License to Drive


Today I am scrapping Tim’s driving lessons and getting his license.  I had bought a heavy page of cut outs that involved the whole drivers license process.  I bought it a few years back.  I really thought he would want to get his license when he was closer to 16 but he was dragging his feet and it was just a few days short of his 18th birthday.

My boy is grown up!

Buying these pages can be really handy and result in a cute page.  I started with a blue sheet of cardstock.  I cut out all the individual pieces on the piece of thick paper with the driving design.  I trimmed down the picture in the “One Way” frame and adhered the frame to the picture and then to the blue paper.  I then matted the DL pic and left an extra thick bottom.  I then added the “I Passed!” cut out in that space.  I put the top and the bottom on the page and then journaled on the notebook page and adhered it.  I had the license plate sticker that says “Good 4U” already and added that, too.  Cute page for a big landmark.

God bless!

Card Fun

Hi friends,

A few more cards are complete.  I am a card sender.  I always have enjoyed the written word.  I don’t think I will typically make several of the same cards but I am enjoying making cards.  I always buy them so I am probably saving money by making them – I know that I am not losing money because cards are expensive.  And these are SO cute!

Simple Happy birthday card.

This card has a lot of layered papers, a doily, a stamped and inked edged oval, and a few rhinestones.  Very simple to make but very pretty.

Another simple card.

The bottom sheet of paper was put into an embossing folder and ran through the embossing machine to create the textured background.

The flower and leaves were stamped and cut with a die cutting machine.  It could also be stamped and cut out by hand.  Papers were layered (one was stamped) and a ribbon was added.  Once the flower was adhered to the paper a pretty jewel was added to make it shine.

Pretty butterfly card.

First the background paper was ran through an embossing machine.  It was then stamped on the bottom (where there wasn’t any texture added).  Pretty tags were made and adhered to the card.  Finally, butterflies were cut with a die cut machine.  I adhered them along their middle to the card and then lifted them up on the sides a bit.  I added three enamel dots and then decided to decorate them with a little glitter glue.  Well….it went a little crazy.  I ended up spreading it around and made it look intentional.

Aren’t they sweet?  I am enjoying sending these cards to friends and loved ones!

God bless!

Prom Fun

Hello darlin’,

Doesn’t that sound southern?  What about honey, sugar, sweetie.  So many names that we are referred to since moving to the south.  I am picking up on a few, too.  Not sure what I think about that.  🙂

Today I had to look for Pinterest inspiration for another prom picture.

Don’t they look royal?

The glitter portion of the paper looks more peach than shows in the picture.  I used the glitter paper for the background paper.  I then had awesome “pretty paper” that I traced with a decorative ruler and cut out.  I tried adhering it to the glitter paper but the glitter paper wouldn’t let me.  I ended up using glue to adhere it.  That is the problem with glitter paper.  It argues when you try to attach anything to it.  I matted both pictures on peach paper.  I then put a black strip of paper across the “pretty paper”.  I then adhered the matted photos onto the black strip.  I made a crown out of glitter paper and put pearls on the tips.  Before attaching it to the layout I traced the border of the pretty paper with Stickles (a glitter glue).  Between glue for the glitter paper and the Stickles, there was a lot of drying time on this layout.  Last I adhered the crown to the layout and then added two heart brads to look pretty and to really secure it.  Love how it turned out.

I “stole” an idea and made it my own.  Paper lifting.  😉

That is all for the day.

God bless!


Wreath Fun with the Grandkids

Hi friends,

The summer is quickly coming to a close and I had been promising Abby that I would make a shell wreath with her for a long time.  My hubby and I were at the Savannah Hobby Lobby and I bought 3 wreaths.  Two medium ones and a large one.  They were straw wreaths.  If Abby and I were going to make a wreath I knew that Matthew would want to participate.

First, Matthew’s:

Matthew with his shell wreath.

I had two long strips of wide ribbon.  One white and one blue.  Matthew chose blue.  I pulled out the hot glue gun and wrapped and glued and found that I didn’t have near enough ribbon.  I had an idea that it might be a little short but not as much as it was.  I had a flower arrangement that I broke a few months ago.  (I posted about it in “other crafts”).  It had a lot of burlap picks around the edges.  I took the pics and poked and glued them into the wreath.  I think it made the wreath more masculine, too.  Win, win.  I then decided to go all out burlap and wrapped burlap ribbon around the blue ribbon.  Finally I glued on the shells.  I used the brown (tan) shells to go with the burlap theme – and Matthew like them a lot.   I was pleased and so was Matthew.

Next, Abby’s:

Abby’s finished wreath.

Abby got the white ribbon but she really wanted pink.  I wrapped and wrapped just like I did with Matthew’s wreath and with the same results.  It was too short (which by this time I knew it would be).  I used the flowers (that were pink) from the same broken arrangement and cut down the stems, poked them, and glued them into the wreath.  I put the large  ones on top and surrounded them with the smaller ones.  I even added the three butterflies that were on the broken arrangement.  I then wrapped a dark pink ribbon and a light pink ribbon on top of the white ribbon.  Finally, I glued on the shells.  She was very happy with the wreath.

As you have probably noticed, I did most of the work.  They did a lot of picking out of ribbons, shells, and accessories.  I was too afraid to let them help much past that because almost everything involved hot glue.  My fingers suffered.  🙁

Finally, my wreath:

My shell wreath.

I had bought two rolls of extra wide ribbon so I knew that I would have enough for my wreath.  I did, but just barely.  I wrapped and glued.  I then wrapped the burlap ribbon and glued.  Finally, I wrapped some aqua rope and glued.  I then glued on shells and a bow.  Mine was the easiest.  That was because I didn’t run out of supplies that I was counting on.  That being said, I think the kids’ wreaths were more creative since I ran out of the wide ribbon.  Improvise!

Years ago I made a shell wreath and covered the entire wreath with shells.  They were layered and layered on.  I added pearls and ribbon after layering the shells.  I loved it!  It lasted for years and many moves.  I wish that I had a picture of it.  The only problem with it was it was VERY heavy.  On this wreath I decided to use shells that I found that were bigger.  I decided to showcase them and not just pile and pile.  I was hoping to make it lighter, too.  A totally different wreath resulted.  I love this new one, too.

That is all for today!

God bless all of you!


Fun Junior Prom Pics


I started this layout trying to make it more formal.  I was searching through my  papers for the perfect piece.  I found it.  It made the pics more young and fun.  I love it!

Ready for some fun.

The ribbon paper was the fun paper that I found.  I adhered it to a sturdy piece of cardstock.  I then wove a ribbon through a flower brad and then adhered it to the layout at where the two pieces of paper meet.  I matted the pics on different papers.  The one on the left is a peach piece of paper.  The one on the right is a dark gray.  I then added a sticker frame around the one on the right.  It really got messy fast.  There wasn’t a lot I could do to correct it so I pulled out heart stickers.  I applied them on the corners and I pretty much covered the messiness.  Most people wouldn’t be able to notice anything wrong now.  I told you to give you encouragement.  You can fix almost any mistake with a sticker.  😉

God bless!

Junior Class Picture

Hello, hello, hello,

Today I am scrapping another class picture.  I must admit that I had to go to Pinterest and look for school picture ideas.  I took an idea and made it my own.  That is what I do a lot of time when I have a scrappin block.  🙂

Almost a senior. We (I mean he) can do this!

I took a sturdy piece of cardstock (I wanted to make sure that there was blue in it because of his picture and a sticker that I wanted to use).

I matted his picture and adhered it to the right side of the cardstock.

I then cut out a orange rectangle (color on the background paper).  I adhered the rectangle to the background paper beside the picture. I dug through my brad’s and picked out two that I like.  Using my paper piercer, I poked two holes in the orange paper and cardstock.  I then put in the brads.  I dug out some tan twine and wrapped it around the brad’s a few times and tied a knot.

Last touch….the sticker that I wanted to use (Junior Year) and another one (Almost a Senior).

Very easy once I found an idea.

God bless!