Flowers for Abs

Hi y’all,

Today I am taking a break (just one day) from PL to show you a flower arrangement that I made for my oldest granddaughter.  I had originally ordered the bicycle flowerpot for me (my bedroom has a lot of bicycles with flowers decorating it).  When it came in the mail it was all plastic and pretty childish looking.  I almost tossed it but decided to make Abby a cute flower arrangement.  I bought the flowers and cut them down to size.  Abby helped decide where they should go.  I hot glued them into a Styrofoam ball.  I figured they might get tugged a bit since they will go in her bedroom.

Finished flower arrangement. Turned out really cute!

Finished flower arrangement. Turned out really cute!

It really is cute.  I am glad I decided to make the best of the cheaply made flowerpot.

God bless!

Project Life Week 47 (Part II)

Hi friends,

This is the last part of week 47.  It was just a fun night out with my daughter-in-law and two of my grandkids.

Second part of week 47 - Disney on Ice.

Second part of week 47 – Disney on Ice.

This was a VERY fun night.  I love to watch ice skating and these skaters were awesome!  The first slot had our tickets put on a PL card.  I trimmed down two pics and added them at the bottom.  I wanted to put as many pics as possible on this layout because I had a lot.

All of the small slots had pics that I trimmed down.  The 3rd small slot had two different trimmed down pics.  I put them on a PL card.  I also added a couple of snowflake stickers.

The top right pic is of the kids in their Disney outfits getting ready to leave and celebrate.

The bottom left pic is part of a picture that I put on a PL card.  I wanted all of the characters in it so I continued it into the small slot (the 3rd small slot that I wrote about above).  I added snowflakes to this slot, too.

The last large pic (bottom right slot) are a lot of the princesses.

We had such a great night.  We try go somewhere special like this once or twice a year.  We don’t know how long that we will be in the situation to do things like this.  Last spring we went to Mickey’s Magic.

Well, week 47 is documented.

On to week 48!

God bless!

Project Life Week 47 (Part I)

Howdy from the South!

Hope everyone is doing great!  Dreaming of a little beach time! It might be a little while – even for us.


Project Life Week 47.

First part of Project Life Week 47. 

The top picture is of Absey when she fell asleep coloring.  It reminded me of a picture of my sister.  She was younger than Absey then but she fell asleep while she was eating.

The second large slot is two pictures that I cut down and attached to a PL card.  They are of Brad and I on a dolphin tour.  I bought a lot of tickets (at a good price) for the dolphin tour in the spring.  We had one left that was getting ready to expire.  We bought another one and went on another tour.  It was pretty chilly but we did see a lot of dolphins.  The small slot below the pic is a pic of a dolphin fin.

The first two small slots is of Absey Doodle after her haircut.  Bright eyes.  I talked about my sister earlier and I am going to again.  I don’t know what it is about both of these pictures but something about them reminds me of my sister when she was young.

The 3rd small slot is a PL card that I journaled on.  It had fall colors around the edges and I put a small sticker on it.  I also put the week on this card.

The left bottom slot is a fountain at a shopping center not far from here.  There are tricksters around here that like to put bubbles in the fountain.  This time they really done it.  The bubbles were making it so that you had to drive through them to get to the street.

The last picture is of my sunflower wall hanging.  I really love it.  I may have posted it before but I couldn’t help myself.  Reminds me of home – Kansas.

Do I sound a little homesick?  This time of year I start dreaming of all of my family and friends in KS.  It will be that way until I get to see them in the summer.  Love them!

That’s it for this part of the layout.

God bless!

Project Life Week 46


Only 6 more PL entries for 2015 after this one.  This makes me think of a children’s book.  “I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.”

Complete layout of PL week 46.

Complete layout of PL week 46.

Most of these pics are from Brad’s 51st birthday.  He turned his candles around in the pics to look like 15.  In the second large top pic he and Matthew are fist bumping.  So cute.  I added a birthday sticker on top of that pic.  I used some cute PL things from a small PL kit.  The one in the first small slot is a framed overlay.  You just put it over the picture.  The third small slot is just an overlay that says “today” on it.  I made sure the PL card below it that I decorated was beneath the “today” border.  I put on the PL card, “51 years, week 46”.  The bottom left large slot has a framed overlay that says celebrate today.  I added a couple of stickers (make a wish and happy birthday) to the green PL card below the overlay.

The only two pics that aren’t from Brad’s birthday are the last small slot and the bottom right slot.  The small slot has a pic of me on a kiddie ride at our outlet mall.  Brad and I were walking around waiting on Tim to get off work.  The bottom right pic is of my oldest sons new duplex that they had just moved into.  He sent me a pic – unfortunately it was a night time pic.  I am so happy for them because they have been living on the 3rd story of an old apartment building for several years.  Such an improvement.  I put a few stickers that looked kind of like moving stickers on the top of the picture.

That’s all folks!

God bless!

Project Life Week 45 (part II)

Hey friends,

Hope your weekend was awesome!  I have a really fun PL layout today.  This is different than I have ever done.

A extra fun part II layout for week 45.

A extra fun part II layout for week 45.

What I did was create a story for our day at the beach.  It goes as follows:

Large slot 1:  Once upon a time…..there was a family that lived in a town by the beach.  But there were only small shells to be found.  That

Large slot 2:  made the children very sad!  Their grandpa bought a big bag of beautiful shells.  When the grandma brought the children to the

Large slot 3:  beach, the grandpa hid the shells.  When the grandchildren started digging they found buckets of beautiful shells.  They were

Large slot 4:  so happy! Now the grandchildren can’t wait to return to their beloved ocean and grandpa needs to go buy more shells.  The end.

All I did was to attach pictures to PL cards and journal.  I added flip flop stickers at the top of the last three large PL cards.  All of the small slots were more pics.

I really love this and when I thought of it I knew that I had to do it.

Hope you get hit with a simple inspiration today!

God bless!

Project Life Week 45 (part 1)

Hi friends,

I have faithfully been PLing the last several days.  Hoping to finish up and get started on 2016.  I am ahead of where I was last year so all is well.  I am waiting for prints from Shutterfly.  They are due tomorrow.  Won’t be long until I can display a completed book.

Project Life week 45 part 1.

Project Life week 45 part 1.

This was a fun week.  Tomorrow’s post will be a fun one.  I have a grand idea!

The first pic in the top left slot is a fall wreath I made.  (Love it!).  The first small slot is a PL card with alpha letters stating week 45.  I alternated different sticker types.  The second small slot is Matthew in the rear view mirror.  What I see when we are in the car doing errands. The bottom row large slot is a picture of Absey’s school picture (what a cutie).  The top horizontal picture is Absey Doodle reading to Matthew.  (They are getting along!).  I trimmed the picture down and adhered it to a PL card.  I added “brother”  and “sister” stickers.  The bottom right pic is Absey holding a veteran’s card that she made for a school program.  She is a VERY patriotic little girl.  I adhered that pic to a PL card, too.  I added some metal stickers to the edges.

That’s it until tomorrow.  Come back and see my very cute idea come to life.

God bless!


Project Life Week 44 (Part Two)

Hey there!

This layout was fun.  We went to Greensboro to visit friends (and Tim’s girlfriend). <3 <3 <3

The second part of PL week 44.

The second part of PL week 44.

The top small slot is a fall PL card.  I added a cute candy corn sticker.  I journaled about all of the pics – changing color of ink with each different picture.  The next small slot is sweet baby, Summer, being played with by her awesome brother, Jensen.  Summer is in the bottom right slot wearing the really sweet dress that I bought her before she was born.  The top right vertical slot has Tim and some of his Greensboro friends at the inside skatepark at an all night lock in.  The top horizontal picture is Tim and Camila’s dog, Teddy, while hanging at Camila’s house.  The bottom left picture is my buddy Pam and I.  Brad and I met her for lunch before our drive home.  It was a quick trip but a fun trip.

God bless!

Project Life Week 44 (Part 1)

If I was using a greeting appropriate for my PL post I would be saying:

Happy Halloween!  or

Trick or Treat!


First part of PL week 44.

First part of PL week 44.

All of the pics are family members dressed up in their Halloween finest.  The first slot on the top left is Absey dressed like a gray mouse.  All of her class had to wear gray clothes and then they made mice masks.  It was from a children’s book.

The second small slot is Absey in her actual Halloween costume.  She was Tinker Bell.  We were really surprised that she chose Tinker Bell – we really thought she would be a Frozen character again (or even Supergirl).

The bottom left slot is Ethan and Lily.  Ethan was Darth Vader.  Lily a very cute kitty.

The top horizontal slot is Matthew portraying muscled Batman.

The bottom horizontal slot is my nieces and nephew in KS.  Hannah and Jep were bearded lumberjacks (my favorite costumes), Madi was a peacock, and Kaylee a butterfly.

I used a Halloween PL card to tell about the photos.  I added a couple of jack o lantern stickers.

A fun layout with awesome kids.

God bless!

Project Life Week 43

Good morning!

Wonderful day!  Hope everyone is having a great one!

Complete layout of PL week 43.

Complete layout of PL week 43.

This was a quick little layout.  The top left picture is of Tim.  It was taken at the skatepark by one of his buddies.  I put a “Son” sticker on it.  The two vertical pics are of my kitchen while cooking cookies for my church’s prison ministry.  The second small journaling slot talks about the cookies.  I used a few cute kitchen stickers on the card. The top horizontal picture is of me in my rear view mirror.  I was wearing my Royals hat that I bought at a game years ago.  The Royals won the World Series.  Amber and I watched most of the games (we were up VERY late).  I covered up 1/2 of my face with a journaling card and stickers because my eye looked like it was a LAZY eye in the picture.  So strange because I can’t make my eyes crossed even when I try.  I put a “Mom” sticker on the picture, too.  The bottom horizontal slot has a PL card in it.  I put the week in alpha stickers in the journaling section.  I then added a few cute family stickers.

Working my way through 2015 so I can start the new year.

God bless!

Project Life Week 42


Kids have the day off school!  Hope it is a great day!

Complete layout of PL Week 42.

Complete layout of PL Week 42.

Fall is in the air.  This week features mostly out of town family.  My wonderful friends in KS saw my nephew and his family at the fall festival and took their pics.  They forwarded to me and I treasure them.  🙂  Thanks Wayne and Linda – you are the best!  They are the pics in the large slots on the top row.  I put the one on the right on a PL card and added cute fall stickers.  The top small slot is a PL card that I wrote about the pics on and I put cute fall stickers on.  The second small slot is a PL journaling card that I wrote about all that was going on and I used it for my Week 42 card.  I used alpha stickers with fall colors.

On the bottom row is a few pics of my nieces and nephew at a pumpkin patch.  They went there for my niece’s birthday.  I put the large one on a PL card and journaled on it and added stickers.  The third small slot is the birthday girl (SO cute!).  The fourth small slot is a PL card that I added a fall sticker to.  Finally the bottom right picture is a Halloween Whopper from Burger King that Tim ate.  Yuck!  He said it was good.  I put a journaling sticker on it and a Halloween sticker.

Fun pics for a fun week!

God bless!