Project Life Week 19

Hi friends and family (and scrappers and crafters),

I was on a long vacation and then when I got back I have been dealing with a health issue called BLOOD PRESSURE.  I am in the process of figuring it out.  Meanwhile I want to start scrapping and blogging again.  I have a new You Tube Video that I recorded in KS.  I will put the link in a few days.  I always have such fun with my KS family and friends.  I really enjoy scrapping with others.  Honestly, I get more done on my own because I don’t see them often and I really enjoy chatting.

May celebrations.

May celebrations.

The first picture is of what my youngest gave me for Mother’s day.  It is a travel  cup (he picked it out and it has flowers printed on it).  Inside are a lot of different chocolates.  Then he put some flowers (fake) in the cup, too.  I used the flowers in a wreath that I made.  So awesome and best of all I know that he thought of me when he picked everything out.

The top small slot is about the pictures on the top row.  I also put a sticker that says May flowers and had a flower on it.  The second small slot is declaring week 19 with a clear disc and gold numbers 19 on it.  I also added a birthday sticker to the PL card.

The last picture on the top row is a collage that Amber made on Facebook of Ben and Matthew.  Both of their birthdays are on May 11th so she has them together on the day Matthew was born and through various stages.

On the bottom row is Ben in a Krispee Kreme hat and glasses, nose , and mustache disguise.  He is sitting at the table with his Krispee Kreme donut cake that he has every year because it is his favorite.

The 3rd small picture is of the donut cake and the spiderman cake that I made for Matthew.  (And a few presents).  The 4th small pictures is of Matthew with a mask on  that was from his card from us.

Finally, the last picture on the page is from Matthew getting his picture taken earlier in the day at Portrait Innovations.

Whew!  What a day they are having!

Hope to have more tomorrow!

God bless!