Making My Own Stencil


This is such a simple idea I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.  Using a punch and cardstock I made my own stencil.  I punched out a snowflake.  Then, using the homemade stencil I sprayed (using Heidi Swapp Color Shine spray in teal) over the snowflakes on white background paper.  Now let me tell you a few things I learned.  🙂

– The thicker the cardstock (for the stencil) the better.  First, I used decorative paper scraps.  It was thin.  Within the first two snowflakes I sprayed on the page the stencil was saturated and then the snowflakes started to turn into blobs. (I guess they melted).  I then cut one from thick cardstock and it lasted much longer.  If the punch could handle it, I would use chipboard.

– Use cardstock and not a lightweight paper to spray the design on.  Between the messy stencil and the thin paper I had to trash the first sheet and try again.

– Spray as lightly as possible and close to the paper.  At first I started  further away from the paper to avoid saturating the background sheet.  The result was the spray went all over.  Using thicker cardstock and spraying closer really helped the situation.

– Hold (or adhere) the stencil down tightly.  If you don’t the image will get distorted.

Decorating a plain white piece of cardstock.

Decorating a plain white piece of cardstock.

After much trial and error I let the paper dry and came back later to complete the layout.  After coming back I decided I wanted to add some more color to the page.  I decided to tap on some of the teal Color Shine.  I took off the lid and tapped the applicator over the page .  I then had to have another drying time.

I then matted my picture on a piece of white cardstock. Then I put a thick piece of teal cardstock across the page.  I put a couple of scraps both horizontally and vertically across the teal paper and then mounted the matted photo on it.

I punched some snowflakes from the left over teal paper and ran them through my Xyron machine to make them stickers.

*This is a handy machine when dealing with delicate pieces of paper.  It really makes adhering them much easier.

Before adhering the snowflakes I put a tag on the page.  I journaled on it and put a sticker that said “remember” across it.  I also added a pretty ribbon to it.  Then…..I adhered the snowflakes.

I also adhered one more snowflake sticker that I had bought from the store.  It was red and was a nice contrast to the rest of the page.

The finished page.

The finished page.

Some pages take a lot more work than others but the more I do the more comfortable I get with different processes.  Before I cringed at the idea of working with different inks or paints.  Now it isn’t nearly as uncomfortable.  And the learning curve is getting less time consuming.  🙂

God bless!


Buttoning Up a Layout

Hi guys!

In this layout my children and nephew were jumping on hay bales.  It reminds me of a western theme.  I decided to go for it!  I had some awesome cowboy boots and hat buttons that have been waiting for the perfect layout.  I also had the perfect decorative paper – hay!

I used the decorative hay paper for the background and then adhered all three photos mounted on another sheet of decorative paper to the right side of the page.  There was plenty of empty space on the photos to add a banner across them.  I used some star paper scraps that I had to make a bigger banner.  I then made a smaller one out of striped paper.  I adhered them to the empty space between the top and middle photos.  Now to add the buttons.

The problem with these buttons was that they had a shank on the back that I needed to remove so they would lay flat on the layout.  The tool I used to remove the shanks was diagonal cutters.

Cutting the shanks off of the buttons with diagonal cutters.

Cutting the shanks off of the buttons with diagonal cutters.

I used pop dots to adhere the buttons to the page.

After creating a tag with punches, journaling on it , and adding a cute saying at the top I decided the page was finished.

Cousins at play.

Cousins at play.

What fun can be had in the great outdoors!

God bless!

A Great Way to Use Up Paper Scraps

Hi friends,

I have a lot of scraps of Christmas paper to use up and thought this would help.  I cut small rectangles (various widths and lengths) out of my scraps.  I then put two trimmed down photos on a trimmed down piece of decorative paper.  I turned it over and added a strip of adhesive down the length of the decorative paper.  I then started putting on the rectangles.  Some of them were side by side and others I overlapped.  It is like decorative tabs all the way down the paper.

I then took the paper with the photos and tabs and adhered it to a white piece of cardstock.  There was a lot of room for a title (Usually I put a title on the top of the page.  It is nice to change it up once in awhile.) on the side of the page.  I adhered large Thickers that said “PRESENTS!”.    To finish up the page I added a puffy sticker of a snowman at the top and a couple of snowflakes on the title portion of the page.

I wish I could go back and redo this time with my sons and my parents.  Makes me misty eyed.

I wish I could go back and redo this time with my sons and my parents. Makes me misty eyed.

It is a good feeling to use up some scraps.  I usually collect them much faster than I use them.  I also go through phases of keeping only larger scraps and then sometimes those precious pieces of paper are too hard to throw away.  How silly I am!

God bless you on this fine day!

Tearing paper

Hi guys!

I thought today It would be appropriate to tear my background paper because the kids are tearing open Christmas packages. I used glitter paper as my very back piece that doesn’t get torn.  Shiny things always remind me of Christmas.  I then layered with torn red cardstock (red reminds me of Christmas, too).  Finally the top piece of paper is decorative Christmas cardstock.  On the two pieces of cardstock I tore I tried to let the core of the paper show to add dimension.

After I got the back ground of the layout completed I put two pictures across the page – cutting off the edge that hung over.  I then placed gold washi tape across the top and bottom of the pictures.  Finally I took a Christmas tag and adhered it to a lined index card.  I trimmed around the tag leaving lines at the bottom to journal on.  After I journaled I adhered the tag to the layout.

Boys patiently taking their turns opening presents - yeah, right.

Boys patiently taking their turns opening presents – yeah, right.

Have you started shopping for Christmas 2014 yet?  I have a few things that I have stumbled across but not much.  We have a long time to go (but it will fly).

God bless!

What a Deer Layout

Hi friends,

I’ve been scraplifting so much I am going to end up in a scrapbook prison.  😉  This idea came from Paper Creations magazine.  It was used for a card.  I changed it up a lot and used it for my scrapbook layout.

I started with a piece of decorative paper and centered a photo on the top part of the page.  I then put a piece of decorative paper just below it, covering about 1/3 of the page.  I left an approximate 2″ piece of the original paper showing at the bottom of the page.  On top of the top sheet of paper (covering about 1/3 of the page) I put a doily.  It hung below onto the bottom section of the decorative paper, too.  I then put a piece of silver adhesive ribbon all the way across the page (and over the top of the doily).  I used alpha stickers and put on the left side of the top paper “I love you both”.  I then put a deer sticker in the middle of the doily.  Since this is a Christmas layout I put a red pearl sticker on the deer’s nose. – he is now Rudolph.  🙂  Finally, below on the bottom 2″ of the page I spelled out deer-ly in large silver letters.

I love the red nose!

I love the red nose!

Makes more sense when you see the layout.

So cute!

I love a play on words!

God bless!


Christmas Flower


Still have more Christmas pictures.  🙂  I found this idea from the blog My Minds Eye.  It is a few months old.  I changed it up a bit.  I always have to make it my own.

To make the flower (I think it is a poinsettia) I punched 6 pennant triangles.  I had already adhered the photos to black cardstock.  I figured out where I wanted the triangles and then adhered them.  I made sure that all the tips were touching in the center and that I left a small gap between each triangle.  I then drew a straight line of gold ink between each leaf.  In the blog they used a sewing machine and stitched between each leaf.  I like the gold ink and it is easier because I would have had to hand stitch.  I then punched a small circle out of gold glitter paper.  I poked a hole into the center of that and into the center of the triangle flower.  I then put in a Christmas brad.

I put a bird border at the bottom of the page and then put a strip of gold washi tape on the top of it/bottom of the pictures.  On top of the washi tape I put three red pearls and a sticker that says “love and laughter”.

These pictures aren’t very good quality but they put a smile on my face.  In the first one Brad is running to sit down after trying to figure out how to make the timer work on the camera.  The second picture is a pretty good portrait but the last one just cracks me up.  We are all having a hard time holding in the laughter.

I did journal on the bottom of the page in gold ink.

I miss a big noisy Christmas.  Ours was pretty quiet this year but it was really a good one - just different.

I miss a big noisy Christmas. Ours was pretty quiet this year but it was really a good one – just different.

Are any of you scrapping Christmas now that we are getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day?  I know most of you aren’t behind as much as I am considering I am scrapping Christmas 1995. 😀

Hope your day is wonderful!  Enjoy the process of crafting.

God bless!


Hi friends,

I must really love banners because I am always wanting to make them.  I bought off Amazon a pendant punch.  I decided (I scraplifted and changed up a layout from the blog Pretty Paper, True Stories) to make several banners on one page.  I am scrapbooking Christmas so I dug through my scraps of decorative paper to find scraps of Christmas paper I could punch pendants out of.

After punching pendants I figured out where I wanted them and then I adhered them (lightly across the top) to the cardstock I am using.  I then used my Sew Easy and punched holes all the way across the top of all the pendants.  I hand sewed across all the pendants and taped the string on the back with washi tape.

I then trimmed down the picture I am using and adhered it to the layout.  Last of all I added stickers.

My older boys - Christmas 1995.

My older boys – Christmas 1995.

I don’t know why I like banners so much.  I think it adds a festive feel – to a party, to a layout, to a sporting event….

God bless yer little hearts!

Simple Idea, Simple (but festive) Page

Hi guys!

I’ve been noticing a trend on several blogs and scrapbook magazines.  It is punching the holes, like you are getting ready to hand stitch around something, but then not stitching.  At first I didn’t like it but it has grown on me.  I decided to give it a try today.  It was certainly faster than when I add the sewing step.

Jake's piano recital where he played the song "Oh Christmas Tree".

Jake’s piano recital where he played the song “Oh Christmas Tree”.

*Make sure you always use a mat when you use a paper piercer (or needle).

The steps I used to make the layout are:

1) Cut the black music note paper to 8 1/2″x11″.

2) Attach the other music scrap I had and trim it to the right length.

3)  Trim the photo and mat it on white cardstock.

4) Pierce all around the photo at apx. 1/4″ intervals.

5) Adhere the title to the song Jake played on white cardstock and trim around it leaving enough room for a little journaling.

6)  Attach the song title and journaling to the layout.

Notice I used a snowflake for the “o”.  And I used a tree die-cut instead of using a word.

Have fun with your layouts!

God bless!

Handmade Mittens

Hi Scrapping Buddies,

Today I made another homemade embellishment to decorate my page.  I made mittens.  I drew one mitten on the back of decorative paper, cut it out,  turned it over and traced it.  After cutting the last one out I drew the cuff on blue cardstock, cut it out, traced it, and cut out the other one.  I glued a top to each mitten and then cut a piece of twine.  I attached the twine to the top middle part of each mitten with adhesive.

I then found a piece of decorative cardstock that I liked.  I added a strip of blue cardstock.  (Same cardstock the cuff of the mitten was made from).  I then added two pictures of my son and nephew chatting with Santa.  I found a snowflake brad and put it in the middle/top of the decorative cardstock.  Before spreading the back of the brads apart I put the string of the mittens behind it.  I then attached the mittens where I wanted them.

To complete the page I journaled on the blue cardstock and added a few stickers.

Santa Clause - I miss those days.  :(

Santa Clause – I miss those days. 🙁

I love homemade embellishments.  You can’t find one just like it anywhere.  I do love the ease of store bought embellishments but I feel so good when I complete one.

God bless!

Sewing Fun


My last page on November birthdays in 1995.  I found a cute idea on the blog Blessed Scrapper a few weeks back.

*When I find a cool scrapping idea that was emailed to me I keep it in my “IN” box until I use it.  This drives my husband crazy but it is my way of making sure it doesn’t get forgotten.

I scrap-lifted the idea but changed it up a bit.

I punched a large circle and a smaller one.  On the back of the large circle I traced the smaller one and then tossed it in the recycling bin.  I then pierced the paper at fairly even intervals around the smaller circle.  For every piercing I pierced another hole a little distance away from the original.  After all the piercing was done (make sure you are on a piercing mat to make it easier and to not cause damage) I hand stitched around making it look kind of like sun rays.  When finished I taped the end of the thread with washi tape (on the back of the circle).

The back of the homemade embellishment.

The back of the homemade embellishment.

I turned the embellishment over and added a metal decoration that said happy birthday.  I then matted my picture and attached it to red cardstock.  I attached my homemade embellishment in the lower right corner.  I punched several balloons and inked the edges of all of them.  I started attaching them to the paper one at a time.  Every time I attached one I added a silver line coming from it.  All the lines intersected at one point.  When all the balloons were attached and all the silver lines drawn I added a ribbon sticker where all the lines intersected.  I then added a “birthday presents” sticker and a journaled on tag.

The final picture from Jake's 11th birthday party.

The final picture from Jake’s 11th birthday party.

Fun page!

God bless you and yours!