Making it Clear

Hi!  🙂

Found time to scrap a picture.  It is perfect for this time of year – last day of school.  Tim’s school year is winding down.  Today he took his last End of Class test.  I (he) has been looking forward to summer and all of it’s activities for a long time.  One of the things I was looking forward to was my friends (the Bowman’s) visiting.  They have now came and went.  We had a blast!

The picture I am scrapping is of my middle son, Ben.  He is walking out to the car after his last day of school before the summer begins.  I decided to use chevron paper because it shows a lot of movement and excitement.  I know Ben was excited.  I then put a rub on that said “vacation” across the side of the chevron paper.  I then found a sticker that said summer and catty cornered it across the “v” in the word vacation.  I put a sun sticker in the top left corner of the page.  The title is complete.

I trimmed and then matted the picture on a piece of grass decorative paper.  I then matted that on a piece of white paper leaving plenty of room on the top of bottom for journaling and a couple of stickers.  I put that on the page and then put an arrow pointing to Ben on top of the picture along with a sticker with the word “Yeah!”.

To draw attention to the word summer in the title I cut out a piece of chevron washi tape to look like a wide arrow.  I then put a metal arrow, with a brad holding it in place, on top of the washi arrow.    I pointed it at the word. – So much movement on this page.  😉

I added a few enamel dots down the page and then another sticker on the top.  I kept looking for more and more things to add and decided it was time to stop.  I like the results.

Ben is thrilled to have the school year over with.  He is looking forward to the many adventures of summer!

Ben is thrilled to have the school year over with. He is looking forward to the many adventures of summer!

Hope your summer is a glorious one!

God bless!


Sporadic Summer Posts

Hi friends and (I hope) faithful followers,

For over a year and one half I have been posting on my blog consistently every Monday-Friday.  Starting tomorrow that won’t be the case for a month or so.  I will still post occasionally but not very consistently.

Right now I have company from Kansas visiting.  I am so happy they are here!  After they leave my brother and his family will be arriving.  I can’t wait to give my nieces a squeeze and to hear them squeal when they go to the ocean!  Then, I will be going back to KS for my sister’s memorial (who passed away in March).  I hope to stay there a few weeks and go see my son and his family in TX on the way home.  I am not sure if my trip to KS will last that long or not and I am not sure if I will be going to TX or not.  So, that is why my blog will be hit and miss.

Please keep checking in to see my posts.  Better yet, subscribe to my blog.  It is easy to do and it will alert you every time I do post.


I hope your summer is safe and wonderful!

God bless!

Project Life Week 21

Hi friends,

I finished up Week 21 of Project Life and wanted  to share.

As so many weeks, this one didn’t have anything spectacular happening but it had a lot of small, good stuff.

The left side of PL week 21.

The left side of PL week 21.

The first big picture and the picture in the small slot are of Tim skating at the local skate park.  He just saw these pictures and was surprised because he didn’t know they were being taken.

The Week 21 card has a arrow across the top that says, “It’s all the little moments that make life a big adventure.  That was what this week was made of.

On Friday Brad and I went and had a breakfast on Hilton Head Island (HHI) and then went for a stroll on the beach.  We saw several dolphins.  It was amazing.  We also saw a lot of jellyfish on the beach.  🙁

Over the weekend we finished painting the inner part of our upstairs bathroom.  It turned out really nice.  Brad and I are very slow painters and the whole process feels excruciating but the end result is nice.

Right side of PL week 21.

Right side of PL week 21.

The first picture is of a cross stitch piece of art that Brad’s mom made us several years ago.  It hung on our wall for years but eventually the frame got broken.  During my spring cleaning I found it neatly folded in my closet and decided it was time to have it framed.  I had a wonderful coupon from Michael’s and took advantage of it.  It turned out fantastic.  It is now hanging in the upstairs bathroom (in the part that doesn’t have the fresh coat of paint – yet).

Finally, the last two pics are of Brad and I relaxing on a different beach in Hilton Head.  Brad had a dentist appointment on the island and we went to breakfast and took a short walk/sit on the beach before he had to go to work.  This is becoming habit forming!

In the wee picture up above, it shows a small crab that we spotted while folding up our chairs.

Complete layout of PL week 21.

Complete layout of PL week 21.

Well, that is it for this summation of the week.  Hope your week was made up of several small but enjoyable memories.

God bless!

A New Way to Stamp


I am on a glitter kick.  I go through cycles.  Use glitter a lot.  Don’t use glitter for awhile.  I am back on the a lot phase.  🙂

Today I am stamping with quick dry glue and glitter.  I used a clear stamp mounted on an acrylic stamp block.  I covered the stamp in quick dry glue and then pressed it firmly on a piece of decorative cardstock in two different places.  (The cardstock was placed on a piece of scrap paper to catch all the extra glitter).  I then poured fine glitter over the stamped areas and let it set for several minutes.  Meanwhile I went and washed the stamp and block in warm soapy water.

After the glitter was well set I poured the extra onto the scrap paper and put it into the container it came from.  I then matted two photos and figured out their placement on the decorative cardstock.  I took a tag and wrote all the kids’ names that were in the photo on it with colored pencils.  I then adhered the photos and tag to the cardstock.  Finally, I put a few stickers on the page.

One last field day game.

One last field day game.

What fun memories!

God bless you on this wonderful day that the Lord has made!

Glitzing Up Chip Board Letters


Today I had a little extra time to let my project dry so I decided to glitz up some chip board letters with glitter.  I decided what paper I wanted the letters on and went ahead and adhered them.  I outlined the inside of each letter with quick drying adhesive and then applied the glitter (with a big piece of paper underneath to catch anything that didn’t stick).  I let that part of the layout sit for awhile.

This project also has pictures matted on burlap – a great idea for a gunny sack race.  I went ahead and adhered those to give them a good long drying time, also.

When I came back to the project I shook off the glitter that didn’t stick and put it back into the glitter jar.  I added alpha stickers that said “race” to complete the title.  I then adhered the title to decorative paper.  I adhered the matted photos to the paper (overlapping them slightly).  I added a sticker and a piece of flair.  Page done.

Jake participating in a sack race.  I did that as a kid.  Do they do that anymore?

Jake participating in a sack race. I did that as a kid. Do they do that anymore?

This was a fast and easy page as long as you leave plenty of time to let it dry properly.

Hope you have an easy day with plenty of resting time!

God bless!

Making Tickets

Hi guys!

Today I scrapped a couple of pictures from my son’s field day (yes, still in 1996).  The event was the balloon toss.  To make the title I found a glittery balloon sticker and put it on the top left portion of the page.  Then, using alpha stickers, I spelled the word “toss”.

I then made tickets.  I cut three rectangles.  Then I took a mini circle punch and cut a portion of each rectangle corner off.  Using an ink pad I rubbed around the edges of the work-in-process tickets.  I then took a black pen and drew a rectangle inside the rectangle.  In one ticket I wrote “Balloon Toss”.  In another ticket I wrote, “Gunny Sack Race”.  In the last ticket I wrote, “May 1996, Bethel Life School”.

After the tickets were made I found a piece of “school notebook paper” decorative paper.  I trimmed a rectangle from it and wrote “field day” onto it.  I adhered two of the tickets to each corner.  When I adhered this to the bottom of the background paper I was using, a little bit of each ticket was hanging over the edge.  I trimmed this extra off.

Finally, I placed two pictures (one was very trimmed down) across the middle of the page.  I used a piece of adhesive ribbon down the seam where the pictures bumped into each other.  It helped to show that there was two pictures instead of one.  I then placed a chipboard balloon right above the adhesive ribbon.  The original balloon sticker had a lot of crystals coming down from the balloon as the streamer.  I cut this in half and used part of it on the chipboard balloon.  The last step was to attach the last ticket to the top of the two pictures.

The balloon toss competition at Jake's field day.

The balloon toss competition at Jake’s field day.

I always loved participating in and watching my kids participate in field day.  My favorite event to participate in was the 50 yard dash.  Good memories.

God bless!

Creating Some Waves

Hi fun friends,

Today I am making waves on my layout.

In these pictures we were in a contest trying to show our favorite radio station that we were their number one fans.

In these pictures we were in a contest trying to show our favorite radio station that we were their number one fans.

I used two different kinds of decorative paper and then white cardstock.

First, I cut 1/2″ off of the decorative paper making it 8″x11″.  Then I cut one side of the first decorative paper with a wavy cutter.  I could have used a wavy ruler and traced the wave and cut it myself.

Next, I left a space all the way around and adhered the first decorative piece of paper to the white cardstock.

Next, using the other decorative paper I cut 1/2″ off the side – just like I did with the previous decorative paper.  I then used the wavy cutter and cut waves on both the top and bottom edges.  I adhered this second decorative paper to the white cardstock leaving a space between the decorative paper.

Finally, I went back to the decorative paper that I first used and cut another small piece with the wavy cutter.  I left the bottom of the paper a straight line.  I then adhered it to the white cardstock leaving a space like I did before.

To finish up the layout I adhered two pictures to the larger middle wavy decorative paper.  They were trimmed down and made to fit to the width of the decorative paper still leaving the white cardstock on the edge visible.  I then journaled in the white wavy spaces.  Last, but not least, I added two chipboard decorations.

A fun way to remember a fond memory!

God bless you on this great day!

Project Life Week 20

Hi my crafty friends,

Today I am showing you my Project Life layout for week 20.  So exciting.

Left side of PL week 20.

Left side of PL week 20.

– The first picture is of Brad sitting in front of the Sippin Cow Cafe.  We discovered it because of a coupon.  A few times a month Brad goes in late on Fridays because he works so many hours Monday – Thursday.  We typically drop Tim off at school and then go for breakfast.  🙂

-I found a perfect piece of cardstock to cut out and put on a PL index card.  It says, “A Week in my Life”.  I added week 20 above it.

-On Saturday we went to the Bluffton Village Festival.  One of Brad’s co-workers and his wife joined us.  I snapped a picture of them. (Have to document).  I saved a part of the paper that I had put on the front of the fridge to remind me of the festival.  I punched out the most important part and put it in a small sleeve.

-There is also a pic of Tim with his new skateboard.

PL week 20 - right side of the page.

PL week 20 – right side of the page.

-The first slot I attached a piece of cardstock that says, “Let’s celebrate” onto a PL index card.  I then wrote that it was May 11th, Mother’s Day, Ben’s 26th b-day, and Matthew’s 2nd b-day.

-I then put a picture of a surprise I found when I was getting ready to leave for church.  Brad and Tim had got it ready the night before because I had to get up extra early to help teach the 18-36 month olds.  They were still in bed when I left.

-In the first small slot I put a picture of roses that Brad brought home to me on Saturday night.  I then put a picture of me after church on Sunday at Carrabbas.  I put a large picture of Tim and Brad at Carrabbas.

-Finally I put a picture of his finished fingerboard park.

Complete layout of PL week 20.

Complete layout of PL week 20.

I sure had a fun day on Sunday.  I do wish I could be closer to my older sons and their families and of course Brad’s mama.  A little bittersweet.  But still…..a good day.

God bless all of you mamas out there!

Easy, No-mess Glitter Border

Hi friends,

Today I am making a layout and it turned out better than I expected.  I matted a picture on a burlap map.  I laid it on the cardstock without attaching it.  I used a permanent adhesive runner (not a dot one) and made a rectangle around the matted picture.  I removed the matted picture and sprinkled glitter all  over the adhesive rectangle (making sure there was a piece of paper under the project).  I then pressed the glitter onto the adhesive before shaking off the extra onto the piece of paper I put under the project.  I adhered the matted photo and added a number 8 sticker and 8 candles.  I also added a camera sticker and another piece of flair that says “happiness is…”.  Finally, at the bottom of the page I put a sticker that says, “For You See, Each Day I Love You more, Today More Than Yesterday, And Less Than Tomorrow”.  We just love our kids so much.  Can’t imagine life without them.

Ben's 8th birthday - last pic scrapped. :)

Ben’s 8th birthday – last pic scrapped. 🙂

I made a YouTube video of the process.  It is so easy it will amaze you.  Check it out:

Thanks so much for following me!

God bless you and yours!


Burlap Flowers

Hi friends,

Let me explain a little bit about this layout before I tell how I did it.  Early last summer I went to Kansas and me and my scrappin’ bestie from high school, Terri, made a couple of layouts and made videos while we were scrapping.  One of them I posted already on You Tube (check it out).  The other one got put on the back burner (we were moving) to be done at a less busy time.  Unfortunately I can’t find the memory card (or my camcorder).  :'(   I decided to go ahead and post the layout on here and if I find the video I will put a link on this post.  Whew!

Alright.  The first thing we did was to make our flowers.  We made them out of paper, felt, and burlap.  For the paper we punched the flower.  For the felt we traced around a paper flower and then cut it out.  For the burlap we did the same as the felt but we had an extra step.  The burlap was coming apart.  We made a mixture out of glue and water and then applied it to the burlap and let it dry.  It worked pretty well.  After the burlap was dry we stacked the flowers and then held them together with a brad in the middle.  We also made leaves out of felt and adhered them to the back of the flower where they stuck out a little on the side.

*Note*  I have since found out that using a tighter weave of burlap helps in making these projects.  There is a greater chance of them not coming apart and not having to use the glue mixture.

A closeup of the flowers.

A closeup of the flowers.

After making the flowers we had to decide what we wanted to do with our page.  We decided to put two mats for photos on the page and then to leave two places for journaling/decorating.  We put a rectangular piece of decorative paper diagonally across the middle and then put the two flowers on top of that.

This is how Terri and I left it and I carefully brought it back home to later put pictures on it.  I decided to use it in Absey’s album because one of the pictures of the first time we visited her was taken at a walking trail with lots of trees in the background.  I thought the colors would go great.  I printed and trimmed two photos and then adhered them to the page.  I then added a few stickers (Kansas and grandchildren) and then alpha stickers of the month and year.  Page complete and I love it!

Scanned incomplete layout.

Scanned incomplete layout.

Complete layout taken with my cell phone camera.

Complete layout taken with my cell phone camera.


I hope at some point in the future I can repost this with the link to the video.

Good news!  I found the video and it is now on YouTube.  Here is the link:

God bless!