Project Life Week 23 Part II

Hi guys,

It is part II of another big week.

Part II of PL week 23.

Part II of PL week 23.

Most of this page is from Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance!  I put that information on a PL card that had the words “woot woot” cut out.  I put it in front of the PL card that was on the previous page.  It was almost like a cross between construction paper and cardboard.

The first picture is of the introduction to the show.  The second picture is of Amber and the kids crowded onto one chair.  Abby had a silly scowl but she was just being silly.  The only picture that wasn’t part of the show was a picture of Diego.  He had managed to jump up into a chair and was peeking over the edge of the table (outside) to see if he could find a lizard.  He loves chasing them.

The bottom right card was a PL card that I wrote about the pictures on.  I added a couple of stickers and a little knotted dog toy sticker.

That is it for today.  Hope your day is FABULOUS!

God bless!

Project Life Week 23 Part 1

Hi friends,

My (our) life is flying by.  My youngest son turned 18 yesterday.  He got his drivers license the Monday before.  In December he will probably graduate from high school.  Then what?  The question for all of us since it is our youngest.  Brad’s life probably won’t change a lot but Tim’s and mine definitely will.  It leaves me a little sad, excited, nervous.  For both Tim and I.  I know that he will fly!

The first part of PL week 23.

The first part of PL week 23.

The first slot is two pictures from when Brad and I took both SC grandkids to the park.  Brad helped both  of them cross the monkey bars.  Besides the picture of the slug that I took, the rest of the pics were from when Brad’s childhood friend, Donny, and his family came to visit us.  We went out to eat at the Crazy Crab on Friday evening.  Then on Saturday we went to Coligny beach.  The first two small pics were of Brad cooling off in the fountains after the beach.  The first picture on the bottom row is of Brad, Donny, and little Donny on the swing at Coligny beach walk.  The last slot on the bottom row is a PL card that I wrote a gold “Week” on and outlined it in black and put a clear disc with a gold “23” on it beside the word.  I wrote about all of the pictures, too.

A fun day and more to come about week 23.

God bless!


Project Life Week 22


I am back.  Just keep dealing with health issues.  Once I get them figured out I will be so much more productive!  Just another PL.  I did print a lot of pictures so hopefully I will be on a role for awhile.

Complete layout of PL week 22.

Complete layout of PL week 22.

This was a fun week – and busy but I contained it to one page.  The first picture is of Matthew with a beard book.  The previous time at the library he had a hat book.

The second slot on the top row is two pictures mounted on a PL card.  The first picture is a selfie that Absey took.  The second is a silly picture that she took of me.

The first small slot is a pic of Absey doodle on her last day of first grade.  She has some extra big eyes in this picture.

The second small slot is Matthew on a bike ride.  I am a walking grandma trying to keep up with him.

The 3rd small slot is Tim on his first day of driving school in the drivers seat.

The last small slot is a pair of shoes under my car.  It is the Walmart on Hilton Head Island.  The shoes weren’t there when we went into the store.

The first picture in the bottom row is of Ben and his family and me at a movie.  I had to turn the picture portrait style.  I mounted it on a PL card with the dots on the side.

Finally, the last slot is a week 22, June, and journaling card all rolled up into one.  I used a clear disc with a gold 22 on it.  I wrote week in gold.  I Changed colors every time I changed pictures that I was talking about.  I put a dot before the subject.  I wrote in cursive – which is pretty rare for me in scrapping anymore.  I also put a June sticker on the card.

That’s it for today.

God bless!

Project Life Week 21


Another day of scrapping this week.  And another day of PL.  I am determined to be creative with traditional scrapping tomorrow.  Hope it works out!

Complete layout of week 21 of PL.

Complete layout of week 21 of PL.

The first picture is of my cousins and us when they came to visit.  We did a segway tour in Savannah.  So fun!  Then the second large picture is an awesome tree at a park.  Brad and I have a thing for trees (him more than me but they are really growing on me).

The first small slot is the week 21 card.  I again used the clear acrylic disc with the gold number 21 on it.  I wrote the word week.  The card had a heart on it so I wrote around it.  about the pics.  The next small slot is a PL card that says “Hello fine Fella”.  It is obvious that I am talking about Matthew because the next two slots have pictures of him.  He had to go with me to wash the grays out of my hair.  He was such a good boy!  I took him  to 2 parks!  The first picture is of him at the hair place.  The second one is after he slid down a slide at the park and he had static in his hair.

On the bottom row are pics of the kids at the movie theater behind the Angry Birds movie prop.  They had a spot for their faces.  So cute!

That is it for week 21.  Moving on up and ready for the end of May and the beginning of June.

God bless!

Project Life Week 20

I am back for two days in a row!  Hello!

I am excited to finally be on the move again.  Hope I can keep it up!  More PL.  I am excited to be doing it but hope to do some traditional scrapping soon.

Week 20 - fun times!

Week 20 – fun times!

This week is almost all about Matthew.  Since I watch him while his mom is at work and Abseydoodle is at school for most of the day – we have a lot of time alone.  So we take quite of bit of time to play.  Isn’t that what grandmas are for?

In the first slot I cut down a PL card and put it on another PL card.  It says, “A Child is the Greatest Gift”.  I then put a pic of Matthew on his present from his grandpa and I.  In the 2nd slot I put a pic of him on a slide on another PL card.  It says, “These are the days”.  I then added a tag.  I put it catty cornered and trimmed it down where it hung over the edge.  It says, “watch me GROW”.

In the small slots are two pics of Matthew and then a PL card that says, “You are the apple of my eye”.  Then I have a PL card that I made into my week 20 card.  I added a clear acrylic disc with the number 20 on it.  Then I put alpha stickers for the word week.  I added a slipper slide sticker.

The first space on the bottom row is taken with two pics.  One is of Matthew and Absey at the pool.  The second spot and then the first part of the next slot is of how rainy it was when we took Tim to work when he was working at Panera.  It was raining cats and dogs.  I left a little spot on the PL card to write about how hard it was raining.  Finally, the last part of the second spot is of Matthew holding his mask library book to his head.  We have a tradition for his library day.  We go to the library program, then we go to the room where he plays on the computer, plays, and then we pick out 4-5 books and read them and then check out two, finally we go out for lunch and read the two books again.  Fun day but it takes about 3 hours in total.

That’s it for this page.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 19 – Part II

Hi friends,

I am finally back with another PL.  I am so late because I have had a struggle keeping up with my life with kids, grandkids, and my health.  Sometimes it gets overwhelming but it always settles down.

Matthew and Ben's birthday.

Matthew and Ben’s birthday.

Most of the pictures on this page are from when Amber and I took Matthew to a Mexican restaurant for his birthday (after his pics).  Amber told them it was his birthday and they came to sing to him.  He was terrified.  He got as close as he could to Amber and hid.  (That is the 2nd picture on the first row.  It is kind of hard to see.)  After the meal we borrowed their sombrero and took several shots and he was very happy.

The last small slot is a PL card that said celebrate.  I put a silly cupcake sticker on it and then I put a sticker that says “A day in May”.  I wrote about all that happened on the birthday.

On the bottom row is a picture of Matthew”s cake that I made him and Ben’s birthday donut cake that he counts on every year (from Krispee Kreme).

That is it for the week.

God bless and hope to have more tomorrow!