Fun Friday Pages

Happy, happy Friday!  This is a fabulous time of the year!  Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  In a few days it will be my oldest son’s birthday.  Thanksgiving is only a few days later and I get to see my middle son and his family (which includes two of my grandchildren – yippee!).  You have a giddy grandma here.  Here are some of the pages I scrapped this week.

Play time for Tim and his Uncle Sam.

Last spring Tim got braces.

Playing mini golf.

A family reunion back when I was a child.

Getting ready for the family Easter Egg hunt.

I hope you are able to find some time to scrapbook during the holidays.  If not, at least take some pictures for you to scrap later.

God bless!


The Wave

Hello, everyone!  Today I want to have a page that shows a lot of movement.  Not much shows movement more than a wave.  This is really very simple to create.  The first thing that needs to be done is to cut a circle.  The size of the circle depends on the width of the page.  Since I am working with a page that is approximately 8 1/2″ I cut my  circle to be 4″ or the radius to be 2″.

I made my circle with a Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.  Here is how that works.

Put the paper that you are wanting to use for the wave on a cutting mat.

It is a good idea to attach the paper to the cutting mat.  If it is magnetic then use the magnets or tape the edges.

This is the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.

Select the size of circle that is needed for the wave (apx. 1/2 the page width).  Put the circle cutter in the middle of the paper.

Press down on the center of the circle cutter holding it in one place. (All circle cutters differ).

Press down firmly on the center of the circle cutter so it won’t slip during the cutting process.

While pressing down on the center turn the shuttle (which has the blade in it) in a complete circle.

Make sure to press both the center and the shuttle with the blade  firmly to make a clean cut.  Before lifting the hand from the center make sure that the circle is  cut completely through all the way around. * Remember to be very careful because the blade is small but very sharp.

After the circle is complete, I need to make another circle within the circle.  What I am making is in the picture below.

A circle cut with another circle cut inside of it.

After I have the circle done I need to cut it in half.  Then I attach it to the cardstock like in the picture below.

The wave. The wave can be as wide or narrow as I want it.

I then plan where I want my pictures.  It is always necessary to cover up where the waves meet in the center.  It is nice to add more motion with embellishments.  In this case I used the stars.

Tim bouncing! So cute!

I hope this gave you some great ideas!

God bless!


Titles – With Mixed Up Letters

Hey, y’all!  It adds a lot of fun and color to a layout when the title is not one font, color, or style of letter.  When a page has a lot going on this adds to the excitement.  I try to make sure that the colors of the letters match colors on the background page or pictures.  Here is an example:

Tim in a bounce house.

Another benefit to doing this is it helps use up less used letters.  On this page I used both stickers and chipboard.  Isn’t it fun?

Hope your day is fun and exciting!

God bless!

Mats,With Style

Happy day, everyone!  I want to show how to make mats a little more colorful and have a little more style.  Just the basic mat makes a picture pop.  It gives it more dimension.  What I am going to show is very simple and takes very little time.  All that I am doing is adding more mats to the picture.  In this case I am adding three instead of one.

Greg’s birthday, in 1962. Mom was pregnant with Julie.

It looks like four mats but the picture came with the white outline.  I used different colors that were in the background paper.  I also made the outside edge a little snazzy.  Like I said, very simple, but it is very cute!

Hope everyone has a terrific day!

God bless!


I saw a cute idea awhile back and have been meaning to implement it.  It is super easy.  The idea is to make pictures into gifts.  I had a previous post about a gift page but this idea is different.  Each picture is a gift.  The only thing I would need to do is to add a bow (ribbon) to the top.

I know that I have bow stickers but I can’t find them.  I went to Hobby Lobby and looked for bow stickers and couldn’t find them there, either.  I decided to get creative and make my own bows.  I have ornament stickers (made out of felt). I cut the top off of them.  Now they look like circles.  I put them where a bow would be on a present and then I drew ribbon from both sides.  I used a black fine tip marker and then filled in with color.  Here is the finished result.  I love it!

My parent’s growing family.

I hope your day is wonderful!

God bless!

Fun Friday Pages

It’s that time of the week.  Almost the weekend and time to show what I have accomplished this week.  Hope you enjoy!

Fun day for Tim!

Easter day.

A day with friends.

Tim was baptized on Easter Sunday. I saved the bulletin. It is the paper with Jesus on it.

My Aunt Betty and my mom.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

God bless!






Titles (and Terri)

Oh, happy day!  I wanted to post a page that my friend, Terri, sent me. It is of her and it shows just how fun and silly she is.  She is always looking for the perfect scrapbook moment.  This was a trip she took to TX with her sisters.

Terri in TX.

She printed the title on the computer.  She used vellum paper.  It is very thin and can be seen through.  She used her handwriting for the date.  Mixed it up a little.  Such a cute, patriotic page (and lady).  Love ya, friend!

Hope your Thursday is fantastic!

God bless!





Hello, scrapbooking family!  Hope your week is going as you planned.  I just wanted to show another way to journal.  This can be writing by hand or by using the computer.  I chose to use the computer this time.  Instead of having the journaling go across the page or as a banner, as I’ve shown in the past, make the journaling into a column (like newspapers and magazines do).  When just one column is needed then it can become the border.  This is what I am showing in my finished page.

Baby on the way!

To accomplish on the computer, simply adjust the margins.  Very simple!

Have a great hump day!

God bless!


Tim Time

I’ve decided to take a break from my chronological scrapbooking and devote myself to Tim.  For the next album (or two) I am going to scrapbook my youngest son.  Since he was born in 1998 and chronologically I am in April 1995 I haven’t scrapbooked about him a lot.  I did do a baby/toddler album for him ( I haven’t totally skipped him) but it has been years.  These pages will be out of order (date wise) because I have tossed everything I’ve wanted to scrap for him in folders and haven’t been diligent to keep them in order.  Since I use 3-Ring Albums I will sort them as I scrap them.  I am so excited!

I think Tim will be more excited about my scrapbooking, too.  A few times when I’ve been showing him my pages he would make comments about how they never include him.  Now they will.  Here is my first page!

Tim and Chewey!

I have had that title for years knowing what picture I wanted to use it with.  I am so thrilled to have created this page.  It is going to be a two page lay out.  The journaling will be on the other page.  So… meet Tim – I love him so much!

God bless!

Date Stamps

A new trend in scrapbooking is using a date stamp on a page instead of handwriting the date.  I bought a stamp the other day from the K & Company’s Smash line.  It not only has the date but it has 11 statements to choose from to put beside the date.  (Stolen, Today is, Happy Place, Hot Mess….).  It was less than $4.00, so pretty inexpensive.  It is a cute idea but I do have a few negatives about this particular stamp.  First, the years start with 2012 and go to 2023.  This is a huge problem for those scrapbookers (me) that scrapbook mostly in the past.  Another problem is the dials were pretty hard to turn and even poked my fingers.  Maybe they will loosen up with more use.  Finally, I didn’t really like the “cute” statements that I was forced to use.  This is my page that I used it on.

Ben’s birthday!

I made sure that I didn’t get ink on the year when I was inking the stamp.  I do think the date stamp is a fun idea.  Especially if the page is one that might not require any other writing.  I might invest in another date stamp that is only the date and the years are more flexible.

May God bless you and your family!