim loves them.

I used a spotted paper because our pup, Kansas, and the kid has spots.  Perfect paper.  I matted the three Kansas pics on a piece of red paper.  I mounted the goat pic on a piece of black paper.  I then adhered them to the page.  I put a border sticker at the bottom of the page.  I then put my title “Puppy (Kid) Love” on a piece of white paper, trimmed it, and added it to the bottom of the layout.  Last but not least I added stickers (Friends Furever, I <3 Treats, and then some paw prints at the top of the page).

Love this page.  I think Tim might end up getting goats when he is older – he really enjoys them when we go to my brother and sister-in-law’s house.

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!

Grinding the Rail

Hey fun folks!

Time to get creative!  I had to dig around to find the pictures on this layout.  I knew that I had them but wasn’t sure where they were hiding.

Having more fun on his skateboard.

The first picture was taken when he went to skateboarding camp.  The bottom picture was taken at his high school.

I matted both pictures and adhered them to the background paper.  I then added a journaling sticker on the bottom of the top picture and a journaling box sticker and a skate board wheel sticker to the bottom of the other picture.  I wrote on both of the journaling stickers with a Slick Writer pen.

I cut out a small piece of cream cardstock and added it to the top right corner.  I added a big sticker that says “Grind the Rail”.  Finally, I journaled on a tag  about how Tim has always loved to skateboard and adhered it on the bottom left corner.  I added some fun skateboarding stickers.

That is all for today!  Sorry that I haven’t posted in a bit – jury duty!

God bless!