Pondering Resolutions

I’ve seen, recently, some scrappers are actually scrapbooking their resolutions.  I don’t think I want to do that right now.  Maybe next year.  It would be nice to have a scrapbook that consisted just of resolutions and maybe a follow up on how they were kept (or not).

I do want to share a few of my resolutions for the New Year.  Maybe it will give me some accountability.  I thought that maybe this year I would try to commit to improve all three areas of my life in some way – body, mind, and spirit.


Two years ago I lost forty pounds.  Last year I gained back twenty.  I want to lose those twenty pounds and at least ten more.

I take water yoga classes twice a week.  I want to continue that and be more faithful on my treadmill and weight machine.


Keep going to church faithfully and reading my Bible daily but I’ve always wanted to have a daily prayer journal.  I want to start and keep that up.


This is the tough one because I am not taking any schooling currently and honestly don’t have any desire to at this point in my life.  I do want to learn more about blogging/scrapbooking technology.  I guess that will be the “mind” part of my resolution.

These are my goals for the upcoming year.  I hope to accomplish all of them.  Let me know of some your resolutions for the upcoming year or past resolutions.

God bless!

Fun Friday Pages

Hard to believe that Christmas has went by one more time.  I know it sounds corny to say that the older I get the faster time goes but it does apply to my life.

I haven’t been home to scrapbook but my friend, Theresa, has sent me several of her pages.  They are very fun and creative so I am sharing them today.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Theresa's son gets married!

Theresa’s son gets married!

What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!

What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!

What a creative scrapper Theresa is!

What a creative scrapper Theresa is!

Showing her sense of adventure!

Showing her sense of adventure!

Showing her country side.

Showing her country side.

God bless you and yours this weekend!





Washi Tape

A hot trend in scrapbooking is using washi tape.  I never have but the more I look at other scrapper’s blogs (Amy Tangerine – for one) the more I see how popular it’s use is.  I tend to “neat” scrapbook.  A lot of times the washi tape seems pretty random.  I like it but I’m not sure if it is me.  But, with this blog I have been stretching myself so I fully intend to give this crafting supply a try.

What is washi tape?  It originated in Japan and it is kind of like colorful masking tape.  It can be used for framing a picture, bordering a page, journaling on…..  The list is endless.  I only have a few rolls of this embellishment at this time but I assure you my supply will grow as I start to experiment with it.  Below I am going to put a picture of my few rolls so I can show just how varied this item can be.

My meager supply of washi tape – it’s a start.

I didn’t realize that every roll I had has dots or circles.  I must do something about that.  😀

I made my first attempt using the washi tape.  There are no “rules” using it so I guess I did ok.  In the future I am going to try to be more random while using it but I’m not sure if that is me.  I did leave the edges rough on one side – I’m living dangerous.

Notice I didn’t scrap a picture but a paper that Tim wrote at school that was so sweet.  I need to read this on days when teenage years make our household a little stressful.  I love this kid!

I hope all of you have a blessing like Tim in your life!

God bless!

Adding Interest with a Circle Punch

I am scrapbooking a lot of Tim’s school pictures and sports pictures.  I always get 8″x10″ pictures.  Since I use 8 1/2″x11″ albums this doesn’t leave much room to be creative and add interest to my page.  I decided to cut off some excess of the picture on the sides to give myself a little more room.  Then I remembered an Idea that I saw in a scrapbook magazine or book awhile back.  It showed partial circles removed from each corner of a background page and then that page mounted on cardstock. I decided to give it a try.

I wanted to make sure that all of my circle cut outs were the same depth so I practiced.  (And measured).  First, I measured going each direction on the first corner using 1″.  I did the same using 3/4″.  I finally decided on using 1/2″ because I had so little room because I was using such a big picture.

I measured and marked my dots on the back side of the paper.

After measuring 1/2″ both up and down/across I knew where to place my circle punch.  I made a punch on all four corners.  I then adhered my picture to that paper, adhered that paper to my cardstock and applied a title that was PERFECT and a sticker of the school year he was in.

*I bought a page of stickers that has all of the school years (kindergarten through eighth) several years ago.  Every time I scrap a traditional fall school picture I apply one of those stickers.

Here is my finished page.

Tim’s fall sixth grade picture.

I love it!  I know that I say that every time but it’s true.  I love getting my creativity on!

Have a great day after Christmas!  Take some time to scrapbook – and relax!

God bless!

Fun Friday Pages

The Friday before Christmas!  Joy to the World!  Hope everyone out there has a glorious, safe celebration!

Let me go ahead and post the pages I scrapped this week.  It’s a busy time of year and there is a lot to do and see!

The last part of my Santa layout from last week.  Tim really didn't want to sit on Santa's lap - that's how I ended up in the picture.

The last part of my Santa layout from last week. Tim really didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap – that’s how I ended up in the picture.

Next holiday - Easter.

Next holiday – Easter.

Cub Scout time!

Cub Scout time!

All those crazy boys - Tim is the one standing up at the top.

All those crazy boys – Tim is the one sitting on the top bar.

Scrapbooking has to do with memories and there are more to memories than pictures.

Scrapbooking has to do with memories and there are more to memories than pictures.

God bless you and yours!





Making a Border with Dots

When trying to create a quick border a quick solution that hi-lights an area or picture are dots.  In my layout today, I put a school picture, slightly sized down, on a white paper (cut slightly smaller than my 8 1/2″x11″ background sheet).  I had already cut an empty space in the picture so that my background sheet would show.  I then created my dot border by placing dots evenly (I eyed it) around my photo on the white paper.  I used a bronze marker because bronze was in the background sheet.

Cool kid!

I took this from being a typical class picture to an awesome class picture!  It took just a few minutes.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

God bless and Merry CHRISTmas!



I am scrapbooking silly baseball pictures today.  The ones where I am shooting through the wire fence.  I’m sure others have done this, too.  When I was trying to “cutesie” up the page I ended up making baseballs.  It was very simple and could be duplicated with other sports with round balls – basketball, volleyball, etc.

To make the balls I punched circles with my circle puncher.  I then drew two partial circles on the balls.  I used the back side of the other circle to draw on the partial circles.  I then made my stitches with a red fine point marker.  Finally I punched holes at the end of the stitches to make it look like the thread was going into the balls.  Added some depth.

Homemade baseballs.

I trimmed and matted my pictures.  I actually found a scrap of chain link fence so I put a small piece along each side of the pictures and then matted them on black cardstock.  I then adhered everything to my page and journaled.  Such a fun idea!

Take me out to the ball game!

Hope you are now inspired to create!

God bless!


It’s no secret.  I love specialty scrapbooking paper.  I really love it when it is on sale because it can be pricey.  I rarely buy it unless it is on sale.  With some papers all I need to do is add the picture or a matted picture and my page is finished.  I have a completed layout where that is about all I did on one page.  Here it is.

This paper is so awesome! It even has a basketball texture to add dimension.

I used the “extra” from my paper to add a border around my picture of Tim.

Since most of my albums are 8 1/2″x11″ I have left overs to play with.

I hope you have a a fantastic day and finished or almost finished all of your holiday preparations!  God bless!