It’s “Sew Easy” (and time consuming)

Hi friends,

I am doing a senior prom layout today.  It was easy but time consuming (just like the title says).

I looked through all of my “Sew Easy” stencils and decided to put two different hearts on the layout.  I could have free handed other designs but I decided that prom was a perfect time to use hearts.

The sewing tools needed for papercrafting.

The stencil I used, the thread I used, and I also needed a piercing mat and a paper piercer.

First you put your stencil on top of a piece of paper (the heavier piece of paper is better to sew on) and that is placed on the piercing mat.  Then you pierce all of the holes into the paper.  Finally you start sewing starting on the back side of the page.  Finish up on the back side of the page and tie the knot there.

The back of the paper after I sewed on one heart.

The finished page. It is a lighter shade of gray than the picture shows.

After sewing the hearts I matted the pics and adhered them to the page.  A really simple but pretty layout.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

God bless!



More Cards (Taking Classes are Fun!)

Hey, y’all!

Went to another card class and made three more cards.  Found a new technique that I want to try (after I get a supply or two).

Pretty card with the new technique.

If you notice the background of the white cardstock it has shiny flowers on it.  How this is accomplished is by using embossing paste and a stencil.  You rub the paste across the stencil and then about 1 hour and 45 minutes later you use the embossing gun on it.  This was done at a class.  I have stencils at home but I need to get some embossing paste.  Really want to try this on a layout.

Cute and easy.

Bicycle paper on the left.  Bicycle stamp on the right.  Add paper and a few jewels and wallah!  Cute!

Very cute but I need to wait until Christmas to get a tool to make this at home.

The blue paper on the card is made by running the paper through a machine (like a Big Shot) to add different images – in this case bicycles.

The tag was punched and a brad was added.  The words were stamped and embossed with embossing powder and a heat gun.

Cute stamped image that was colored in with markers.  Jewels and sequins were added.  I think this is my favorite because I love bicycles.

That is it for today.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!

God bless!

Big Air on the Skateboard

TGIM (?)  – Thank Goodness it’s Monday?

Hi friends,

I found an awesome skateboard paper (I already had it) that I wanted to use.  I also have some awesome stickers.  So I made a really quick layout.

Skateboarding fun!

I matted Tim’s picture, an amazing sticker, and a skateboard picture.  I  then adhered them to the background paper.  I added a skateboard sticker to the Street Skating sticker.  I added a Big Air sticker to the corner of the picture along with two small stickers on the bottom corners.  That is all.  It is a pretty busy page because of the busy background paper.  I tried to make it less busy by making a fairly wide mat onto the picture, the paper picture of the skateboarder, and the sticker.  I think it worked out pretty well.

That is it for today!

God bless you and yours!


Scrapping the Graduation Program

Hello homies,

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  My last day of taking the kids to this VBS.  I skip next week and then they are going to another one the following week.  I am going to Biblefy my grandkids.  😉

The program from Tim’s graduation.

I actually scrapped two programs.  *Hint* – It is really handy when you come away with more than one program because often the information on the inside or back of the program is important, too.  If you only have one program you have to decide which is most important.  What I did was to adhere the back of the program to the right side of the page first.  It has Tim’s name in the right column.  I then could cover part of the back of the program with the other program.  I left the top program so that it could be opened just in case at some point Tim wanted to see something on the inside.  All he would have to do was slide the layout out of the covering.  I used decorative paper to put the programs on.  The only other thing that I did was to add a sticker to the top right corner (Congrats Grad!).

That is all for today.  A really simple layout – perfect for a busy day with VBS and grandkids. (And something else I was able to get off my desktop).

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and your loved ones!

Scrapping One of the Senior Pictures

Hi y’all,

I am scrapping one of Tim’s senior pictures.  I am using a lot of his name cards.  I have so many of them left from his announcements.  I bought extra because when I was graduating my classmates and I exchanged name cards.  Tim had no desire to do this.

One of Tim’s senior pictures.

First I took a piece of white cardstock.  I used a cheap piece since I knew that all of it was going to be covered.  I then started adhering name cards in columns.  I didn’t cover the middle of the page because I knew that the picture would cover it.  I matted the picture on a piece of black cardstock and adhered it to the layout.  That is it.  I really do like it.  I think part of my like for it is because I used the name cards that I didn’t know what to do with.  It might be cool to use name cards as a mat in a picture frame.

That is all.  It was kind of time consuming just because I had to adhere all of the cards.  But it was very easy.

Take care and hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!

Favorite Teacher

Hi guys!

Hope your day is going fabulously!  I have been taking the grandkids to VBS this week.  It is about 30 minutes away so when they are there I find things to do like eat breakfast, look at thrift stores, go to the beach and look at God’s creation…..  It is a nice time but I am ready for a nap (that can’t happen while watching grandkids) when I get home.

Today I am posting a layout that I did of Tim and his favorite teacher.  A lady that my husband and I adore, too.  She had a heart for Tim.  Can’t beat that!

Tim and his favorite teacher.

This page took quite a bit of work.  It isn’t perfect (which I  am sure you can see if you look very closely) but I really like it.  I took a thick piece of cardstock and turned it so that the back was face up.  I traced a large circle (I don’t know the circumference) onto the middle of the page.  I then got out my magnetic ruler and laid the paper on to my magnetic mat.  There are measurements on the mat, too.  I drew across the circle to make it in halves, then fourths, and then I drew two more lines to end up with the circle being divided in eighths.  I then got out my X-acto knife and cut all the lines inside of the circle.  I then turned the paper over and folded out the triangles and adhered them to the paper so it looked like sun rays.  One thing that I wish I would have done differently is once I attached the “rays” to the paper I saw that I couldn’t distinguish the triangles from the paper as well as I hoped.  I then traced the edges of the “rays” with a black marker.  I wish that I would have done that before folding the paper.  Oh, well….  I then matted the picture on a piece of chevron paper and attached that (using adhesive on the front edges of the mat) to the cardstock.  I then added enamel dots onto each “ray”.  I then added words that described her on each “ray”.  I added her name to the top of the layout. *Word to the wise: even though you think that you will remember someone’s name or what is happening in a picture in the future, there is a good chance that it will be forgotten.  Better add the name or journal a bit.*  Finally, I added a journaling box and wrote about why we were in the office when the picture was taken (Tim was returning from voting for the first time) and about the teacher.

That is it for today.  Like I said earlier, even though I can look at this layout with a critical eye and see errors, I really like how it turned out.

God bless and hope to see you tomorrow!

Rock the Cap

Hi friends,

I finished an awesome scrapbook page of Tim graduating!  I used the Cricut to accomplish this beauty.  🙂

Tim is graduating!

I made the letters and the graduation cap with the Cricut.  I matted the pictures in Tim’s school colors.  I then adhered everything to the page.  Last but not least I added a silhouette sticker, of a graduate, in the top right corner.

A fun page.  I saw the saying “rock the cap” and I knew that I wanted to use it.

God bless!


Hi guys!

I am trying to meet other crafters in my community so I started going to a card making class.  It is usually once a month for two hours.  Occasionally it is all day on a Saturday.  It is put on by a lady who sales Stampin’ Up! supplies.  Here are the cards that I made.

The cards from my first card making class.

You use stamps, a die cutting machine (or you could cut your stamped items by hand), cardstock to make the cards out of, different adhesives, decorative paper, embellishments (like jewels and enamel dots), and ribbon.  We started off with easy cards and then we will add in complexity.  I thought I might add a few techniques to my scrapbooking skills.

It is a lot of fun, I am meeting new people, and I leave with new cards to send to friends and family.

Win, win!

God bless!

Senior Year Book Picture


Hope this summer is treating you great!  We have been having a lot of storms this summer in SC.  So it has been hot and stormy.  Today no rain is forecasted so we are just hot.

Tim’s senior yearbook picture.

This picture turned out awesome but we think that it makes Tim look like a talk show host.  I can just see him with a microphone in his hand.  🙂

I wanted to use Tim’s school colors.  What I did was to start with a black piece of cardstock.  I then then cut a piece of 8 1/2″ green cardstock in half diagonally and adhered it to the black cardstock leaving the black stripe diagonally across the layout.  I adhered the senior photo directly onto the layout.  I then used boarder stickers (cut into pieces) to go around the corners and across the corners.  Last, I took a journaling tag and wrote Senior Yearbook Picture.  There was a space above that I wanted to cover so I took a small piece of green cardstock and cut it to the shape that I wanted.  I wrote Bobcats (school mascot) on the paper and adhered it to the tag.  I then added two enamel dots to the Bobcat “sign”.

Like the page – A LOT!

God bless!

Senior Prom

Hello, hello!

Two days in a row!

That seems like a good thing right about now.  Our internet, modem, or computer is giving us problems that we need to resolve.  Now I am taking advantage of everything sort of working.

Tim and his gal pal go to prom.

I dug through all my paper (so MUCH paper) and found a pad of the fancy cardstock.  Perfect for weddings and proms.  I used two different sheets.  One is the background piece of cardstock.  The other had pretty squares all over it.  I cut out four of the squares to put the chipboard letters “PROM” inside along with some pretties (a bow, a purse, a dress, and some flowers).  I matted the two pics on a black piece of cardstock, leaving a small space in between.  I adhered that towards the bottom of the layout.  Then I figured out how to place the four squares.  They had to be layered over each other a bit for them all to fit.  I then adhered them to the page and put alpha stickers with the word “senior” on the page.  The layout was then finished and beautiful!

God bless you all!  Hope my computer will cooperate with me and I will see you tomorrow!