Project Life Week 27

Hi friends,

Two days in a row of scrapping.  Whew!  🙂

The left side of PL week 27.

The left side of PL week 27.

The first slot has a picture of two of my grandchildren taken at Portrait Innovations.  So sweet!

The next slot is of Tim and his sis.  Every summer they get together for a few weeks and have a good time.  His Grandpa Jim picked him up in KC.  The far right small card explains it all.  🙂

The small picture is of two of the grandkids in a convenience store as we were making our way to SC.  The bigger pic (left side) is of the cousins in their great grandpa’s cowboy boots.  The left small card explains those two pics.

The bottom right pic is of the grandkids playing in my backyard on a summer evening.  The picture is lousy quality but it melts my heart.

The right side of PL week 27.

The right side of PL week 27.

The top three photos are of Grandpa Brad teaching the grandkids to ride a bike.  He had a load of patience.

The bottom three on the left and center are of the first trip to the ocean this visit. (Coligny beach)

The bottom right photo was taken of Amber, the kids, and I on top of the lighthouse on Hilton Head.

The journaling card is used to tell how blessed we are to have these wonderful grandkids and how blessed they are to have a grandpa to have such fun with.

The complete layout of PL week 27.

The complete layout of PL week 27.

The above pic shows how much fun we had that week.  What it didn’t show (and I didn’t journal about) was how hard the trip was back across country with three grandkids and two cars.  It would have probably been a lot easier if we would have just had one car and two drivers.  But….we made it.

Well, it will probably be a few days before I am back on here.  Many blessing to all of you!

Project Life Week 26

Hi friends,

Another break in my crazy summer schedule.  Had to scrap on this break.  I miss my daily scrapbook sessions.  Tomorrow night my brother and his family come to visit.  They will only be here a couple of days but I am so thrilled that they are coming.  So….this is another of my hit and miss posts.  In a few weeks I will get back to a pretty regular schedule.

Left page of PL week 26.

Left page of PL week 26.

Although Julie’s funeral only took one day, most of PL week 26 is dedicated to that day.  I saved a pamphlet from the funeral and used it in the layout.  I also saved the envelope that came from the flower shop from the flowers that my family sent.  The pictures on this side of the layout are of the headstone from the cemetery, the front of the church before the funeral, and the remaining siblings at the cemetery.

Right side of PL week 26.

Right side of PL week 26.

The top pics from this page are of a lot of the family that went to the cemetery and then several of us that went to the swinging bridge in Moline.  The bottom left pic is of a few of us making the swinging bridge rock.  The small pic on the right and then the bottom right pic are at the Caney zoo where my sister-in-law, Mary, is a zoo keeper.  In the small picture she is feeding a tiger.  She fed many animals.  If you ever get a chance to go it is an awesome and unique zoo in Caney, KS.  The bottom pic is of my grandson, Ethan, hanging with his cousins.  They don’t get to see each other very often.

The first small card says “birthstone guide”.  It came in the Origami Owl order that I received. I circled the month of June and then attached it to a colored PL card.  I then used jeweled letters to spell WEEK.  Three of the gems were gone so I put Liquid Pearl dots to replace them.  🙂  The second small card I attached a piece of cardstock that says 26 on it.  Finally, I journaled on the 3rd PL card.  I wrote very small because I had a lot to say.

A lot happened this week that I didn’t have the space to record.  I visited with a lot of friends and family.  I also had a scrapbook sessions with friends – so fun!  Tim stayed with his uncle and aunt and their family for a few days (and visited with my other brother and his family while he was there).  Brad flew back to SC to work.  Lots and lots of activity.

This was a really hard but blessed time in my life.  I am so glad I finally got to scrap it in my PL album.  Hope to get another layout finished tomorrow.

Meanwhile – God bless you and yours!

Cruise Album (again)

Hi friends,

I wanted to show you two more pages of my cruise album.  Again, I used a lot of the ephemera that I saved.  The pics aren’t the greatest – my son took them with his phone but you will get the idea.  🙂  I appreciate his effort.  😉

Another agenda and more towels.

Another agenda and more towels.

This page just has the daily agenda, a couple of the folded towels, the room key, and a cute towel sticker from the packet I bought.

Elegant dining night.

Elegant dining night.

I took my camera and took a snapshot of all the couples at our table.  I added cute stickers, my room key and journaled on a Project Life card.

So happy that my hubby and I were able to finally go on a cruise.  Also, thrilled that it marked such a landmark in our life together – 30 years.  🙂

God bless!


Project Life Week 25 / Happy Birthday, Absey!


I have to say howdy instead of hi or hello because it is my granddaughter’s  5th birthday and she is getting cowgirl boots, a hat, and a pink cowgirl gun.  She is going to be so cute in her getup!

Today I have finally completed week 25 of Project Life.  It felt like it took forever because I ran out of ink and then some of the pics were on Brad’s cell phone.  But….it is done.

Left side of PL week 25.

Left side of PL week 25.

I have so many pics of my trip to KS but so little space to share.  On this page I put two pics of when I first met Jake, Annie, and the kids at Carlos O’Kellys (Brad, Tim, and my favorite Mexican restaurant).  The bottom pics are at Haysville’s Riggs Park.  Brad showed Ethan how to skip rocks.  Tim took part in the fun, too.  Besides journaling on the middle section I also put a mini poster of a saying that I found and love.

Let me be patient,

Let me be kind,

Make me unselfish,

Without being blind,

I may have faith,

To make Mountains fall,

But if I lack LOVE,

Then I am nothing at all.

PL week 25 - right side of the page.

PL week 25 – right side of the page.

On the right side of the page I first put a pic of Tim skipping rocks,  Then my nephew Joe and his fiance, Samantha.  That was the first time that we met her.  🙂  I also put a pic of Brad on a 4 wheeler.  We had fun riding at our friend’s house.  I journaled about some of the things that we did that week.  It is so hard to not use more pages when scrapping weeks like this one.

Complete layout of PL week 25.

Complete layout of PL week 25.

Hope everything is going well in your lives!

God bless!

More from the Cruise Album

Hi guys!

The key word for today’s (and probably many more for this album) layouts is ephemera.  I saved a lot of odds and ends I acquired on the the cruise to specifically use in this album.  I knew that I probably wouldn’t use all of it but it was free and easy to pack.  Why  not keep it?

First look at our room.

First look at our room.

The first picture in the top left corner is a selfie (which I used alpha stickers to make the point) from when we first went on board.  Then, Brad took a picture of me in front of the portholes when we first went into our room.  We also took a picture of the bed.  Not a lot more to the room.  🙂  The decorative paper I used was of a cruise ship – not ours.  I then used a piece of one of our boarding tickets so that we would remember where our room was located.  I used a Project Life card for journaling and then one of the stickers and a die from the scrapbook kit I bought on board the ship.

Pillow talk.  :)

What can they make with a towel? 🙂

Every night our bed was magically turned down and a towel animal (or heart) was placed on top – along with mints.  They also put an agenda of what was happening aboard the ship the next day.  I saved all of these and took pictures of all the towel animals.  I attached the agendas on the background page but I made it so that if the page was pulled out they could be opened and read.  I added another Project Life card and stickers from the kit I bought.

Hope your summer is going wonderfully and you are managing to stay cool!

God bless!



Project Life Week 24

Hello maties,   🙂

Today I decided I had better get started on getting caught up on Project Life before I forget what happened when.  The older I get the quicker I forget.  It has been a busy summer and I have a semi break.  My daughter-in-law and two of my grandchildren are here but I am at home.  I am going to try and scrap a little every day before next week.  Next week we are having a big family reunion and then there will be no hope of scrapping.  The good news – there will be a family reunion and my family will be here.  How great is that?!!!!!

So….here is the first page of week 24.

The left side of PL week 24.

The left side of PL week 24.

My brother, Sam, and his family (wife, Jill, and girls, Hannah, Madi, and Kaylee) came to visit.  We were busy most of the time they were here.  We visited several beaches, two lighthouses, the reserve where we spotted 11 alligators (Hannah says 10), Paula Deen’s restaurant, a dolphin cruise……  Trying to cram that on two pages just isn’t possible – but I tried.  I didn’t get anything about Paula Deen’s restaurant and I really should have because Paula Deen was actually there when we arrived for our reservation.  Crazy!

On this first page I have pics from our dolphin cruise (saw several dolphins) and pics from the Hunting Island lighthouse and beach.  I explained how Kaylee (youngest daughter) was so excited to climb up the lighthouse (more than anyone).  She was SO disappointed because she wasn’t tall enough.  Only Hannah, Sam, and Tim climbed.  The next day we went to the Tybee Island light house where she climbed every step.

Right side of PL week 24.

Right side of PL week 24.

On this side of the layout I put more beach pics and a pic from the reserve.  The reserve has a lot of Spanish moss and it makes great portraits.  The last pic is from the Tybee Island lighthouse.

The card that says, “Make today awesome” is made from ephemera from an Origami Owl order.  I adhered the card to a PL card.  Makes a perfect slot filler.  🙂

The lighthouse small pic is from a flyer from the Tybee Island lighthouse.

We had a wonderful time.  Thanks for coming, guys!

God bless!


Carnival Cruise Album

While I was in KS I finally scrapped with friends.  It was a fun time!  I started to work on my cruise album.  On the cruise they sold scrapbook albums and kits.  The album was $19.99 (pretty sure that was the exact price).  That is really comparable to craft stores if you don’t include the coupons.  I didn’t think it was a terrible price and it included their logo.  I was sold.

This is the album.  Pretty cute.  Remember, I don’t have a 12″x12″ scanner so I have to take pics with my camera.  This is just a quickie with my cell phone.  I hope to buy a larger scanner before too long so please don’t get too exasperated with me.  🙂

This is the first page of the album.  The top picture (4″x6″) is the picture of the ship as we drove up.  The bottom pic is the one that Carnival took as we were boarding.

I used a piece of decorative cruise paper to off set the small pic.

I used cute camera washi tape up the left side of the page.

I used awesome enamel hearts beside the big pic (love them).

The “You are Here” wood accent – I purchased it at a local craft store.  I really loved it and thought it would add a cute accent.  I was right.  I believe it was made by My Minds Eye.

The talking bubble was part of the cruise kit that I bought on board.  It says, “She Said”.  I wrote, “We will be married 30 years in June.  We need to go on our first cruise.”.

Finally, I used part of a decorative paper to journal on.  It says Greetings and is surrounded by anchors.  I wrote, “This is what we saw from the road of the ship the Fascination”  I adhered it to the page and put brads across the bottom.

A busy but fun page.

Thank you for sticking with me during this hectic summer.  Hope yours is going wonderfully!

God bless!

Happy 4th

I am so thankful to have been born into the USA.  I love my country.  I know it has many problems now but I am still very happy to call it mine.  I am very thankful to the men and women who make up the military (past and present) and protect my freedom.

God Bless USA Flag

As usual I couldn’t choose just one.  (Isn’t that cookie awesome?!!!!!)

God bless the USA!