Tim’s 8th Grade Pic


Well….today is Friday.  In yesterday’s post I proclaimed the same thing but I got ahead of myself.  Today is Friday.  I didn’t realize that I had made a mistake until half way through the day and I was away from the computer.  Oops!

Today’s post is of Tim’s 8th grade class picture.  It turned out really cute!

The 8th grader. Boy has he grown up!

Let me start by telling you about a ribbon I found on a box of tea last fall.  The ribbon said “Timothy’s”  all over it.  I wouldn’t have bought the box of tea if that ribbon hadn’t been on it.  I have been saving that ribbon for this album.  I used part of it on this layout and still have a long piece.

The ribbon was orange so I made two tags out of a lighter orange paper.  I used quick drying glue to hold the ribbon on each of the tags.  After it dried I put “Tim” and “8th” on one card and “grade” and “year” on another.  I used different stickers for all of the words.

I then matted Tim’s picture and adhered it to a piece of cardstock.  His clothing in the pic was gray so I made the cardstock gray.  I then adhered the tags and then put a piece of washi tape across the bottom of the layout on which I put a thin line sticker of words that said things like cell phone, friends, etc.  Finally, a 3D sticker of books with a pencil on top.

That’s all for today!

Once again – have an awesome weekend!

God bless!

Sophomore School Picture

Hello friends!  It’s Friday!

I am always so excited that it is so close to the weekend.  Last night I went to the Savannah Banana’s baseball game.  We hadn’t done that before in this area and we haven’t done it for a very long time anywhere.  I had a good time.  I like baseball more than my husband but he seemed to enjoy himself, too.  And – we won!

Today I am going to show you how I scrapped Tim’s sophomore year school picture.

Sophomore year!

I found paper that went well with the background of the photo (circles).  I decided to break out the Cricut.  I made a camera with it and also the banner that says “smile”.  The camera also has a bold circle for the lens.  I matted the picture before I attached it.  I then added a piece of another piece of cardstock to the top of the page – the backpacks.  (Boy, these kids wear heavy backpacks to school everyday!)  Then I added the Cricut embellishments and topped it off with the sophomore sticker.  Perfect page!

Hope your weekend is fantastico!

God bless!

Freshman Year Pic


Another day, another post.  I am enjoying getting this album together.  I have so many pages to scrap!  I started telling my friend today what all albums I wanted to create (and ones that needed finished) and I started getting a little overwhelmed.  She reminded me (and I agree) that it is for enjoyment – no pressure.

Tim’s freshman picture.

So, I have been trying to create “fresh” layouts.  In the past I have saved a lot of ideas.  I have been going through some ideas and making them my own.  This is one of those.

I wanted to put the colors in the background that were in his shirt.  I dug through my scrap box and found these papers.  I cut strips that were the same width but different lengths.  I then started laying them in order.  I made sure I left enough room at the top for the numbers and I made sure they were high enough to be seen over the matted picture.  (By the way, I love the sparkly chevron paper).  I then put silver and sparkly blue numbers on top of the strips of paper in random number order.  Finally I added a sticker that says “freshman”  and one that says “cell phone, friends, study, sleep…..”.

That is it for this layout.

Hope to see you here tomorrow!

God bless!

2017 Graduation Announcements

Hi guys!

Today I am doing my annual graduation announcement page.   A handful of years back I started an album of all the graduation announcements of the year.  Some years I have had several and other years I have only had one.  This is one of those years.  That announcement is my own son’s.

The only announcement from 2017 is Tim’s.

I put the full announcement in the upper corner.  I then cut out the middle of another announcement and matted it in the school’s color.  I then put it in the lower left corner.  I matted Tim’s name card and matted it above the announcement info.  I then put a party decoration that was left from his party on the lower left corner of the page.  It overlapped the graduation info but it didn’t cover the words.  Finally I added a lot of stickers (The future is bright, cap, camera, and stars and dots).  A fun page to add to my album.  Remember, always save the ephemera.

God bless!


Words of Wisdom

Hola friends,

I have so many things to scrap and so little time to do it.  🙂  I will never run out of things to put in an album.

Today is a page that was made from napkins from Tim’s graduation party.  When I was in KS on vacation I found these napkins and knew that I needed them.  Let me go ahead and post the picture of the layout so you will see the napkins.

Advice for the graduate – hope he follows these words of wisdom.

There are six napkins on the page but I didn’t have room to lay them out individually so I had to layer them.  I made two rows.  I knew that I wanted the top one on the left to show completely because it said who it was from on the top.  So….I was going to start layering them and when I went to put adhesive on the bottom one it started tearing immediately because the paper was so thin.  It was real important to me that they weren’t hurt so I decided to laminate all of the napkins individually and then adhere them to the page.  It worked perfectly.

After figuring out how to fix that problem and adhering all of the napkins.  I applied a special sticker that I had found and then a couple of little stickers.  Perfect page.

That is it for today.  Hope to see you here again tomorrow!

God bless!

You Shine! Layout

Hi friends,

I am finally managing to post a scrapbook layout.  On Monday I hurt my hip terribly.  I tried to post on Tuesday and Wednesday but our internet wouldn’t connect with my computer.  Today I win!  😀

An awesome layout for an awesome guy!

I saw a layout with a similar idea on Pinterest.  It was with hearts and was different in some ways but it gave me the idea for this layout.

First I punched a circle with the biggest circle punch that I have on a piece of cardstock.  Then I punched a circle around a blown up picture of Tim skating with the second biggest circle punch that I have.  I adhered it to a piece of flashy green cardstock and then adhered it behind the circle in the cardstock.  I started a circle around the picture with tiny gold enamel dots.  I then went to a larger size enamel dots that were black and gold.  The next step were with stars.  I continually adhered bigger and bigger ones.  Finally I ended up with the awesome bling stars.  After the biggest star I continued around the circle with the words “You SHINE!!”.

In the bottom left corner of the page I put a small picture of the same picture (I had adhered it to the flashy green cardstock, too) so that a lot more of the skate park was shown.

I added the date with stickers in the bottom right corner and a camera sticker in the top right corner.

A really fun layout!

Thanks for visiting today!

God bless!


Project Life Week 49 (part II)

Hi friends and family and fellow scrappers,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and a fabulous time celebrating Father’s Day!

I am finishing up week 49 today and then I am going to do a bit of traditional scrapbooking. To be honest traditional scrapping is my favorite because I love the creativity but I do love Project Life albums.

Part II and final part of week 49.

The first slot has a cross stitching picture that my mother in law made for me.  It is perfect and it goes perfectly in my bedroom.  She is awesome!

The first small slot has my odometer reading.  I love catching it when it flips to a new big number.

The second small slot is a journaling card that I made from some journaling paper.  I wrote about what is happening in the pics.

All of the other slots is about going to Charleston to see the Holiday Festival of Lights with my cousins.  In the bottom slots I used a brochure to tell about our experience.  I also used a border sticker in the last slot to decorate the sides of the brochure.

That is it for the day.

God bless you and your loved ones!

Project Life Week 49

Hi guys!

It’s Friday!  Not too many big plans for the weekend.  I do plan on taking the kids and a friend to the park and to the fountains to play in today.  And….this weekend is Fathers Day!  Hope to treat my husband well!  My dad is in heaven so I am sure that he will have a great day.  🙂

First page of week 49 of PL.

This page is all about Christmas.  The vertical pics are of the kids decorating our tree.

The first small slot has a picture of Matthew with Diego.  Diego has a Christmas hat on.

The second small slot is my week 49 card.  I took a PL card that says “Good Times” and put a Christmas sticker on it and wrote “week 49”.

The top horizontal pic is of Matthew with a Christmas train that we had bought.

Finally the bottom horizontal pic is a closeup of presents that came in the mail.

It is that time of the year – at least it was in this layout.

God bless!

Scrappin’ Tim

Hi friends,

Showing you a new scrapbook page of Tim that I created.  He actually helped create part of the decoration on the page.  At one point in high school he took an art class.  He made a stamp with the letter “T” and then stamped on some different papers with it.  I saved the stamp and the papers that he stamped on.

Tim’s senior pic. (One of many).

This was a very easy page.  I matted Tim’s picture and then put it on a piece of cardstock.   I then trimmed a bit on the stamped image and then attached it to the page.  I then added two sets of three enamel dots on the page.  That is it for a wonderful layout.

This is why I really enjoy saving some of the things from where we go and from things that my kids (or grandkids) do.  It can really jazz up a layout and it has a little extra meaning.

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!

Project Life Week 48 (part II)

Hello friends,

Finishing up week 48 today.  Four weeks left.  I have all the pictures printed but the last week.  I need to get that going!

The first and second slots has the December sticker to welcome in the month.  I also put cute deer and snowflake stickers on the cards.  On the second card I used the extra space to write about all the pictures.

The first picture was of Abigail waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Clause.  Every year in our community Mr and Mrs. Clause visit on a fire truck.  We wait with the front door open (weather permitting) so that we can’t miss hearing the truck.  It is dark so the pictures aren’t very good. The bottom right picture are of the night’s star – Mr. and Mrs. Clause.

The two big horizontal slots have Christmas lights.  The top of the first slot is when we were driving down a street.  I thought it was really pretty.  The bottom of the first slot and then the second slot are of a color changing ornament that we bought this year.  In the first slot I put a boarder sticker across the pictures where one picture met the other picture.

That is it for week 48.  More tomorrow!

God bless!