Project Life Week 51

Week 51 – are you kidding me?  I can’t believe this year is almost over.  A few days ago I bought a new album for 2015.  So excited to finish this one up and get started for next year.

Left side of PL week 51.

Left side of PL week 51.

All the big pics on this side of the layout has to do with the Holly Jolly Tour that we went on.  We went on it last year and had a lot of fun.  This year the other people in the bus were super rowdy and I didn’t enjoy myself as much.  I couldn’t hear what the bus driver was saying a lot of the time.  But, I did enjoy bits and pieces and I enjoyed seeing the gingerbread house competition.  We felt rushed going through this time but they were still magnificent.

The first small photo was of my big toe after a pedi.  I had them paint snowmen on my big toes.  So cute!  I then had a PL card that I put Christmas stickers on.  The next small pic is of a locket I received from my friend for Christmas.  She also enclosed a nativity and candy cane charm.  She is a consultant for Origami Owl.  If you want to buy some for yourself just let me know and I will hook you up with her info.  Finally, the last small PL card I wrote about all the pics on the page.

Right side of PL week 51.

Right side of PL week 51.

The first pic is of Brad on a girlie notebook.  That is because it is my new one he got me (early) for Christmas.  He was getting everything setup on it.  🙂  The other pics are of Matthew getting his 2nd (really needed) haircut.  He got a sucker afterwards and really enjoyed licking on it outside in the sunshine.  In the small slots I used a small PL “joy” card.  Thought that was appropriate for the season.  The next slot I took a PL card and put strips of Christmas stickers across the top and bottom.  I then wrote about this pages pics.  The bottom slot I created a card for out of Christmas paper.  I added “Week 51” and Christmas stickers.

Complete layout of PL week 51.

Complete layout of PL week 51.

Well, that is it for the pics.  It was a busy time of the year and it just got busier!

God bless you and yours!


Why Buy Them?

Hi friends,

Christmas is over and everyone rushes out to buy up wrapping paper and tags at a very cheap price.  But Terri is more creative than most.  She made tags out of her Christmas cards that she received in the mail.  Isn’t she clever?

A wonderful assortment of Terri's tags.

A wonderful assortment of Terri’s tags.

This project didn’t take long but they sure are cute!  Punches make the project go really fast!

Thanks Terri for the reminder of how cute recycling can be!

God bless!

Grandma’s Quilt

Hi my busy scrappers,

Today is actually Terri’s grandma’s quilt page.  It is awesome!  She is always awesome!

Terri's grandma's quilt.

Terri’s grandma’s quilt.

Terri had a picture of the quilt her grandma made and a picture of her grandma.  She knew she had a layout in the making.  She wanted the page to have a quilt feeling.  She found a lot of decorative papers that she punched circles out of and then she adhered them around the border of the background page.   All of the papers have a “quilt” feel to them including the mats behind the photos.  I think it is a really nice touch to not only incorporate the quilt papers but to have the circles as the theme just like the circles in the quilt.

Great job, Terri!  Thanks for sharing – again!

Love to all of you and God bless!

Project Life Week 50

It is almost Christmas!  I have three gift cards to buy this morning and then I am through.  Of course I have wrapping (got some of that done) and baking to do.  On Sunday my grandkids and I decorated a few gingerbread men (no they weren’t homemade).  Yesterday, Absey and I made some fudge.  I think she really enjoyed it.  We remembered later that we forgot to wear our aprons.  Today, when we make cookies. 😉

Left side of PL week 50.

Left side of PL week 50.

The top left pocket holds a PL card and I adhered a small card to it and put week 50 on it with chipboard letters and numbers.  The memories card describes what is happening in the pics.  A lot of the pics are blurry because they are night time and with my cell phone.  What was happening was Santa was riding a fire truck and going through out our neighborhood playing music and waving to everyone.  Families were outside.  Absey and Matthew were SO excited!  It took a few hours longer than we anticipated for him to arrive but it was worth the wait.

The bottom right picture is of the screen at our church.  The picture on the screen was designed by Tim.  His name is getting around about how good he is at that on the computer (and on his phone).

Right side of PL week 50.

Right side of PL week 50.

The right card is a PL card with candy cane stickers.  The upper right picture is of Amber and the grandkids getting ready to go see Santa.  They were excited to go but then they got scared and didn’t want to sit with him.  🙂

The pics of the kids being swung by Grandpa are after church on Sunday.  He is good at swinging them both at once.  Usually Absey wants to do it on her own.  Independent girl!

The small pic next to the one of the swings is poor little Matthew.  Most of his naps are in the car because we are driving in it so often taking people to school and work (and picking them up).

The next small pic is a new organization idea I got off a YouTube video.  It is using the peel off hooks to hold your pot lids to the inside of the cabinet door.  It is really nice to grab the lids and it helps keep things from sliding around so much.

Finally the last pic is of Matthew and I at the park in our neighborhood.  We saw a bird and followed it to the lake.  Then we took a turn on the swing.  What you don’t see is as soon as he got into the car he was throwing up.  Poor little man.  He didn’t feel good for a few days.

Well, that is all.  So excited to end this year of PL.  I think I have a new plan for next year.  It will make it easier and faster.

God bless!


Project Life Week 49

Hello friends,

Beautiful December days in South Carolina.  Weather doesn’t feel like Christmas should but short sleeves in Dec – who can complain?

Left side of PL week 49.

Left side of PL week 49.

The top left pic is a pic of the TV of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  I’ve always loved to watch it until the end – until Santa passes by.  He is such an awesome Santa!

The small pocket is Absey hugging her grandma (ME!) right before we ate our Thanksgiving feast.  Then the next small pocket described our day.

The bottom vertical pic is of Brad and his turkey drumstick (his favorite part of the bird).

The two horizontal pics are of our family (except the picture taker -Brad) and our feast and then of Matthew with the other turkey drumstick.  He didn’t like it as well as his grandpa.  Give him a few years.

Right side of PL week 49.

Right side of PL week 49.

The top small pic is of Tim.  Tim is covering his swollen mouth – swollen from having his wisdom teeth removed. The next one over is of Tim and Ben.

Next, the week 49 card, it talks about all of the pics.

One horizontal slot is filled with a yellow PL card and a sticker that says “Cheese”.

The next horizontal slot is a pic of Absey attacking the fruit platter.  She could eat fruit breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Finally, the bottom vertical pic is of Tim teasingly taking turkey from the dog.  The dog didn’t think it was very funny.

This whole layout consisted of Thanksgiving day. That is how it works sometimes.  Project Life is personal.

Complete PL layout.

Complete PL layout.

That is it for this layout.  Excited to finish this year!

God bless!



Project Life Week 48

Hey y’all,

This southern lady is trying to get caught up on her Project Life Album.

Left side of PL week 48.

Left side of PL week 48.

A lot of this layout is of random shots of the kids being…….kids.  The first shot is of Matthew in nothing but his Pull  Up and Uncle Tim’s Supreme Hat.  Tim was not a happy camper.  I did put several border stickers on the pictures.  I put a really cute one on this pic that says, “My Little Animal”.

The pic on the right side of the page is of Tim being really swollen after having his wisdom teeth cut out.  I posted this pic on FaceBook and he made me delete it.  Shhh, Don’t tell him it is on my blog.  Of course, I have a really cute PL card that has the word DETAILS and a hand pointing to Tim.  I explained what the swollen cheeks were about on the card.  I had a decorative PL card above that one.

The bottom of the page consists of two pics.  The one of Matthew was where I actually found him in the dryer.  The one of Absey is where she insisted on having her picture taken.  I created a week 48 card for a small slot.  The small PL card (on the bottom) says, “This is the really good stuff”.  I love that card because it is so true.  Everyday life is the really good stuff.

Right side of PL week 48.

Right side of PL week 48.

The first little slot has a pic of what Tim ate for the first few days after having his wisdom teeth removed.  The small slot beneath it has a card I trimmed down that says:

“Cherish yesterday,

Dream tomorrow,

Live today.”

Scrappers are great at the “Cherish yesterday” thing.  The next big slot on top has a PL index card where I explained all the pictures and it also has a movie ticket to the Hunger Games attached to it.  I had been looking forward to that movie since I saw the last one.

The top horizontal picture is of a banner of when Brad and I went to “Christmas Made in the South”.  We went last year and I knew I wanted to return.  Lots of arts and crafts.  (We went to the movie afterwards).

The bottom horizontal picture is of Absey and a completed puzzle.  For a week or two the two of us went puzzle crazy.  I loved it.  I think we are going to  do it again real soon.  🙂

The vertical bottom slot has a PL decorative card.  I added a cute sticker about family.

Complete PL week 48 layout.

Complete PL week 48 layout.

Another week is documented.  Getting close to the end of the year.  A whirlwind time.  🙂

God bless!




Terri and Go Go Boots

Hello friends,

Another post from Terri.  It is a sweet one!

Terri's awesome go go boots.

Terri’s awesome go go boots.

This is a very thought out layout.  Terri wanted it to look vintage.  She succeeded.  She used muted Christmas colors.  I love all the pattern paper in her banner.  The ric rac is a fun touch.

Terri always likes to add a lot of dimension.  The poinsettia really does that in this layout!

What fun pictures these are.  Terri and her siblings in their matching clothes and then Terri in her boots so tired after a fun day!

Thanks for sharing, Terri!  Now, I hope I can make this upcoming Christmas as special as this one was to Terri.

God bless!

Project Life Week 47

Hi guys!

Not as many blog post with the craziness of my life.  That’s ok.  It will settle down.  Keep checking I will keep posting.

Left side of PL week 47.

Left side of PL week 47.

The first pic is of Tim.  He is working at ChicFilA.  One of his friends took the picture.  The bottom left pic is of Absey running for a fun run at school.  She ran 13 laps and we donated $13.  On the right side of the page is Brad blowing out his 50th birthday candles (I put my hand in front of his face because I wanted him to wait because I didn’t think the camera was ready – it was.).  Above that pic is a brochure of a church we toured earlier that day.  Brad and I spent all day together on his birthday.  Then we had dinner and cheesecake with the family at home.

Right side of PL week 47.

Right side of PL week 47.

The bottom of the page is Brad and I at a movie theater in Hilton Head.  They had leather reclining seats that were awesome.  The pictures on the top of the page is of the kids in new winter coats that we bought.  A unexpected cold front moved in and the winter before they had lived in AZ and didn’t have  winter coats.  The bottom right pic is of Absey with her school project.  They were supposed to disguise a turkey so that it wouldn’t get caught and ate.  We disguised her turkey like a “Frozen” character.  I made a felt hat and attached a braid onto it.  She helped to color the turkey.  It turned out real cute and it gave me a chance to bust out my creativity.  On the small cards on this page I had the details of the pictures, a newspaper ad of a Fall Festival that Brad and I went to on his birthday, and the movie ticket from the movie we went to.

Fun times!

Another week documented!

God bless!


Hi scrappers!

A new layout from my precious granddaughter’s album.

My sweetie pie!4

My sweetie pie!

I started with a piece of decorative paper that had holes punched to form flowers.  I cut off a strip of the flowers and attached it on top of a piece of pink cardstock.  I then trimmed down Lily’s pictures and attached it to the cardstock.  I added some adhesive trim on the two straight sides of the picture.  I then made three flowers.  Two of them were partly made from crocheted flowers (which I love).  I attached them with brads.  The last thing I did was to add a sticker.

“A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure

A messenger of peace and love

A resting place for innocence on earth

A link between angels and men.”

A sweet inspiration.  🙂

Sweet page for a sweet girl!

God bless all of you!