High School Jobs


Every time that Tim had a job I tried to save something from the job for a scrapbook page.  For some reason I couldn’t find something from one of his jobs (Panera Bread) but have a pretty good layout regardless.

Tim’s jobs for spending money.

I also couldn’t find his stuff from Chick Fil A but I printed off their logo and matted it.  I also had a picture of him in the back seat of a car with his uniform and name tag.  I had his name tag and the lanyard from Journeys shoe store.  I used the lanyard as a ribbon across the bottom of the page.  I also had his name tag from Dollar General.  I matted the picture and added a couple of fast food stickers.  I also had a journaling card where I wrote about all of the jobs – including Panera.  I labeled the page “High School Jobs” and put it on the mat with the Chick Fil A logo.  Busy page but fun.

God bless!

Tim & Tiara


Today’s layout was a quickie.  Still turned out cute.

A fun time at a trampoline house.

I love the background paper.  It says “just us” , “no worries”, and “no work” over and over again in blocks.  I also love the color and the feel of the paper.  I matted three trimmed down pics of the sibs with spaces in between.  I also left a big space to the left of the pictures.  I adhered the mat to the layout and then added glittery foam letters.  Sweet!

God bless!


Hello (Dolly),

This is a fun page.  I just thought it looked unique but my friend brought up that it looked like a postage stamp.  And so it does.  🙂

Tim and his sis paddle boarding.

I took a textured piece of blue cardstock (love it!) and used it for my background.  I then took a piece of striped cardstock (love it, too!) and used a 1″ circle punch all the way around trying to space evenly.  I drew a small line on the punch to show how far to insert the paper because I wanted to punch just a little past 1/2 way.  That way it was fairly consistent.  I matted the pictures with white paper.  I then figured out how I wanted them layered on the page and then adhered them.  I wrote the word “sibs” with alpha stickers.  I added a camera (of course) sticker and shell stickers.  Then I added a sticker of a wave and a fish jumping out of the water.  I am going to try and find another fish or two to add to that section.

So cute!

God bless y’all (and Dolly)!

Friends (Layout)

Hi guys,

This is a layout about Tim’s best friends – from the one that he has known since he was a newborn, to the brothers that he met in our old neighborhood.

Tim and his best buds.

I matted two pics “normally” and then put one on a mat sideways.  I then added three of the dots for each color of mat.  I added a story for the layout. I put a frame sticker on the cardstock and then wrote inside of it directly on the cardstock.  I used two different kinds of letter stickers to form the word “friends” and then put a sticker on that says “friends to the end”.

Love how it turned out!

God bless!

The Last Twenty-one Pilots Layout (I think)

Hello good buddies!

Another day, another layout.  At least this day.  🙂  On this blog I am including a YouTube video on how to work with embossing paste (some call it texture paste).

A combination of different concerts that Tim attended.

The first thing I did was to create the dotted effect on a piece of cardstock using a stencil and embossing paste.  I am going to put the YouTube link below so that you can see how I did that.

After creating the dots I took a piece of glitter paper and cut out a square the size of the dots.  I then attached (with fast drying glue) the red glitter paper to the cardstock.  Glitter paper is hard to attach to cardstock (I guess because it is so heavy) so that is why I use something more substantial than the glue tape.

I then attached two pics together (The House of Blues picture and the picture of Tim with Tyler and Josh from Twenty-one Pilots).  I attached all three pics to the page (using the glue because attaching anything to the front of glitter paper is difficult, too.  I had to sit things on top of the pictures to let them dry and not curve up on the outer edges).

Last, I put the title on with alpha stickers and added a home made logo.  I made the logo using adhesive that I rolled on and flocking powder.  I used it like glitter.  I punched the circle out.

Cool page that did take a little time and effort.  Well worth it!

God bless!




Sewing Table Re-do


We survived Irma.  We evacuated to Atlanta and the tropical storm Irma followed us there.  But we had a great visit with family.

Before we left for our great adventure, my husband and I (mostly my husband) refinished an old sewing cabinet.  He got it from Good Will.

Seas the day!

Shine on!

The table was sanded and painted.  What I wanted to show you was the Cricut designs that we added at the end.  So cool!  We are just starting to work with Cricut vinyl.  I put numbers on my mailbox.  My sister in law decorated some walls in a Sunday school room at church.  We are having fun with this.  I think I am going to put something on my front door for fall.  I will post.

On the first side (Seas the day) I am going to add another sand dollar.  On the other side (Shine on) I am thinking of adding light beams.

Fun, fun!

God bless!


Timmy Turner (and His Fairly Odd Parents)

Hello, hello!

This is a fun page.

Before Tim was born we would sit on our couch and think about names.  We knew that we wanted a biblical first name because our oldest two boys had biblical first names.  We finally decided on Timothy.

A few years after he was born a cartoon came out named Timmy Turner and His Fairly Odd Parents.  Tim was teased from before the time he entered school.  It was all in the spirit of fun but he hated it.

I had to have a layout with Timmy Turner and his Fairly Odd Parents on it.  The name does fit our situation perfectly.  😉

Tim and his odd parents.

I used the Cricut to cut out Tim’s name and the “and his fairly odd”.  I used a tiny glue pen to adhere the letters to the page.  (After matting – twice- the picture and adhering it to the layout.  I then used alpha stickers for the word “parents”.  Finally, I journaled about the name thing and adhered that to the layout.  Cute page!  Not so sure if Tim thinks it is a cute memory.  🙂

God bless!

A Twenty-one Pilot’s Thank You

Hello Crafty People,

Today I have created another Twenty-one Pilot’s layout.  We have so many pics from concerts that there might be one or two more layouts to follow.

A personal thanks from Twenty-one Pilots.

When Tim first went to a Twenty-one Pilot’s concert the band wasn’t nearly as popular as they are now.  They handed out these pieces of paper that said “hello” and “Thank You” on it.  It was only black and white so I colored in on the paper using the group’s favorite colors.  I adhered it to a piece of cardstock.  I matted all the pics on white papers.  I put them on the bottom of the cardstock, layering them.  I love the first picture.  We were outside and it was pouring.  That picture really shows the rain.

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!

Tim and His Girlfriend


Today’s layout is a collage page of Tim and his girlfriend.  They have been dating since 8th grade.  They have stayed together even though we moved from NC to SC.  Absence makes their hearts grow fonder?

Tim and Camila – what a nice looking couple!

I put several pics of the couple on the page.  The one that I love is the bottom left one – they look so young.  I left a space on the cardstock in the middle.  I used Black and gold alpha stickers to add their names.  I also got a fancy “&” that is black and gold.  I added black flowers and put “diamond studs” in the center of them.  I also added a camera sticker (I love camera stickers).  Last but not least I added 7 black rhinestones across the top of Camila’s name.

Turned out awesome!

That is all for the day!

God bless!


Thank Yous From Tim

Happy Labor Day!

My hubby and son are off work today.  My son is visiting with his cousin about an hour away.  We are going to go pick him up today.  I am sure he had a fun weekend.

Tim’s thank you card that he sent his family and friends.

I started with a piece of cardstock and then two pieces of a piece of cardstock that I trimmed off and added to my layout.  They are the piece with the date (at the top of the page) and the piece with the camera (at the bottom of the page).  I then matted the thank you card that had pics of Tim on his graduation day, and a note from Tim.  I also matted a ticket that was given to Tim (not used) that he could have given to someone to attend his graduation if it rained.  His graduation was held at the school’s football stadium.  If it rained they would have moved it to the auditorium.  In that case he could invite only 3 people.  That would have been a BIG bummer.  Luckily that wasn’t the case.  I loved the ticket because of the picture of the school.  Finally, I journaled on a tag and added that to the layout.  That is all that I did.

I really wanted to have the thank you card and the ticket in the scrapbook.  I think it turned out great.

God bless!