Traditional Scrapping – Finally

Hi friends,

I decided to take a break from PL for a day or two and finish up an album that is almost done.  Here is one of the pages.

Site seeing in Savannah with friends.

Site seeing in Savannah with friends.

I used a plain tan piece of cardstock.  I matted two of the pictures with a blue cardstock. They had to do with water and the layout before is on a blue background.  I thought it looked nice.  To carry the theme on to the rest of the page I cut a strip of the blue cardstock and ran it down the right side of the page.  I attached all four pictures to the page.  The two that were matted I put on the left side.  The other two I put on top of the right side (on top of the blue strip).

One of the pictures on the page is of a movie that was being filmed while we were walking down the street.  I put a movie sticker between the two matted pictures.  I also had a sticker that said “family fun” on a film looking background. I cut off the “family” portion and put the “fun” sticker centered below the matted picture on the bottom (beside the movie picture).  Finally, I had a sticker that said vacation and had boxes that you can check with lines beside them.  I wrote about riding a ferry and seeing a movie being filmed.  I also checked the boxes.

It was fun actually working on a traditional scrapbook.  I was a little rushed at the end – I am watching my grandson and he doesn’t always want me to scrapbook.  🙂

God bless!

Project Life Week 8 (Part III)

Hello friends,

Until I went back to scrap project life I didn’t realize there was a Part III of week 8.

Part III of week 8 of PL.

Part III of week 8 of PL.

The top left picture is of my KS kiddo and his family eating a meal out.  I always save all the pictures that they post on Facebook and that they text me because visits are few and far between.

The top right slot (and the bottom right slot) is of some of the Easter decorations that I put out.  The one on the top is attached to a PL card.  I added a cute Easter tag, too.

The first small slot and the bottom left slot has Matthew using puppets at the library.  The one on the bottom is on a PL card.  I added a cute giraffe sticker.

The second small slot is a PL card where I wrote about all of the pictures.  I added a few pieces of card stock embellishments down on the bottom.

The third small slot is a decorative PL card.

The fourth small slot is a PL card with a decorative Easter sticker going across the card. I also added a bunny card stock embellishment at the top.

That is it.  Week 8 is for sure over.

God bless!

Easter Umbrella?

Hi friends,

I haven’t been on here in awhile but I am back!  Today I want to show you what I did for the grandkids that are living with us.  Instead of the usual Easter baskets we had a little fun.  I saw the idea on Facebook.

Abby's Easter umbrella.

Abby’s Easter umbrella.

Matthew's Easter umbrella.

Matthew’s Easter umbrella.

The umbrellas were on clearance at a very good price so it was economical, too.  The kids loved them.

Hope your Easter was awesome!

God bless!

Project Life Week 8 (part II)

Hi friends,

Today’s part of week 8 is pretty sad.  My oldest friend from high school’s brother passed away.  These pics were from his memorial service.  I wasn’t able to attend because it was in KS but my 2nd oldest friend from high school took pics and sent them my way.  This is just a few of them.

Part II of PL week 8.

Part II of PL week 8.

I felt like a part of my friend’s, Jaynean, family many times.  We had A LOT of sleep overs and a lot of times just hanging out.  When I was a senior I lived with them for awhile while my dad worked in Seattle and the rest of my family, that was at home at that time, went with him.  I also went on a few family trips with them to Arkansas, went to church with them, and went out to eat and shopped with them.  Kevin was a few classes above us in high school.  He was a track star.  One picture on the top row has a lot of his medals and trophies.  He ended up being a kind, caring man who was a very hard worker.  He is missed.

The 2nd small card is a PL journaling card that I wrote about the memorial on.  I had a sticker of a medal on a ribbon that I put on the card.

The two small pics are of Jaynean and my bud Terri and then Jaynean and her mama.

On the bottom row is the plant that Terri and I sent.  We also contributed to a memorial that was important to Kevin and was an awesome place to donate to.

The bottom right card was a PL journaling card that I wrote in gold “Week” and then put the clear disk with a gold 8 on it below it.  I wrote about all of the pictures and then put more track stickers below.

A sad part of PL but necessary.  What isn’t sad is that Kevin is with our Lord and Savior and with a lot of family and friends.

God bless you and your loved ones!

Project Life Week 8 (part 1)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Hope that you managed to put on some green today and avoid being pinched.  🙂

Week 8 of PL is a big one.  Probably going to be a three parter.  We went out of town, received pictures from a friend of a memorial service that I wish I could have attended, and then general life.

Part one of week 8.  We went out of town.

Part one of week 8. We went out of town.

The top left picture and the second small picture was taken right before we left for the weekend.  Brad went out to play with the grandkids.  They miss us when we are gone.  The first small slot also happened before we left.  I went and voted in the SC primary.  I had to vote a day early because we were going out of town.

The top right slot had a PL journaling card.  I put the top of a picture that had the sign from where Tim went to a skateboarding lock in.  The third small slot is Tim with his skateboard.  He was actually standing below the sign.  The picture was going vertical and the large slots were horizontal so I had to be creative.  On the journaling card I wrote about what was happening in all the pictures.  I also put some small stickers down below the journaling.

The last small slot was Brad out in front of one of our favorite restaurants in Greensboro – Fire and Sticks.  Just saying those words made my mouth start watering.  😉  The picture below was us inside the restaurant waiting for our food to be cooked in front of us.

The bottom left picture was Tim and Camila (his gal pal for the last 3 years) in a very close selfie.

Hope you avoid being pinched!

God bless!

Project Life Week 7

Hello friends,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend whether you rested up, binged watch your favorite show, or had a little get away.

I finished week 7 from February of 2016.  Keeping up pretty well.  I also bought a new album (60% off at Michaels) for my youngest grandson’s pics.  I have so many projects going or thinking about starting.

Project Life week 7.  Complete layout.

Project Life week 7. Complete layout.

This layout is about Valentines day.  The first picture is my Abby girl with her box that she took to school to fill with valentines. Her grandma (me) helped her with the box.  She  added a lot of stickers all over the box.

The top right picture is Matthew with his goodies from us for the big heart day.  I put it on a PL card and then added cute boy stickers.

The first small slot is a valentines PL card.  I journaled and added a cute heart  sticker.

The second small slot is Abigail with her goodies from us.

The third small slot and the bottom right slot are Tim with his goodies from us.  The bottom one is on a gold polka dot PL card.  I added a gold chipboard word that says “love” of course.

The last small slot is my PL week 7 card.  I used the clear disk with a gold seven on it.  I used two different types of alpha sticker for the word week (a good way to use up the alpha stickers).  There is also a cute heart sticker on the card.

The picture on the bottom left is sweet Kaylee, my niece, on valentine’s day.  She was thinking about driving to SC to see us.

On to week 8.  I layed out all the pics.  It is a big layout because we went to NC and it was my friend’s brother’s (I am close to the family) memorial service.  I wasn’t able to go but another friend sent me pics.

God bless!

Project Life Week 6

Hi guys and gals (probably more gals),

Two days in a row of scrappin’ and postin’.  I must feel a little better.  I do have a little more energy back.  I took my grandson for a walk (me) – bike ride (him).  Not too far but he loved it.  It is about 80 degrees here today.  I am thinking about getting out the capris instead of pants tomorrow.

Complete PL layout week 6.

Complete PL layout week 6.

The top left slot is of a ticket and part of a brochure from when Brad and I went with two of his co-workers and their wives to a show where they sang several (over 25) of the songs from top productions over the decades.  They were very good.  We went and ate Italian food before the show.  A fun night.  I put a sticker that says “music” across the bottom of the card.  The small slot right below it has another piece of the brochure.  I put a sticker that says “dance” on that card.

The small slot beside it is a journaling card.  I wrote about all that is going on in week 6.  I put two plastic star/snowflake “stickers” onto the card in the empty space.

In the bottom right slot is a picture of Brad’s two co-workers and one wife (not a great shot) at the restaurant before we went to the show.  I put it on a PL card and then put 3 star stickers on each side of the picture.

On the top right side of the page is my week 6 PL card.  I used a PL card and added alpha stickers that say “WEEK”.  I then added the clear acrylic disc that has a gold 6 on it.  Finally on the top and bottom of the card I added a border sticker that has a saying on it.

The last two small slots are of my lips and forehead.  I was going through my second round of trying to get all the cancerous cells off my face. I took these strange pictures to show my doctor if needed.  I know it seems strange to put them in a scrapbook but this is what is going on in my life now.  My face didn’t react as badly as the first time but I got sicker than a dog.  I am not completely over it yet.

Finally, the bottom right picture is a picture off facebook that I found from a local paper of where I grew up.  It was taken back in 1971.  Two of my cousins and a friend of my brother are in the picture.  Fun memories!

That is it for today.

God bless!

Project Life Week 5


I took a few days off (and will probably take a few more).  Found out that I have had pneumonia since some time in January.  That is why I have been feeling so cruddy and have had no energy.   I did manage to get one layout done.  Hopefully more soon.  I wanted to record a YouTube video but my voice is very scratchy.  It was gone for several weeks so I guess I am making progress.

PL layout week 5.

PL layout week 5.

The first picture is a horrible selfie that I took after getting A LOT of hair cut off.  (The second picture is the pile of hair on the floor).  When I looked at myself in the hairdresser’s mirror I did NOT look like that.  My hair looked much better.  On the picture of the cut hair I put a cute sticker of a wee one sitting on a pair of scissors.

The first small slot has a picture of a box of coffee that I bought.  I took the picture because it says, “Tall, dark, and handsome Joe”.  My nephew is Joe.  I took the picture and sent it to him.  He got a chuckle out of it.

The second small slot is a PL card that says, “Good for the soul.”  Scrapbooking can be that for me.  Therapeutic.

The third small slot and then the slot right below it is a door hanging that I made (with Brad’s help).  It is an umbrella that I found at a thrift store with flowers in it.  I saw a similar idea in a magazine and wanted to do it for months.  I put the picture in two slots because the picture was going a different direction (vertical) than the slots were.  The small slot is a PL card with the picture adhered to it.  I also put a small sticker on the PL card.  The large slot below is on a PL card.  I wrote about the project to the right of the picture and I put “week” in awesome floral alpha stickers below the picture.  I added a clear acrylic circle with a gold number 5 beside that.

In the last small slot I used a PL journaling card with a February sticker going up the side.  I wrote about all of the pictures besides the door hanging ones.

The last slot (bottom left) is Matthew at the library with a large stuffed dog.  I put it on a PL card (that picture was going the wrong direction, too) and added a sticker of a stack of books and wrote library up the side.

That is it for this post.  Hope your day is awesome!

God bless!

Project Life Week 4


Can’t believe that it is March!  This year is flying by!  Won’t be long until Easter, spring break, and then summer.

The complete layout of week 4.

The complete layout of week 4.

The top pictures and then the bottom left is a picture of a cocoa party that Abby, Matthew and I had.  We are going to have a girlie tea party at some point but we decided a cocoa party would be better for mixed company.  😉  We used, for the first time, our Snow White china cups and plates.  They were both surprised that I let them use the breakables.  🙂  They were careful and we had a good time.  We had a lot of finger foods along with the cocoa.

The first small slot is a pretty yucky picture.  I meant to cover it up before I took the shot for the blog.  It is my nose while I was getting it treated for skin cancer/precancer.  It actually looked a lot worse than that towards the end.  I took the picture to show the doctor.  The second small slot is a folding PL card.  I put a band aid sticker on the outside of it.  On the inside of the card I journaled about some of what was happening with my health.  The third small slot has a PL journaling card.  I put a clear acrylic circle with a gold 4 on it and wrote “week” above it.  The last small slot was a journaling card.  I put a sticker on the top that says “the good life”.  I journaled about the cocoa party and about the bottom right large picture.  I added a few stickers down below the journaling.

The bottom right picture is a picture of Tim at work at Journeys.  It was a job that he had during the holiday season and a little while afterwards.  This picture was one that his boss took of him while he was cleaning (and it looks like having a good time).  It was pinned on the work bulletin board.  Tim took a picture of it and sent it to me.  I put it on a PL card and added a couple of stickers to the sides.

That is all for week 4.  Week 5 will have just a couple of days of January and then FEBRUARY begins.  The month of love.

God bless!