Project Life Week 15 (part 8)


Finally a page about something other than Disney!

Spending a few days with friends - they were such good hosts!

Spending a few days with friends – they were such good hosts!

After leaving Orlando we traveled further south in Florida and visited friends that use to be our neighbors in NC.  When we arrived they took us to a wonderful Italian restaurant where we were serenaded when we ate.  The top pictures and the first bottom picture is of that evening.  We relaxed on their back screened in porch  a lot because it was so relaxing.  They had peacocks that wandered their neighborhood so that is what the first small slot has in it.  The second small slot told about some of our adventures.  I put a skateboarding sticker at the bottom (Terri sent me some that are fantastic!).  The reason for the skateboarding sticker is the next small slot and then the bottom right slot is Tim at the skatepark in the town where they live.  He went twice while we were visiting.  The last small slot is a PL card that says “Do what you love, love what you do”.

That is it for this page.  Hope to get more accomplished tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (part 7)

Hello friends,

My last day of documenting our Disney trip.  I am thrilled to move on.  I feel like I have put too much in the album and in this blog.  I think that part of the feeling is because I also made Shutterfly books for both my son and his family and for Brad and I.  So I am getting Disney pictured out.

Last page of our Disney adventure.  Thank goodness!

Last page of our Disney adventure. Thank goodness!

The first slot is of the night time Electrical Parade.  I put the picture on a PL card and then I used two border stickers.  I intertwined them together and then attached them to the PL card at the top and bottom of the picture.  It added a little texture to the album and wrinkles to the page.

The first small slot is a PL journaling card.  I talked about all the pictures on the page and about all the things that we didn’t take pictures of.

The next small slot and then the top right large slot is the Mickey ears that I took off a headband.  When I took them off it left an open edge so the first step I took was to turn the edge under and glue it to itself.  I left it overnight with something heavy on both ears. ( If I had to do it again I would have glued the turned under ears to the back side of a PL card and the ears to the front side.)  After the ears were dried I glued them to the PL cards and let them set again.  On the large card I added a camera sticker and a Family Vacation sticker.

The rest of the slots were filled with the Electrical Parade pictures.  Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella and the Prince at the ball were part of the pictures.

We had such a marvelous time at the Magic Kingdom.  Some day I hope to check out the rest of the parks!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (part 6)


Almost through with the Disney experience.  Then on to the rest of spring break.  On this page and on the next I used parts of one of the Disney ears headbands that I bought before we left.  We have them all over the house now because it was cheaper to buy a dozen off of Amazon than one pair at Disney.

Fun pictures from our day.

Fun pictures from our day.

Some of our favorite moments are on this page.  Abby posing with Elsa and Anna (her favorite part of the day).  She and Matthew both posed with the Brave princess, Merada.  Then I put in a few snapshots of moms and kids.  I am in so few pictures because I am almost always the picture taker that I asked Brad to take one of Tim and I.  Of course I wanted the castle in the background.    I put a PL pink polka dot card in one small slot and added the word “Hello” .  Then the next small slot I put the Minnie bow off of one of the ears onto a PL card.  I attached it with glue and let it set all night before I put it in the slot.  Between the poofy bow and what I put on the next page, the page is a little wrinkly (but that’s ok).

One more Disney day after this.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (part 5)


I hope this week is going wonderful for all of you!  We are doing fabulous.  We went to Charleston to visit relatives over the weekend and this week the kiddos are in another VBS.  They are learning so much about our Lord and Savior AND playing and having fun.  BONUS!

Another Disney post but not of the parade.  New stuff.

The Buzz Lightyear ride that we rode as a family. Fun!

The Buzz Lightyear ride that we rode as a family. Fun!

The first picture is centered on a PL card with stars on both sides of the picture.  It is an awesome picture of Matthew hugging Buzz.  The second large picture is centered on another PL card.  It has star border stickers on both sides of the picture.  The picture is of an animated Buzz.  The first picture on the second row is Tim on the ride.  The last picture on the second row is Brad waiting to get on the ride.  The second picture on the second row and the first picture on the bottom row is Abigail standing in front of Emperor Zurg’s cage.  I wanted the full picture but it was going the wrong direction for the slot so I first put it on a large PL card and then added a border sticker beside it.  Then, the important part of what was left (Zurg’s head) was put on a small PL card that I put in the small slot above it (in exactly the right spot).  On the space above Zurg’s head I put a sticker of a plastic green army man (just like in the movie).  The last large picture on the page is of the View Master from the movie.  It was big.  The whole ride was fantastic!  I wrote about it on a PL card in the second row.  I added a sticker that says “Havin’ fun!”.

After that ride we went our separate ways for awhile.  More of Disney tomorrow – hopefully!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (Part 4)


The parade is finishing today.  Then onto the rest of our Disney day!

The last of the parade photos.

The last of the parade photos.

Everything in this layout is photos other than the PL card in the small slot and then I put a photo on the PL cardstock in the top row and added some cute stickers.  It is a picture of Pinocchio.  I added a felt whale sticker and then water drops.  So fun!

Included in the small slots are pictures of Matthew and Tim watching the parade.  You know it’s a great parade when the teenager thinks it was really good!

Thanks for checking out the blog!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (Part 3)

Hi guys,

This is a continuation of the Disney parade.

This is more pictures from the parade.

This is more pictures from the parade.

It looks like I am adding a lot of pictures but I have many more pictures that I didn’t include than I did.

The first large picture is Tinkerbell. The first small picture is Alice.  The second large picture is two of the seven dwarfs.

The bottom small picture is of Alvin and the Chipmunks.  The rest are just really cool pictures of characters in the parade.

All except the second small picture.  It is one of my favorites but it is difficult to see.  It is my son, Ben, holding his daughter while watching the parade.

More tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (part 2)

Hi Guys,

Day 2 of Disney.  It is the starting of the parade that I REALLY enjoyed.

My Disney Princesses page.

My Disney Princesses page.

These are some of my favorite pictures.  The first is Elsa and Anna.  The first small picture is Arial.  The second large picture is Snow White.  The bottom first picture is Belle (and the Beast).  The third small slot is Rapunzel.  The last small slot is Tatiana.  The last large picture is Cinderella (and the prince).

The 2nd small slot is a pink cardstock PL card.  I was originally going to put a princess sticker on it.   I ended up putting a sticker that says, “Beautiful girl” and I added a “s” with a pink pen.  I also put a crown brad on the card.  I also wrote the name of the parade on the card.

Love this page!

God bless!

Project Life Week 15 (part 1)

Dear Friends,

I am starting week 15 of PL.  It is going to be several layouts because we are on spring break.  One of those days was at Disney (with really cute kids) and then we were with friends.  When we got home Brad and I watched the kids together for a few days while their parents worked.  We did a few fun things with them.  So….we took a lot of photos over the week.

The first part of our crazy spring break week.

The first part of our crazy spring break week.

The first slot is a plain yellow PL card.  I have had for years (and have used a few) Mickey Mouse ears alphas.  I used them to spell “Spring break”.  You may notice that the “e” is not Mickey ears.  Well….I didn’t have one so I just put another black “e” there.  I then used that same set of alpha letters but capitals to put the word “week” on the card.  I used the clear disc with the number 15 to indicate the week in PL that it is.  Finally, I put the top part of a picture that I took across the bottom of the card.  It shows that we are going to the Magic Kingdom.

The second large slot is of Brad, Abigail, and Amber when we were waiting to go in to the park.  The rest of us were standing in line to get tickets.

The bottom left slot is of the kids waiting and excited.

The first small slot is most of one of the fast past Disney cards.  I adhered it to a PL card.  I put the date below it.

The second and forth small slots are PL cards.  Thought they were perfect.

The third small slot and the bottom right photo are of Matthew hugging Pluto and being very excited.  It is while we were waiting for the parade to start.  They might be my favorite two photos of the day.  The bottom photo is trimmed down on a PL card.  I added a camera sticker and a sticker that says Hugs.

Tomorrow – parade day!

God bless!

PL Week 14 Part IV

Hey friends,

This is kind of a finishing of week 14 and kind of a group of pictures I am not sure where they go but I know they go in the general area.  After this I start the great big week of spring break which includes Disney.

The last of week 14 of PL.

The last of week 14 of PL.

The first picture is of the bench that my dad made after it got refinished.  It looks so nice.  The second picture on top is of my cutie patootie niece and nephew.  They are oh so sweet.  The small slots all have PL cards.  I wrote about the pictures on the two journaling cards.  I found the perfect sticker for the one in the third small space.  It is talking about my niece and nephew.

The bottom row is a throw back Thursday kind of thing.  I had posted these pictures on Facebook. The first one is of my 3rd grade class on a field trip.  I used a slick writer marker and drew an arrow to me.  The second slot on the bottom row includes my dad.  He was at a performance that my class gave.  My parents were very hands on.  This is a good reminder of that.

That is all for now.  Tomorrow  – Disney!

God bless!

Project Life Week 14 Part III

Hello friends,

Today is a special day – my hubby and my’s 32nd anniversary.  We met in 1982 in a senior English class.  The teacher was Mrs. Palmer.  I was the teacher’s aide.  He was a student.  He moved to the high school the previous year but our paths hadn’t crossed.  I am so happy that they did in Mrs. Palmer’s class.  He was my friend for the school year.  We started dating after we graduated.  What a ride we have had!

The few times that I have scrapped recently I have worked on Matthew’s album.  I finally got some pictures developed and organized.  Now I am going to try and put them in the PL album.  I didn’t want to get behind with PL this year.  🙁  I need to hurry and get caught up before I get really crazy this summer.  I have such plans for July and August!

My youngest granddaughter is celebrating her 5th.

My youngest granddaughter is celebrating her 5th.

The first picture is Lily and Ethan at a friend’s birthday party.  The rest of the pictures are from Lily’s party at Chuck E. Cheese. The second small slot is a PL life card that I put birthday stickers on.  Of course the bottom small slot has a PL card that I didn’t do anything to.   Thought it expressed how I feel about Lily perfectly.

Hopefully I will get up to my crafting room tomorrow and get more done than I did today.  I need to start sprinting instead of crawling.  😉

God bless!