Kid Power Layout

Hi friends,

This layout is of Matthew and his sis.  I used a premade page that came with the scrapbook but I made it my own.  I will tell you how.

Bro and sis pic.

First I marked over the oval on the bottom of the page with a blue marker.  It was a cutesy baby/toddler saying and I wanted it for big kids.  I then had put the Kid Power! paper onto a piece of cork (made for scrapbooking).  I bought a page of cork and have used it for things like this.  I then adhered it to the oval.

Next I adhered the kids’ pics to a piece of tan cardstock.  I adhered them to the page (The pictures are covering two spots for photos.  Those spots were too small for the pictures I used.).

This was super fast and easy AND I didn’t waste a piece of cute paper.

More of the same tomorrow!

God bless!

Matthew (and sis)

Happy Monday,

Today is the starting day of finishing up Matthew’s album.  I decided to add pictures of Matthew and his sister, Abby, together to his album.  I will also go back in Ab’s album, eventually, and do the same.

This is a really neat piece of cardstock.  It had the three Polaroid frames down below with the banner hanging across the first one, flowers in the second one, and newsprint in the third one.  I left everything the same but I added the writing part of a card that was made of Matthew and Abby’s picture to the left Polaroid frame.  It says, “Lets celebrate Summer.  Matthew & Abby 2014”.   Also, below the frame with the flowers I wrote “Abby’s 5th Birthday!”  since this picture was taken on her birthday.

Up above the Polaroids I put a strip of orange paper diagonal across the empty space.  I then attached the picture at a slight diagonal on top of it.  I put a sticker that says “just between you & me”.  I also put a bicycle sticker and a sign post on the left side.  On the right I put some baseball stickers (both of the kids are holding a baseball in the picture) and a orange sticker that says “spunky”.  That definitely describes the kids.  (And it is orange – Matthew’s favorite color.

Love how it turned out.  That is it for today.  More fun traditional layouts tomorrow.

God bless!

Project Life Week 39 (part III)

Hello you scrappin’ warriors,

Can’t wait to blog about this PL because then I am going to get busy with Matthew’s album.  It is going to be fun!

Finishing up week 39. Only 13 more weeks of 2016.

This is a carry over from the previous page.  It was park time with the family.  I had a lot of great shots.  (I wasn’t in one).  On the middle row I divided two pictures and put them in four small slots. Worked out perfectly since they were taken on the standing teeter totter.  The last photo on the page is a great family picture (I blew it up and put it in a frame for them to have at their house).  I put a tab sticker on the top of the picture indicating it was my favorite.  That is all there was to this page.  It looks like a lot of pictures for one outing but I had so many more good ones that I didn’t use.

Tomorrow, traditional scrapping!

God bless and hope to see you then!

Project Life Week 39 (part II)

Howdy fun friends,

One of my favorite days that I love to participate in and to scrap about – a birthday – is in this part of week 39.  Love to celebrate all birthdays – not just mine.  This is a special birthday.  My youngest son’s 18th birthday.

Can’t believe that he is 18!

The first picture is Tim with his cake that he wanted.  It is our favorite cake.  It doesn’t look so pretty but it is so good.  It has yummy filling, fruit, homemade whip cream, and the cake.  Can’t beat that!  The second picture is his present from Brad, me, Ben, and Amber.  It is an awesome computer.  It is also his graduation present.  We don’t spend so much on a birthday.  (It is extra powerful and great for gaming as well as any school work).

The first small slot is Tim blowing out his candles.  The second small slot is an awesome birthday cake sticker that I have been saving for the perfect time.  The third small slot is a PL journaling card.   I journaled about the pictures, put a cute present sticker, and a sticker that says “score”.

All of the other pictures are of us at the park as a family.  It was a beautiful fall day.  In the first slot on the bottom row I put part of a picture on a PL card.  I then added a cute sticker that says “Autumn”.  I put alpha stickers for the work “in”.  And then I put a sticker that says “South Carolina”.  It turned out pretty awesome.

That is it for this page.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!



Project Life Week 39

Hello crafty friends,

Week 39 is a fun one.  Lots of family time (loads of pictures).

First page in a fun week.

The first picture is of the family playing Jelly Bean Boozle (?) .  Tim was the main participator but I think everyone but me played (including Abby and Matthew).  What you do is have two identical looking jelly beans.  One person eats one and the other eats the other.  It could taste yummy or it could taste gross (like puke).  I just don’t get into games like that but it is fun to watch.

The second large picture is of me at a place that I use to work that my eldest son now works at.  He is in a higher position than I was.  It was in 2004.  I didn’t know it but they have yearbooks.  He found my picture and sent a picture of the picture  to me.  I had on headphones and was talking to a customer.  I put part of a PL card that says “hello” on the side of the picture.

The first small picture is of my eldest grandson’s art.  He gave it to me right as I was leaving KS last time.  I love it and have it on my fridge.  The bottom slot right below it is a rub on that says “budding artist” and has a big long paragraph that describes him to a tee.  I rubbed it on to a PL card.  I have had it for a few years and knew that I would use it for one talent or another in our family.

The second small slot is a weird gross mushroom that I found out in our flower bed.

The third small slot is a PL journaling card that tells about all of the pics.

The fourth small slot is the week 39 card on a PL card.  I wrote about the mushroom on the top of the card.  I then used part of a PL card and adhered it to the other card on the bottom half.  I wrote the word week and used stickers for “39”.

The last large slot is of Matthew playing peek-a-boo with a lampshade that we were getting rid of.  I used a border sticker to provide a visual divider.  Matthew being Matthew – silly.

That is it for this layout.

God bless and over and out.  🙂

Project Life Week 38 part II

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello…..

Hope your week has had a wonderful start to it!  Almost to hump day.  Let’s finish up week 38 today and then go right into week 39.  Part of my inspiration of finishing Matthew’s album and then finishing up this years PL is to clear off my desks.  They are overflowing with my scrapbooking goodies.  I actually have a pile of things that I am wanting to get rid of (a few stickers here and there, a few pieces of paper, a little bit of chipboard….).  I am not quite sure what to do with them but I can’t just trash them.  If you have a great idea of what to do with them please reply to this post.

An amazing finish to a great week!

I have been saving the sticker for a LONG time to use in Tim’s album.  Well…..I didn’t use it for Tim but for my Absey Doodle Dandy (I called her that today – she wasn’t too impressed).  I put the sticker on the PL card with a cute flower/pipe cleaner sticker.  I wanted to girlafy up the card since I think that the sticker is really of a boy.  OK….I then put three of Absey’s pictures in the small slots.  She was doing awesome in this game.

The last picture on the top row is Matthew in a tire swing at one of the parks (we go to so many – truly- that I have a hard time remembering what park has what).  He is loving the tire swings the best now.

The first picture on the bottom row is Matthew trying on glasses while waiting on Tim to get his eyes checked.  He is such a cutie and thankfully he doesn’t need glasses at this point.

The last picture on the page is of Tim’s drivers license.  YEA!  It took a lot of work (on both of our ends) to get this accomplished.  The bottom small slot is a paper car license tag that says “In the state of JOY”.  I have had these little paper licenses for a long time and am always looking for a way to use them.  I think this was a perfect way.  I also put a sticker of a drivers license on top of the paper license.  If this page only had a picture of Tim’s drivers license I would be thrilled but everything else is just icing on the cake.  🙂

That is all for week 38.

Tomorrow we start week 39.

God bless all of you readers and your families and friends!

Project Life Week 38

Hola mis amigos,

Hope your weekend was wonderful and your Monday is going well!  I am going to continue through PL for weeks 38 and 39 and then go on to Matthew’s album and finish it up.  So excited!

First page of week 38 in PL.

I created my week 38 card/card that titles the page for the first slot.  I had some awesome round stickers for the letters and numbers.  On the top I put week 38.  I then divided the card  with part of a border sticker and two little red stars.  The page is about going to Hilton Head Island (HHI) to the beach to witness the super moon.  It was really bright but I think it would have been even more awesome if we had arrived a bit earlier.  Below the divide on the card I used stickers to write “Super Moon”.  I didn’t have any “o”s so I used two burst (?) stickers that were circular to replace the “o”s. I thought it was perfect for the page.

The first small slot is of just the moon.  The second small slot is a PL journaling card where I wrote about the experience and put a sandcastle sticker.

The last picture on the top row and the 3rd small picture are of the kids making “sand” angels.

The first picture on the bottom row is Amber and the kids on the beach.  The bottom small slot is a PL card of a camera.  The last picture of the page is of the large moon over the ocean.

An awesome experience and a fun layout.

More tomorrow!

God bless!

Week 37 Part II

Hello, Memory Savers,

We are a rare breed.  Not only do we make memories, we save them ,too.  🙂

Finishing up week 37.  After a few more PL weeks I am going to go back to more traditional scrapbook layouts.

Finishing week 37.

This is about Abby’s soccer game. Do you see a theme?  Grandkids?   She was goalie most of the time (and loving it).  I had soccer stickers that said “GOAL”.  I put them across two slots and added smaller black letters “IE”.  The first slot has her standing in front of the goal and the letters “GO” and part of “A”.  The first small slot is the other part of the letter “A” and the letters “LIE”.  I also added a few stickers.

The last slot on the top row is Abby leading the pack, chasing the ball.  The 2nd and third small slot is Abby after the game.  The coach was talking to them.  He was an EXCELLENT coach.  He talked to every girl after every game on their level.  He told them of everything that they did well and really encouraged them to keep playing their hardest.  It brought out the best in Abby.

The first picture on the bottom row is of Abs after the game.  The bottom small slot has a trimmed down card that says “sweet sweet”.  It would have said it more but I cut it off.

Finally, the last picture on the page is of a bumper sticker that reminded me of Tim.  It says, “New Driver.  Keep distance”.  I want to yell it from the rooftop when I ride with him.  He is a good driver – I am just a nervous Nellie.

Week 37 is finished.  On to week 38.

God bless!


Project Life Week 37

Hello Coolios!

Life has been busy lately – running around for everyone else but me it seems.  I guess that is in the job description of mother and wife.  Have managed to do a little scrappin’.  Bare minimum.  It is something – I guess.

The first part of a busy week.

Part one of week 37 of PL.  The first picture is of Abby on her (and Matthew’s) new bunk bed.  If you look in the very corner of the picture you can see Matthew looking up at her.  I put a chipboard sticker that say “so nice”.

I made a week 37 card from stickers and a PL card.  The next small slot and the top, right picture is of grandparents day at Abby’s school.  I was told about it about an hour before I was to be there.  Abby’s face lit up when she saw me.  She wasn’t sure if I was showing up.  The small picture was taken by the school.  The large picture was a selfie in the hallway.

The bottom row is soccer and the results of soccer (Abby and Matthew snoozin’ in the car afterwards).  The first soccer picture was adhered to a PL card and I added glittery soccer balls.  The last picture on the page was soccer – of course.  I added a sticker of stars and I put a sticker that says “fun” in the middle of it.  I added a PL journaling card.  I told all about the pictures.

Busy start to the week.

Hoping for more tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 36 – part II

Hello Sweethearts!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was fabulous!  How could mine not be with the love of my life by my side?  🙂

Part II of a wonderful week starts now:

After taking Tiara to the airport.

We decided that we were going to go to the Angel Oak Tree (never been there before) and take Tim’s senior pictures.  My cousin and her hubby (great people) took us.  I asked Brad (several times) is the camera battery charged, is the SD card in the camera, is there plenty of space on the SD card, did you bring both lenses….  He replied yes or of course to all of the questions.  We took pictures and had a fun day with the cousins.  Brenda even took some pictures of all of us together.  I took a few with my cell phone, too.  When we got home to view the pictures guess what we discovered?????  No SD card.  I was so frustrated and bummed.  We did have a few pictures of the tree and us from my cell phone but nothing for senior pictures.  Good excuse to  go back?

I  put this story on a PL journaling card in the first slot.  The next large slot holds a wonderful picture of my cousins.  The first small picture is of cousin, Lewis, Tim, and the pups at their house.  Tim loved them and was taking pictures of them.  The second small slot is a clear acrylic PL card with gold “tree” looking lines on it.  I had to put a plain PL card behind it.  Such as perfect slot filler for this page.  The third small slot is a picture of Brad, Tim, and I.  Finally the last small slot has a cream colored PL cardstock card with “One of a Kind” cut out.  I put a piece of decorative paper behind it to really bring out  the words.


On the bottom row is a postcard that I bought from the small gift shop that is on the property and a picture of the Angel Oak that I took.  As you can see, there were a lot of people there that day.

That is it for Part II.  Part III tomorrow.

God bless!