Project Life Week 9


Once again I am falling behind on PL.  Crazy life caught up with me.  My hubby had a kidney stone and ended up having surgery.  He stayed home a week from work from being very uncomfortable.  (Unheard of).  In that time I didn’t get any scrappin’ done.

On another sad personal note….my hometown scrapbooking store is closing down.  🙁  So sad.  I am going there today to check out all of the merchandise that is left.

So….onto the page.

PL week 9.

PL week 9.

This layout has just random pics taken during the week.  No event, just life.

The first pic is of Absey before school on Crazy Stripes day.  All week they had different things to wear.  On the top two little slots I cut a PL gold lettered clear card in half that says “Smile Like You Mean It”.  Behind the gold card I put two polka dotted card stock that I had cut down.  In the picture you can’t see the words well but in the scrapbook they shine out.  The next large picture is of my beautiful niece, Hannah, who has a new pair of glasses and missing teeth.  Look at that smile.

On the bottom is me doing one of the things that I like best – rocking grandkids (I loved to rock my kids, too).  I sing (not everyone enjoys it but I do) and rock until they fall asleep or decide to do something else.  This time I had success – he fell asleep.  🙂  The third small slot is Tim taking a selfie with one of his phone apps.  So funny!  The bottom pic is of Absey in the bath.  For some reason she is holding up 6 finger and she is only 5.  She wanted me to take a picture of it and I did.  Silly girl!  The last slot is my week 9 card.  It says, “You are my sunshine on a rainy day”.  I put the week nine chipboard stickers on and wrote about Tim’s selfie.  I also wrote, “How could you not be happy with these kids in your life?”.

Hope your days are filled with sunshine!

God bless!




Fun in the Sun

Hi guys!

Another page from my new album.  Yes, the traditional scrapbook album.

Going to find dolphins.

Going to find dolphins.

One thing I want every scrapper to remember while on vacation is to seek out local scrapbook stores.  This background page was one that I bought from one such store.

The other thing (I’ve said this many times) is to save ephemera.  On this page I put the ticket that I saved from the dolphin tour.

I didn’t mat any of the pics.  I did overlap them.  That way I could fit more pics on the page.  My favorite pic is of my friend, Carmela, holding on to the railing with a big smile on her face.  Carmela is a little scared of the water so she was being really brave.  We had such a good time.  I am so glad that my friends came for a visit!

After squeezing the pictures and the ticket on the specialty paper I added alpha stickers that say “3 amigas”.  I then added a couple of brads (sunglasses and flipflops).

Fun page.  Easy page.

Hope your day is fun and easy (and mine).

God bless!

Big Birthday!


Once more – a Terri page.  This one is about her 50th birthday.  Last year and this year a lot of us have/will turn 50.  Mine is in June.

Happy birthday, Terri!

Happy birthday, Terri!

Terri started with a piece of decorative paper that is perfect for birthdays – numbers.  She used a cute polka dot paper to use as matting for pics and other journaling items.  She also put a big “T” (for Terri) on top of that fun paper. The “T” is made of chipboard and came pre-decorated.  Terri also put all kinds of tags all over the page.   Some had to do with dates – perfect for a birthday.  She also put a couple of ribbons diagonal across the page behind all of the pics, tags, and stickers.  Such a fun page.  I have looked at it several times and keep finding new things to enjoy.

What I didn’t enjoy was seeing Terri on her birthday.  🙁  That is the sad part of living across the country – even if the ocean is so close.  I miss you Terri!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful St. Patrick’s day!  Did you wear green?

God bless!


Good Times


A day of traditional scrapbooking is a day of fun!

Fun with friends!

Fun with friends!

I picked up friends from the Jacksonville airport and on the way home we dropped by Tybee Island to see the lighthouse.  It was after dark and I thought I was going to be disappointed but it turned out better than I thought.  I had never seen a lighthouse at night.  It was lit up and beautiful.  We took some pics and then went looking for a place to eat.

The day before I did this page I saw place mats that looked like doilies.  They were rectangular and I thought they would make fun layouts.  I was right.

I started with a piece of Georgia cardstock.  Perfect for this sightseeing page.  I then figured out where I wanted the place mat.  I attached the place mat to the cardstock and then trimmed off the excess that I didn’t want to use (The place mat was much bigger than the page).  I attached two pics to the top of the place mat leaving a lacey edge on two sides.  I then attached the lighthouse pic.  I found a chipboard tag that says, “Simply the best”.  I attached it to the page and then inserted a brad of flip flops through the hole.  I then trimmed down a sticker to make it just say “friends” and put it below the tag.  The last thing I added was another sticker of three lady faces.

This is the starting page of a scrapbook that I have been wanting to start for a few months.  So happy to get it going.

God bless!

Terri Does it Again :)

Hi guys,

Terri came through again with another great layout!

Christmas memories.

Christmas memories.

Terri started with a great piece of decorative cardstock to use for her background.  She matted her picture and a piece of original artwork with brown cardstock.  She attached a perfect piece of ribbon to the page and then attached a tag.  The ribbon had a santa’s hat and Terri put one on the tag.  Terri made Christmas trees out of decorative paper and brown cardstock and she put a mini button on top of each one.  Such a festive page!

Thanks, Terri!  Love ya!

God bless all of you!

Project Life Week 8

Hi friends,

We  had another two page Project Life week.  The first major event took place in Charleston.  We (Amber, the kids, and I) drove to Charleston after school and went to Mickey’s Magic Show.  The kids had never been to anything like that and they really enjoyed it.  It was pretty awesome!

Mickey's Magic show.

Mickey’s Magic show.

The top left slot is part of a ticket that I saved. The pic on the right side is a selfie of all of us in our seats waiting for the show to begin.  The small pic on the left is of Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing.

I made a really cool week 8 card.  I had Mickey letter stickers.  Unfortunately, I only had one E.  I used a Mickey W, a Mickey E, and a Mickey K, and then used a “plain E”.  What I liked so well was I made my own Mickey out of a large circle and two small circles.  I attached it to the white cardstock and then added a number 8 to the top of it.  I love it when a plan comes together.

The next small space was filled with a PL card that says, “The list”.  I listed all the characters who were in the show.  Finally, the last small space was filled with another new PL card.  It is a clear acrylic framed in chipboard.  It says in gold, Happily Ever After.   Perfect.  I put a pink PL card behind it.

The bottom two pics are of the show.  I wrote on the edges all of the people in the pics.  I used a Slick Writer pen.

Fun page.

Second page of PL week 8.

Second page of PL week 8.

The top pics are of a party that Absey went to (Matthew tagged along, too).  On the right side I combined two pics onto a piece of cardstock. In the first small slot I put a piece of clear acrylic that said Good Times on it.  The pink card behind the acrylic was from the previous page.  The following slot was a PL journaling card that I wrote about the party on.  The next slot is a pic of my oldest grandson and his latest haircut.  I put that it isn’t my favorite but I still think he is incredibly handsome.  The next small slot is explaining the haircut and the picture below it.  That pic is of some of the kids that were at children’s church on Sunday.  I helped watch them.

That is all for now.  Hope you are all having an awesome week!

God bless!

Project Life Week 7

Hi guys!  I know that the previous PL’s this year have only had one page but today’s has two.  The first one is a typical week and the second is about Valentine’s day.

Week 7 of 2015.

Week 7 of 2015.

The top two pics are of what I see when I go pick up Absey from school.  The car line is insane.  I prefer to get there about 30 minutes early and park.  I then read or Facebook.  When it is time I start my car and move up and it typically takes 10-15 minutes to get to where she is.  If I go right when school is released it takes about the same amount of time but it is constant move, stop, move, stop…..and I am WAY back in the street.

The bottom pic is of Amber helping Abs get her valentines ready for her school party.  All of the small cards and the week 7 card is PL cards.  The 2nd card over says, “You captured my heart” and it has a little camera on it.  I added a camera sticker.  This is where I journaled about getting ready for the Valentine’s party.  The last little PL card I journaled about waiting to pick up Abs at school and I added a cute car sticker  (I also added a Beep Beep sticker to the picture above it.  On the Week 7 card I put a super cute sticker which says, “Forget Love, I’d rather fall in chocolate”.  That is NOT true but it is cute.  (Chocolate is a close 2nd).  🙂  I also wrote about Valentines day being on the back of this page.

My page dedicated to the day of LOVE.  :)

My page dedicated to the day of LOVE. 🙂

My top two pics and then the two small pics are of Matthew and Absey with their treats from us.  They got them a little early because Brad, Tim and I went to Greensboro on Valentines day.  If you can’t tell, Abigail wasn’t too happy about getting her picture taken.

On the small journaling card I put another super cute sticker that says, “I never met a chocolate I didn’t like”.  That also is NOT true but they are few and far between.  On the card I wrote about going to Greensboro and Tim seeing Camila and some friends from the neighborhood and us seeing Fannie and Jensen.

I made two 4″x6″ mats out of pink carstock.  I attached cropped pics to them both.  On the left one is a pic of Fannie, Jensen, and I.  I punched two hearts out of the left side and put aqua paper behind them.  I then added a rub on of a Chinese symbol that says “friend” below.  Not sure if the symbol really means that but we will pretend that it does.  I will have to ask Fannie the next time she visits.  The right pic is of Tim and his gal pal of over 2 years.  He gave her a late (haven’t seen her since the fall) Christmas present of a Polaroid camera.  They had this picture taken.  Tim took a picture of the picture and emailed it to me.  On the pink side I added a rub on that says, “kiss”.  Hopefully there wasn’t too much of that going on.  😉

Well, that is all for the day.  Hope your 2015 is going well!

God bless!