Climbing Down

Hey friends,

Today I actually took more time than I am usually allotted anymore and scrapped a fun (and a little time consuming) page.

I had a piece of wonderful decorative paper to use as my background.  After playing around with the layout I cropped four photos and adhered them to the layout.  I found the alpha stickers I wanted to use on part of the layout and I used an old trick to make sure that they were placed correctly.

The ruler with alpha sticker letters barely attached.

The ruler with alpha sticker letters barely attached.

In the above (blurry) picture I have a clear ruler with the alphabet stickers attached (just barely) to the top of the ruler.  This makes it nice to position the stickers exactly where you want them and then to push them onto the paper and then gently remove them from the ruler and adhere that portion of the stickers to the page.

Then I did another fun idea that I had been meaning to try.  I took a set of white chipboard letters and a set of brown chipboard letters that were the same font.  I used a set of white that said “down” and a set of brown that said “down”.  I then marked the middle on the back of each letter and cut them in 1/2.  I attached the top of the letter D in white and the bottom of the letter D in brown to the background paper.  The top of the letter O in white and the bottom of the letter O in brown were then attached.  I continued through the whole word.

My awesome layout.

My awesome layout.

The only other thing that I did was add a crab sticker and two arrow stickers.  I didn’t journal on this layout because I did on the previous pages.

Hope all is right in your part of the world!

God bless!

The Rest of Project Life Week 24

Hi friends,

I did manage to complete PL week 24.  I am having printer problems and my hubby is extremely busy with work.  When he has a chance to look at it we will determine if we need a new printer and then go get one.  Meanwhile, I will go print pics at a store and scrap pics that I already have in other albums.  I have SO many pictures!

The 2nd part of PL week 24.

The 2nd part of PL week 24.

In the top left pocket I put a picture from a newspaper that I had been saving (it says 1965 which is the year I was born) and a picture of a wall hanging that one of my sons and his wife got me for my birthday.  I adhered them to a piece of decorative paper that I cut out and rounded the corners.

The top right picture is a pic of my oldest son and his wife on their wedding day 3 years ago.  Their anniversary was on June 15th and I love this picture and wanted it to remind me of them and their wedding day.

The bottom left pic is of my brother’s new place (what it looks like from their deck) in Colorado.  My other brother and his family visited and sent me a picture.  I am so happy for them to get their dream home.  I can’t wait to visit and see it for myself.  The small PL card above it talks about the picture.

The second small picture is of when Tim’s sister, Tiara, came to visit.  We were at the airport and we took a picture of Tim at the parking spot so that we would be able to find our car afterwards.  The 2nd small pic is of a palm tree sticker on a PL card.  The third small pic is a closeup of Tiara at Coligny beach the next day.  Finally, the bottom right picture is of Tim and Tiara relaxing and catching some rays.

Finally…..this week of PL has been documented.  🙂

God bless all of you!

Which Album Should You Choose?


This is my last bit of info from the old Creating Keepsakes magazines that I read this summer.  This post is about the three most popular styles of photo albums to choose from and their pros and cons.

The first (and the one that I currently use) is the Three-Ring Binder.  The two things that I really like about using a binder album is that you can add or take away pages any place you want to in the album.  You make your pages and slip them into page protectors and then if you find that they are out of order you can move the pages around.  Also, some album covers gap open if you add extra pages or chunky ephemera.  The binder holds a lot of pages very nicely.  A couple of negatives – the pages sometimes slip out of the top of the page protectors.  Sometimes when I am flipping through the albums I am pushing the pages back into the protectors.  Also, facing pages have rings between them.  Not a big deal unless you are making a two page layout.  When this is the case it breaks the flow of the layout.

The second type of album (I think more popular for journaling) is the Spiral Album.  I don’t think that I have ever used one except once when I made my grandson an album.  The main reason that I don’t use them is that they don’t have page protectors.  I REALLY don’t like that feature.  I like to protect something that I put so much effort into.  You also can’t add pages and can’t move pages around.  You are limited to the paper that is in the album but that isn’t too big of a deal because you can adhere decorative paper to the pages.  Pages can also be easily torn out.  The positive aspects of this type of album  are they are easy to use, the covers are fun to personalize, and the pages lie flat.

Finally, the album type that I used for A LOT of years is the expandable albums (like Creative Memories).  It was very difficult for me to give up scrapping in them but I have loved the three-ring binders since I made the leap.  What I liked about them is they look like traditional photo albums that my mom had our nice photographs in while I was growing up.  Many have guarantees (like Creative Memories).  The pages are flush which is really awesome with two page layouts.  A few negatives are that you can’t photocopy directly onto the pages.  You can go back and add pages but it is very painful.  Why I stopped using them was not only the difficulty in adding or moving pages but many of the albums are expensive and when I bought them from craft stores with coupons they weren’t very durable.

What are you scrapping in?

God bless!

Project Life Week 24 (part 1)

Hello friends,

My life is so busy now that I don’t have a chance to scrap a full PL in one setting.  Pretty pathetic, huh?  On top of this my printer went kapooie.  My hubby is going to evaluate it this weekend and we will go from there.

First part of PL week 24.

First part of PL week 24.

The first slot is my PL week 24 slot and a place to talk about my big 5-0 birthday.  I took a plain pink PL card and added a birthday journaling sticker.  I then put stickers that say WEEK 24 and added a pin flag (the pokey pin part went behind the sticker).  The flag says “birthday girl”.  The first small slot is another pink PL card that I put a birthday sticker on.  The second small slot is a picture of a birthday present that one of my sons and his wife gave me.  The last large slot on the top row has a PL card that I put a trimmed down picture on of another gift that I received in the mail.  I added a sticker and wrote on the picture with a slickers pen.

On the bottom row I put a picture of a riverboat murder mystery cruise that my hubby and I went on for my birthday.  I trimmed it down and added it to decorative paper that I cut down.  I then added stickers and wrote on the picture.  The small two slots on the bottom are of the river boat cruise.  The last slot is a PL card that says Happy Day.  I added two birthday stickers.  One said, “Happy Birthday”.  I added the letter “A”.  It now says “A Happy Birthday”.

I am hoping to finish this PL post VERY soon.

God bless all of you and your families!

How to Protect Your Photos

Hey guys,

Here are a few tips from another old Creating Keepsakes magazine.  These are tips to keep our photos safe.  I need to start applying a few of these.

– Photographs fade quickly when placed in a sunny area or near an indoor light source.  I know that this is true because a little over a year ago I put a picture in a lanyard and hung it in my car.  That picture is so faded now that it is hard to distinguish who is in it.

– Dirty oily fingerprints damage photos.  Wash your hands before handling photos and negatives.  It is suggested that a pair of photo gloves is used.  I have never done this.  Have any of you?

– Never use magnetic photo albums.  I don’t think many people do now BUT a real good hint on how to remove photos from them is to heat the pages by blowing warm air from a blow-dryer over them and gradually pull off the pictures.

– High humidity can damage scrapbook pages.  Try and store them where the humidity is around 40% (not likely in SC) and use permanent pens to keep the ink from smearing when exposed to higher humidity.

– Be careful how you secure photos together.  Rubber bands eventually dry and leave a residue.  Paper clips leave intentions and can damage the photos’ protective coating.  Tape (after a short period of time) becomes yellow, brittle, and leaves stains.  Plastic laminate is also very damaging.

– Don’t scrap newspaper articles with photos.  Newspapers are very acidic.  If you want to put photos and articles on the same page then photocopy the articles first on acid free paper.

– Always use acid free adhesive.  The article suggest using non permanent adhesive.  That way if you want to remove a photo it won’t get damaged.  I always use permanent adhesive.  I hate it when my scrapbook layouts start coming apart.

– Don’t leave photos in drawers and boxes.  They will often get bent and damaged.  There are a lot of options to store “unscrapped” photos in now.  I have a few photo boxes that I use.

– It is best to store photos at a consistent temperature.  The ideal temps are between 65-70 degrees.  The worst places to store them are attics and basements.

– Don’t use a ballpoint pen when labeling your photos.  This can cause irreparable damage to the photos.

– Use acid free supplies when possible.  These days they are very easy to find and reasonably priced.


Well, that is it for today.  I hope to get a PL layout done this afternoon.  I already have the pics printed.

God bless!

Ideas for a Better Scrapbook

Hi friends,

Once more I am sharing some downsized articles from an old Creating Keepsakes magazines.  I will share a little of what the article conveys and add my two cents.

To achieve better scrapbooks there are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

  1.  Choose a theme.  Some are super easy to decide on because the pictures are from a birthday party or they are of kids in Halloween costumes.
  2. Match your supplies to your theme.  Choose corresponding accents (paper, stickers, washi tape, rub-ons) to help communicate the theme.

– Use colors that traditionally represent the theme.  Use orange and black on Halloween not on Christmas.  Sometimes it is nice not to totally get caught up in using only red and green at Christmas and only pink for baby girls.  Expand the horizons a bit to be creative but don’t think so far out of the box that viewers of your scrapbook can only think of what an odd combination to put black on your valentines page instead of what a nice scrapbook you have made.

– Exercise restraint when it comes to accents.  Don’t go too crazy with all of the embellishments.  With so many stickers, die-cuts, rub-ons and washi to choose from it is easy to end up with a cluttered page.  Remember that you are trying to draw attention to the pictures not the accents (although they are so darn cute!).

– Always pick pattern papers that enhance your theme.  Coordinate the colors of the paper with the colors that you have chosen for the page.  A lot of papers are so awesome but take the attention away from the photos.

3.  Play with Different Layouts.  Find the one photo that you like the best and use it for the focal point.  Place different accent papers under the photos to see what one works best for each picture.  Position your photos at different angles.

4.  Crop and Frame Photos.  A few reasons to crop photos are eliminating less than perfect items in the photo (a basket of dirty laundry, sink full of dishes, or  a blinking person that isn’t necessary in the photo), competing details that take your attention from what you are trying to draw attention to, or trying to save space and get rid of unnecessary parts of the photo.  Always make sure that you have extra copies of important photos before you crop them.  There are several ways to frame a photo.  One is to adhere the photo to a coordinating piece of paper.  Leave a border that is at least 1/8″ wide.  The greatest impact is using light pictures on a dark background or dark pictures on a light background.  You can also create a frame by outlining the picture with a pen or using a die-cut frame.  Remember to leave plenty of room for journaling.

5.  Record the Facts.  The pictures in your scrapbook won’t mean as much if they don’t contain the information:

– names

– dates

– places

– events

You can use acid free pencils, pens, markers, stickers……

Just a few more ideas from an oldie but goodie magazine.

Hope you have a great day!

God bless!

Project Life Week 23

Hey, my awesome scrapping adventurers,

How was that for a lengthy greeting?  Today I have another one page (one activity) PL layout.

PL week 23 - Abigail graduates from kindergarten.

PL week 23 – Abigail graduates from kindergarten.

I tried to make something in many of the slots to have a pink splash.  The photos on the left of the page are before graduation.  I added a chipboard flower on the top photo.

The top small slot is the date of the graduation.  I put it on a pink PL card.  I added a June die and a sticker with the number 4.  I added a cardstock border that says love all the way across to the bottom of the card.  The second small slot  is another PL card in aqua.  I put a chipboard badge on it that says on the edge, “In honor of outstanding”.  I wrote, “performance in kindergarten” in the middle.  I also wrote “kindergarten graduation” on the side of the card.  The 3rd small slot is a picture of Abigail with all of the other kindergartners up on the stage singing and performing.  Finally, the last small slot is of Abigail walking in with her class.  I added border cardstock on two of the edges (of course in pink).

I had so many pics I had a hard time fitting them all on one layout.  I combined two pictures in a large slot (on the right).  I trimmed them down and adhered one on top of the other so that the dimensions were 4″x6″.  I then added a star chipboard that I wrote on describing the photos.  I also added a cardstock border to where the two pictures are joined. The border makes it less confusing.  Finally, the last large slot on the bottom right of the page is of Absey holding her certificate.  I didn’t have a slot left to put week 23 on so I added chipboard letters and numbers to the bottom of the picture – of course they were pink.

That is all for PL week 23.  The summer is ramping up so I have a feeling that I am going to have some big PL layouts.  Kind of scares me.  🙂

Hope you are making progress in some areas of your life.  Some progress is better than none at all.  Don’t get overwhelmed.

God bless!

Ways to Obtain Organization

Hey y’all,

Last post I wrote about why to get organized.  This post I am going to give you a few hints.  Just like the last post, this one is from an old scrapping magazine that I scanned called Creating Keepsakes.  I am just writing a few of the bare basic ideas.

Scheduling Time – Write it on the calendar just like you would any important event.  Once you have most of it done you might want to do something that I try to incorporate in my scrapping lifestyle.  At the end of every scrapbooking session I put everything away and then I try to find a few things that are not in their right “home” and put them away.

Keep often-used supplies in a working container. – Tools that are used all the time should not have to be pulled out every time you scrap.  Keep them in a container on your desktop or if you don’t have the luxury of having a place that you can designate as your scrapping area put the important tools in a container that is easy to pull out.

Establish a Permanent Home – If you don’t have the convenience of having a scrapping work space  find at least a shelf or closet to put you supplies and photos not in your container (listed above).

– Use Theme Containers – Consider having separate containers for different themes such as Christmas, Halloween, school, graduation.  I have hanging paper files and separate my decorative papers that way.  It might be nice to do the same with stickers, die cuts, chipboard, punches, ……

 – Use Clear Storage Items – Your containers will be more convenient to use if you can see what is in them without opening them.  If they aren’t clear make sure that you label them.

 – Store Small Items With Care – This is an area that I need to work on.  Find a good way to store your small things (like stickers).  A few ideas are baseball card holders, accordion files, and clear slide holders. 

Keep Your Mementos Together – Keep your mementos and photos from a specific event together.  I am not real great at this but I am trying to improve.  I have started putting all of my mementos for Project Life into a container to glance through before scrapping for my week.  Everything else is in a basket.  Like I said, I need to get better at this.

– Put It Back – I have improved greatly on this throughout the years.  I have had a scrapbooking (crafting area) for probably 5-6 years.  At first I basked in the luxury of not having to put everything away every time I scrapped.  My room got out of control.  Now I learned that it is so much easier if I put everything where it goes.  There are a few exceptions to this – like if I have to leave in the middle of a layout I often leave things where they were so I don’t forget what I was doing (middle age problem?).

Well, a little food for thought.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

God bless!