Project Life Week 29 (Part II)


What a busy time of year!  I love all of the hustling and bustling.  Sometimes it is a little stressful.  :-/  But I look forward to it all the same.  I love the reason behind the season most!

The last part of week 30.

The last part of week 29.

The first vertical pic is of Tim checking into Camp Woodward.  I added a California sticker to the side of the picture.  The bottom vertical pic is of his first picture he emailed me on the first day.  He really banged his elbow (over and over again).  I guess in skateboarders terminology it is called a “swellbo”.  I used a paper license tag that says, “In a State of Pain”.  I wrote that it was the first day and he got a swellbo on the “tag” and adhered it to the picture.  In the two small slots I put part of a brochure from Camp Woodward.  In the top horizontal picture I put a picture that Tim sent me from camp of what he ate for lunch.  It was a cheeseburger.  I cut it down and put it on a PL card and I wrote on the card and added a chipboard sticker.  Finally, the bottom horizontal sticker is of a puzzle that the Hansens and I did while relaxing and visiting at their home.  It is one of my favorite things to do with them.

A fun reminder of a fun time!

Hope all of you are surviving the hecticness of the season and are able to remember the true reason behind it.

God bless!




Project Life Week 29 (Part 1)

Hi friends,

Finally finished with the long, drawn out (and fun) week 28.  On to week 29.

Complete layout of week 29.

Week 29 – Part 1.

On Thursday, July 16th, Tim and I flew to LA and went to Tehachapi.  We stayed with friends and then on Sunday Tim went for a week of learning and fun at Camp Woodward.  While we were in CA Brad visited with his family in KC and then flew home on Sunday to go back to work on Monday.

The first picture (upper left small slot) is of Brad’s mama and her sister.  I then put the Week 29 card in the next small slot.  I used Stickles to write “Week #” and then used decortive paper numbers for the 29.  I let that card dry over night before I put it in the slot.  The first large slot on the right is of a postcard that I cut down and put on a large journaling PL card.  I journaled the date that we traveled and what we were doing.  The vertical large slot underneath that card is a green PL card that I used a picture from the brochure from Camp Woodward.  I used a boarder sticker and cut it into pieces and put it over and under the brochure picture.  It says, “pack your bags for fun”.  I then put a suitcase sticker on the picture.  The first horizontal slot has a picture of Brad’s mom, aunt, cousin, sister, and Brad.  They are eating lunch and visiting.  The bottom horizontal slot has a PL card that I journaled about the above picture.  I put a sticker that says, “runs in the family” on it.

That is Part one of week 29.  Part two is soon to follow.  Good news – no part three.  🙂

God bless to all of my fellow scrappers!

3rd and Final Installment of Project Life Week 28


This week went on forever!  It was a good week because we were on vacation and because we got to be with family that we rarely get to see.

3rd part of PL week 28.

3rd part of PL week 28.

This was a fun page.  The first picture is of my oldest son climbing into the playplace to get my granddaughter.  I remember doing that a few times.  The right picture on the top row is of my nephew and his son.  He is my first GREAT nephew.  His grandma (my sister) isn’t here to spoil him so I am going to try my hardest.  This was the first time I met sweet Spencer.  The middle row is two cards of journaling and two PL cards. On the bottom row there is a picture of Brad, Tim and I and my son and his family and my nephew and his family.  We went to the newest minion movie.  In the middle right small slot I put a movie ticket that I had saved ( I love ephemera) and then really cute movie stickers.

Well, that is it for week 28.

God bless you and yours!

2nd Part of Project Life Week 28

Hi guys,

Part two in a big PL week.

Oklahoma! Part 2 of PL layout 28.

Oklahoma! Part 2 of PL layout 28.

My dad was born and raised in this old house in Oklahoma.  The bottom level had a store, a living room, and a kitchen.  That was the house that I knew.  The upstairs was all bedrooms.  When my dad was young there wasn’t an upstairs.  He was the 2nd from the youngest of 13 brothers and sisters.  I am not sure how old he was when they built the upstairs.  I wish he was around to ask….

We met at the home place to pick up a table that my cousin had.  My dad had built it in shop class in high school.  My cousin is the one on the far left in the top left picture.  Two of my brothers and their families met us there.  The top left picture not only has my cousin but me and two of my brothers.  The top right picture is of some more of us.  Finally, in the first small slot, is a picture that my cousin took of all of us (but my cousin 🙁 ) together.  The second small slot is of Ethan on a hay bale.  The third small slot has a business card that my cousin gave me (he had made the home place an antique store but he getting ready to put it on the market) and then journaling of who all was there and what we were doing.  Finally, the last small slot is Brad and I holding our newest nephew.  It was the first time that we had met him and he sure is sweet.  The bottom left picture is of me and three of my nieces.  I always try and bring them something little when I visit because it is usually only once a year.  This time it was umbrellas.  They loved them but I don’t think they lasted very long.  I love the picture!  The last picture is of me and Jep at Braums.  Can’t beat that!  Sweet nephew and Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate Ice Cream.  They don’t have a Braums in SC.  :'(  .

I really like having my cousin’s business card on this page.  I also like the Sooners sticker.  They were my dad’s favorite college football team.  Boomer!

Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!

God bless!