100% Boy

Hi guys!

Back to traditional scrapping today.  I love this picture.  When I look at it I see those bright blue eyes.

Ol' blue eyes.

Ol’ blue eyes.

When I was in KS Terri had out her Cricut machine.  I had some shiny new paper.  I thought I might as well take advantage of the machine being accessible.  I had her cut me out the name “Matthew” since I was working on his album  I brought them home with me and today I used it on my page.

I used a piece of really thin background paper.  It had a wee snail on it.  I knew that I had a piece of cardstock that I had 3 critters on it just waiting to be fussy cut.  I had been holding on to these three critters for years (I have all boys and I knew that eventually they would be used – I didn’t realize that it would be with a grandson).  One of the critters was a snail.  First I cut him out.  I attached the picture to the paper and then adhered the snail.  I then put on the shiny blue letters for my grandson’s name.  I fussy cut the remaining two bugs and adhered them.  Last but not least I added a sticker that says “100% Boy”.

The layout is done and boy do I love it.  I have also reminded myself that I do not like fussy cutting.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

New YouTube Video

Just wanted to let all of you know that I posted a new YouTube video.  It is of a project that I have already done but I wanted to give you the chance to watch it.

Thanks for reading and watching me.

God bless!

Project Life Week 25 – part II


I am finishing up of PL week 25 today.  Almost 1/2 way through the year.  This album is a little stressful.  It is so easy to get behind!  It is an awesome album when you look at it all at once.  You all should really try it at least one time.

PL week 25 part II.

PL week 25 part II.

The first large slot is a picture that I put on a PL title card.  I wrote Charleston, SC on it.  The picture is of my cousin and I in front of the house that she came home from the hospital to when she was born. The first small slot is a picture inside the place that we ate dinner at.

The beach pics are a fun afternoon at the beach with just the kids and I.  The picture of the crab was a joke that was played on us and others by an old man.  He was pulling this plastic crab down the beach.  It was attached to a clear acrylic thread.  It was very hard to see that it wasn’t real.  I noticed it first and called the kids over.  Pretty soon there were several people around.  Boy was I embarrassed when it was discovered to be a fake.  🙂

The bottom small pic is of me using Brad’s Father’s day present that my middle son got him.  It was pretty cool.  The large bottom picture is of my KS grandkids celebrating Fathers day with their cousins.

Finally, The bottom left PL card is a description of what is happening in all of the pictures.

That is it.

God bless!


Project Life Weeks 24 and Week 25

Howdy pals!

Today is just one page but one picture on the layout is from week 24 and the rest is from week 25.

PL weeks 24 and 25.

PL weeks 24 and 25.

Camila and her dad and sister came to visit and it happened to be on my birthday.   This is the only picture that I have from my birthday.  It is of Camila and Tim.  They used snapchat to make the silly picture and to show where they were at.  I thought I had better have it in here to mark my birthday.  😉    In the first small space I put a PL card that says “happy together”.  I added some flag chipboard to the corner of the card.  On the second small card I explained about week 24 and the birthday picture and then told about week 25.  We went to Charleston to visit my cousins and to tour their area.  I used clear discs with gold numbers to signify weeks 24 and 25 (Actually, I added the week 25 disc after I took the picture).

On a couple of the Charleston pictures I put chat box stickers and I wrote about what was going on in the picture.  The only other picture on this page that is different is the 3rd small space has a picture of my car’s digital thermometer.  It says, 106 degrees.  I added a sun sticker to the picture.

That is it.  More tomorrow to finish up week 25.

God bless!

Project Life Week 24


I am going to do a few PL layouts before going back to a “regular” album.

Project Life week 24.

Project Life week 24.

This week the kids attended VBS.  It was on Hilton Head.  While they were there I went and ate breakfast, hung out at a book store, went to TJ Maxx or HomeGoods…..  It just lasted about 2 1/2 hours but it was a pretty cool time for me, too.  This shows the last day of VBS.  The fire truck came and the kids got to play.  On the bottom row you can see Matthew on the way back home.  I put the picture on a PL card and then put a sticker on the part of the PL card that was showing.  I then added 4 letter z’s to look like he was snoring.

The last small picture and large picture were of Matthew playing with his dump truck and dirt on the back porch.  Diego was out there with him lizard hunting (his favorite pastime after eating and sleeping).  I put a couple of stickers on the large picture.  They say 100% boy, play, dirty.  Pretty well describes what was going on.

That is it for this part of the layout.

God bless!

Terri’s Ramen Layout

Hey guys!

Terri sent me a few of her cute pages.  One of them somehow got lost in cyberspace but I have this awesome one.  (Terri, resend “sushi”.)  🙂

Terri and her hubby munching on yummy ramen.

Terri and her hubby munching on yummy ramen.

Terri always uses really fun things on her page that she doesn’t have to buy.  This layout has actual chopsticks from a restaurant on it.  She tied two ribbons on them and attached them to the top of her page after the pics were already adhered and the bowl of fake ramen.  Isn’t that bowl with ramen in it that she made really awesome?  She journaled on a homemade tag about whether they used a chopstick or fork (I’m a fork girl).  She included a sticker of chopsticks and silverware on the tag.  She matted the tag.  She used the same paper for the title “Ramen” as she did for the backing of the journal.  She did distress the title a bit.

Such an awesome page (I really love the background paper, too).

Thanks, Terri, for thinking of me.

God bless!

Blowing on Dandelions

Hi again,

Another sweet layout of my grandson.  I have similar pictures of his daddy blowing on dandelions when he was young (probably a little younger than Matthew).

Blowing on dandelions - enjoying his childhood. <3

Blowing on dandelions – enjoying his childhood. <3

First, I have to tell you that this paper has been in my mega stash for years.  Back before I scrapped Ben’s dandelion pictures.  I had bought it knowing it was perfect for Ben’s pictures and somehow it slipped my mind when I was scrapping.  I am so happy that I remembered this sheet of paper when I went to scrap these pictures.  I dug and dug to find it and of course it was near the bottom.  I was so happy to see it.  The good news is that I was reminded of some of the other paper that I bought that got buried (in the stack and in my memory).

What you can’t tell about this paper is it is slightly lifted up and shiny where the dandelions and grass is.  Much prettier in real life than in cyber life.  😀  The only thing I did to the layout (after the digging) was mat the pictures (I chose a blue because of Matthew’s shirt – and eyes) and put a cute sticker that says “prince charming” on a piece of white paper and trim around it.  I attached the pics and sticker to the paper and knew that I was done.  I am toying with the idea of trying to find a picture of my son blowing the dandelions and adding it to the page.  That might be a difficult task but it might be a worthy one.

Take care of you and your loved ones!

God bless!

Yearly Graduation Page

Hi friends,

Starting 4 years ago I started doing a 8 1/2″x11″ scrapbook layout of all the graduation announcements that I received.  I use to throw them all in a box with all of the other cards I received.  I felt a little guilt because of the awesome pics that were never to be seen again as well as the expense of the announcements.  This is a perfect way to organize them and then to enjoy them later on.

2016 Graduation page.

2016 Graduation page.

I must admit that I had to trim down a lot of the announcements.  The only one I didn’t trim or cover up was the one of my niece Haley.  I just thought that it was perfect to announce what the page was about.  Before trimming and layering pictures and announcements I used a black sheet of cardstock and covered it with velum that had stars all over it.  It doesn’t show a lot but I really like where it peeks through.  I added some stickers in bigger blank spots and then called the page done.  I really like it.  So far I have four layouts in two page protectors.  I just have them in a basket at this point.  In a few years I will probably invest in an album.

Tell me this isn’t a great idea.  🙂

Love to all!

God bless!

A Baby is Born

Hi friends,

Good news!  We survived Hurricane Matthew!  Our fence has issues but that is a part of living on the coast I guess.  I love the ocean so I can’t complain.

I finished a page that I have been thinking about for a long time.  I saved Matthew’s newborn hospital picture for the page.  It turned out fabulous.

First I had to pick out a background sheet.  I wanted it to be baby boy but I wanted it to be subtle.  I had a stork sheet that was so cute but it was too much.  I now know what I am going to do with it.  I am so excited.  Hopefully in the the next day or two I will get it accomplished.

I had to order clock hand stickers.  I could have free handed them but I wanted them to be perfect for this page.  I had to order them on Ebay because I couldn’t find them in any of the stores.

The introduction page for Matthew's baby album.

The introduction page for Matthew’s baby album.

Next I had to put the numbers on.  I wanted to place them just right to look like a clock face so I pulled off a small lamp shade (I even broke the bulb – grrr).  I lightly traced it with a pencil.  I then used my magnetic ruler and held the paper in place and used it (I actually used two magnetic rulers) to see where to put the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9.  The others  I free handed.  I put Matthew’s picture on before adding the last few numbers.  I trimmed the picture (always hard to do) and placed the numbers 4 and 5 on the picture.  The number 5 is slightly off because I couldn’t cover that little finger.  I put the clock hands on the time he was born 11:06.  I then wrote, “Welcome to the world”, his name, the date he was born, and his weight and length.  I put something else where I have the big crib toy sticker but it just wasn’t quite what I wanted.  Luckily, it came off without damaging the page.  I love the big, fun sticker.

I love it!  I love that it is the opening layout for the album.  It turned out SO awesome!

That is all for today (can’t handle any more awesomeness!).

God bless!

Project Life Week 23 Part III


The final post for week 23.  This was a pretty big week!

The final page for week 23 of PL.

The final page for week 23 of PL.

The first picture I put on a PL card.  It had Abigail with one of her VBS teachers.  It also had the name of the VBS program in the background.  The kids went to 3 different VBS’s this summer.  All of them had different themes.  They loved them all!

The second slot on the top row was a PL card that I put large alpha stickers on that say VBS.  In the spot up above the letters I wrote out Vacation Bible School (just in case some one doesn’t understand).  I then put word stickers (that said things like fun and  excited) on several places on the card.

The two pictures in the small slots are from VBS.  One had Absey singing and one had Matthew singing (or yawning).  The journalng card is all about what was happening in the pics.

The last small slot has a PL card that says “You capture my heart”.  I wrote the date and that it was Brad and I’s 32nd anniversary.  We didn’t take one picture.  I honestly don’t remember what we did.  Old age?

The first picture on the bottom row is of all the teachers and kids at VBS.  I used a slick writer and put arrows on the picture that point at Abs and Matthew.

Finally the last slot on the page is a PL card that looks like cardboard and has a gold heart on it.  I thought it was nice since it was right below the card that talks about my anniversary.

That is it for today!

God bless!