Fun Friday Pages

Hi everyone!  Hope everyone is recouping after Thanksgiving and has a good start on Christmas festivities!  We just arrived home after spending time with our middle son and his family.  I didn’t have the time/ability to scrapbook while gone so I want to show a few pictures of time spent with our family.

I only get to see my grandkids once or twice a year so every time we have a professional picture taken. They change so quickly at these young ages.

Abigail (my Absey) eating ice cream and showing me her worm.

Ben and Matthew (can you tell they are related?).

Our Thanksgiving turkey.

Brad, pushing Matthew and Tim at the zoo.

In the last picture, Tim wasn’t only hitching a ride, he was keeping the stroller from popping over.  Later we found a big rock and put it in the stroller.  (We did make sure the rock stayed at the zoo when we left).

We had a great time with everyone.  Sure wish we lived close to our kids and grandkids (and nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, friends…..).  We miss everyone greatly but sure enjoy it when we see them.

God bless!

Inked Edges

A friend of mine, Theresa, sent me pictures of a layout that she did.  All that is left is to add pictures.  Here they are:

Theresa is very creative!

The 2nd page of the layout.

The secret to the pages is inked edges.  It gives the pages a distressed look.  I haven’t done this but I may have to start.  Theresa assured me it is very easy but that I might want to practice on scrap paper a little before using it on my page.  What she uses is the small oval ink pads (I know that Color Box makes Cat’s Eye ink pads like she describes).  I thought that she might sponge it on but she directly applies it to the paper from the ink pad.  (She has been using this technique awhile).  She also added brads and ribbons.

Another bonus to this project is that she used a lot of scraps.  That is always nice to clean out and yet be thrifty.

Thanks, Theresa.  I really appreciate your creativity – especially since it is something I haven’t tried yet.  I will post a page once I get one finished.  Note to self – add stamp pads to scrapbooking shopping list.  🙂

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!

Getting More Bang with Chipboard Letters

Hello, friends.  Usually, when I buy chipboard letters they come in a sheet where I detach each letter.  I have a trick that I have come to use that gives me extra letters.  Not only do I use the letter but I use the outline of the letter also.  Often I will use letters and then one outline letter on a page.  Here is a page where I have done that.

Notice the “u” in the word yum is where I cut out the outline of the letter.

This makes my $ go a little further and saves a trip to the crafting store.  I wanted to add that the decoration towards the bottom is a repurposed home made birthday card.  Thanks, Carmela – so cute!

Hope everyone has a sweet day!

God bless!




Hey, scrapbooking family!  This is just a quick idea – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.  I have all these pictures that have precious handwriting on the back.  Until this point I had been writing down some of what was written on the picture.  I had an ‘aha’ moment while scrapping and I photocopied the words and used it on the layout.

My grandma’s precious handwriting. ♥

Before I felt like I had to suck it up and cover up the words.  This might be a better alternative occasionally.  Why not let my grandma journal for me?

God bless!


Hello, everyone!  Hope your Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend was fun!  We went and visited family.  Oh, I love those grandbabies!

I thought this would be a perfect time to show two examples of trees.  One page was a family tree (at least part of one) and included a picture of a past Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving ’05.

I hand cut the tree trunk first.  I then made an outline of where the leaves would go.  I attached the trunk of the tree to that and then attached that to the background paper.  Finally I made leaves.  I had left over circles from a previous page and I cut the leaves from those.  None of the leaves had to be exact and perfect.  No leaves in nature are exactly the same.  Once the leaves were attached the tree was done.  I really like it a lot.  It looks cozy,homemade,and reminds me of family.

Friends on vacation – directions always involved this tree.

My friend, Terri, completed this page.  She did a great job with the outline of the tree and then the stage coach.  Notice the stage coach is the same color as the stage coach in the pictures.  Really cute.

I think most people have some memories associated with trees.  I remember a tree in our front yard that I would climb and sit and think and watch the world (I didn’t go very high).  Then, there was a tree in our back yard that would sometimes have a tire swing on it.  Once, that tire swing broke when I was swinging on it.  Ouch!

I hope your day is wonderful!

God bless!


Fun Friday Pages

Happy day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday) to you.  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you got to share it with family and friends.  We are sharing it with my middle son and his family.  So happy to be with them!  I worked hard last week to make sure I had enough pages for today.  I knew I probably wouldn’t get any scrapping time with cooking and visiting.  Here are some pages for your viewing pleasure – I hope.

First page of a two page layout of my parents.

Second page of layout. I really like this. I love fall colors and leaves.

Tim’s fall 2nd grade picture.

Tim’s 2nd grade class.

Tim with his oldest bro doing the thing he does best – talking. 🙂

I hope you have a VERY good day.  Maybe find a bargain or two.  Be careful out there and…..

God bless!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am such a blessed woman!  I want to take the time to tell everyone a FEW of the things that I am blessed with in my life.

I am blessed with a MIGHTY God who knows and loves me personally.  He loved me enough to send his son to die on the cross for me before I loved him.  How awesome is that!

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me in spite of my multiple shortcomings.  Wow!

I am blessed to have 3 magnificent sons.  They are so different but so wonderful.  They have brought a lot of joy into my life and I couldn’t love them more.

I am blessed to have 4 beautiful grandchildren.  They are all healthy and stunning.  I just love them so much and could talk about them for days on end.

I am blessed with two wonderful daughter-in-laws.  They have added some much needed   “girlie stuff” to my family and they love my grown sons.

I am blessed to have a lot of family that loves me and prays for me.  They don’t let the miles between us create distance between us.

I am blessed to have GOOD friends that are an extension to my family.  They are there for me when I need to talk and laugh.

I am blessed that my husband has a good job and that he has throughout this economic downturn that our country experienced.

I am blessed to live in this country – I love my country.  I can go to church and praise God with no fear.  I can vote for whomever I please with no fear.  My country has a foundation that is based on strong wonderful things.  I LOVE my country and thank God that he has allowed me to live here.

I am blessed to have a roof over my head, heat to keep me warm in the winter, and an air conditioner to keep me cool in the summer.

I am blessed to have discovered scrapbooking.  It fills my life with a lot of joy (I couldn’t   not add scrapbooking to my list).

There are so many things that I have to be thankful for.  The list could go on for pages and pages and it would still be incomplete.

God bless you and yours on this blessed day!

Balancing a Layout

One of the easiest way to balance a layout is to divide it into three sections.  There are many ways to go about this but the simplest one is to vertically divide the page into three equal sections.  Here is the page I created:

Driving through Memphis.

I cut my gray cardstock into 3 pieces.  I made each piece 2 3/4″ wide and 10 3/4″ long.  This would be different for 12″x12″ albums.   This way I could have a small border all the way around each section.  I placed something important on each section and then I accessorized.

*  A freebie that is very useful for scrapbooking is vacation brochures.  Grab brochures wherever you travel to and save them with your pictures.  Postcards are fun but brochures are free!

God bless everyone!

Making Scallops with Circles

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your Monday was better than Mondays are known for.  This is a really cute idea.  It is not difficult – especially if you have a circle punch.  I am going to show how to make a scallop on the bottom of the page but it can go anywhere (framing a picture, as a border, whatever).  First, punch circles (or cut them).  I used a 1 1/2″ circle punch.  This could be a solid color scallop in which case I would just punch one color of circles.  I am working with Easter pictures so I used several colors (mostly pastels).  A nice bonus for this project is using up scraps of paper.

After punching the circles I turned my background paper over.  I drew a line about an inch above the bottom.  I did this easily by lining up my paper on the magnetic grid and then placing my straight edge across the background paper.  I then applied two lines of adhesive to below where I drew the lines.  I put the circles in place, touching the top of the circle to line.  I lined them up side by side in the order that I liked best.  The last circle did hang over the edge and I trimmed it off.

This is the back of my paper. The line is drawn, the adhesive is applied and the circles are put in place.

I then applied a strip of paper on top of the circles that was 11″ wide.

A piece of paper applied over the circles.

The final step in getting the page ready to decorate is to put the paper on the paper cutter and measure it.  Anything over 11″ must be cut from the top (unless a 12″x12″ paper is being used – then anything over 12″ must be cut from the top).  This is assuming that the scallop was applied to the bottom of the page, like mine was.  If it was applied to one side, the other side might need trimmed.  If it bordered a picture, nothing would need trimmed.

Here is my finished page.

Playing at the park after church, on Easter.

Isn’t this a cute way to use circles and to use up scrap paper?  Hope your day is incredible!  I also want to wish my oldest son a very happy birthday.  Twenty-eight years ago God gave me a wonderful blessing.  I am so grateful!

God bless!

A Simple Frame

I believe in making everything as simple as possible and still having a nice layout.  Here is a simple way to frame a picture.  All that is needed is a marker and a brad (or button, or eyelet,…) for each corner.

Me, my dad, and my bro at the Grand Canyon.

To accomplish this look all I did was to lay my paper (picture with mat already attached) on my grid.  I used my magnetic ruler to hold my paper in place and to help me draw a straight line.  I did this above, below, and on each side of the matted picture.  I then poked a hole with my paper piercer in each corner where the lines intersect.  I inserted a brad into each hole.  Waalaa, my quick frame is complete.  I then journaled and embellished my page and I was through.

I believe that doing things simply makes it more likely to scrapbook more often (and get more accomplished).

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!