Journaling – Using the Computer

In my previous post I talked about the importance of journaling and the importance of, at least some of the time, using your own handwriting.  Some people are very comfortable with this and this is the method that they prefer.  Others have a hard time forming what they want to say on paper and are more comfortable using the computer.

I usually journal in my own handwriting just because it is what I am use to and that makes it quicker.  The more comfortable I get on the computer, the easier using it to journal becomes.  Today I made my journal entry on the computer.  I put a light blue cardstock in the printer and printed my journaling.  I could have used the blue cardstock as my background page but I decided to use a Road Trip paper as my background page.  Another option would be to print the entry column style.

Here is the page that I scrapbooked.  It was was very easy to do and probably as quick, if not quicker, as handwriting the entry – especially if I had drawn lines on the page ahead of time.

Using my computer to complete the page.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

God bless!



I’ve talked on other posts about how important it is to tell your story on your pages.  Sometimes the pictures say everything that needs to be said.  That’s not very often.  Especially if the perspective is from someone looking at the album when the scrapbooker is not there to explain it.  This could happen now or in the future when the person that created the album is not alive.

There are a lot of ways to journal.  I think it is very important to use actual handwriting at least some of the time.  Even if my handwriting isn’t the best, people who are close to me can look at a note and know it is from me even if I don’t sign my name.  I love looking at cards and notes from my mom and dad (who aren’t alive now) and knowing that they wrote them.  I also have notes from my husband and kids that I hold close, letters from my grandma and aunts that are priceless to me….  To me, a written message is the most personal and more treasured.    Something physical that can be held on to and looked at over and over.

One of the easiest ways to journal and make sure it isn’t going down the page is to draw lines.  That can be done with a marker that is left on the page or with a pencil and then erasing it after the journaling is completed.  I chose to draw the lines with a marker and then leave it on the page.  I put my pictures on the page before I drew the lines.  I then lined up my page on the grid on my magnetic board and secured it with magnets.  I then began to draw lines everywhere I wanted to journal.

Page in place, magnets holding it steady, straight edge lined up on the grid.

I had a lot of story to tell with these pictures because I didn’t take very many of them.  I do have a lot of memories that I wanted to share.  I made this a two page layout because one page of journaling wasn’t enough.  Here is the finished result.

Colorado snow storm.

Pictures in the car.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

God bless!

Same Pictures, Different Pages

Hello, hello, hello.  Today I  want to show how two people with the same pictures can end up with totally different pages.  It all depends on the supplies available, the person’s inspiration at the time they are scrapping, and their scrapbooking style.

Terri’s page from our dumpling making session.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the next picture.  :'(

Deb’s page from our dumpling making session.

Some of the pictures are the same and some are different (there were other pages that we scrapped) but the idea was totally different. I must admit, I really like Terri’s.  She was planning on this page while we were making dumplings.  She had our friend, Fannie, write out the recipe in Chinese before she went home.  What a scrapbooker!

Both ideas and pages were great!  The most important thing is the story was told.  Mission accomplished!

I sure hope you have a fantastic day!

God bless!


Fun Friday Pages

Hi everyone!  Hope you are faring well.  I am sick.  My throat hurts, my head is tight, can’t sleep…  I don’t know if it is the weather that keeps changing or if I have a bug.  I’ve been resting so hopefully I will have a fun weekend.

Here are the finished pages that I have from this week.  I hope you enjoy!

My brother, Sam, and my first flight.

My parents 25th anniversary.

Jake’s 2nd piano recital.

First part of a layout of my nieces and nephews (will actually have several pages).

My nephew, Clayton. What a cutie!

My grandma’s house.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend (and I feel better)!

God bless!


I Knew It!

I am not the type of person to check my horoscope or believe in such things.  I do open my fortune cookies when I eat Chinese food (which I love).  Here is the last fortune I received:

I knew this was my thing – lol.

Well, I don’t believe in fortune tellers but I think I hit the jackpot.  My scrapbooking skills have come in handy!

I hope all of you are enjoying my posts as much as I am enjoying posting!

God bless you and yours!


Organizing Scrapbook Ideas

I love looking at scrapbook magazines.  I don’t like keeping all of them because of the space that would require.  What I’ve done for the last few years is tear out the pages that I want to keep as soon as I am through reading them.  This not only helps me with taking as little space as possible but also, I don’t forget about the idea.  As soon as the last page of the magazine is turned I toss it in the trash.  I know that everything I want to hold onto out of the magazine I have kept.

Before today I would take these torn pages to my scrapbook room/office and toss them on a shelf.  Occasionally I would sort through them looking at the ideas.  This morning I thought of an idea and immediately implemented it.  It didn’t take a lot of effort or supplies but I think it will help me in the future.

I found a 3 ring binder that wasn’t currently being used.  I also got some clear plastic sleeves to put in the binder and some dividers.  I sorted the pages I had torn from the magazines into two piles – ideas I have already used and ones that I haven’t.    The ones  that I have already used I broke down even further.  I made labeled dividers – banners, flowers, tags, etc.  I then trimmed the pages that were torn and made them a little neater and slipped them into sleeves and put them behind the proper divider.

Then, to deal with the unused ideas.  I want to keep them because I plan on implementing them at sometime in the future.  The only thing I used was a plastic, two pocketed file folder.  I divided the pile into scrapbooking ideas and organization/storage ideas.  I put one set of pages in one pocket of the folder and the other set of ideas in the other pocket.

What a great idea for my ideas.

That is all I did but I feel great about it and much more organized.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Be blessed!

Tearing Paper – With Style

How hard can tearing paper be, right?  There actually are tools to make the process more uniform and creative.  The rough, textured look is still achieved.  These tools look like metal rulers but the sides have different edges.  I have bought two.  They are really inexpensive (especially with a coupon).  Mine are from the company Fiskars but I know other companies (Creative Memories for one) make them.

My two tearing tools.

To make the tear, I laid the paper down and figured out where I wanted the tear to be.  Then I figured out what look I was trying to achieve.  Did I want a straight tear (where I would tear it by hand) or did I want a design that one of the tools could achieve? Since I wanted to use the tool I laid it down where I wanted to make the tear.  I made sure it was lined up to make an even cut (Sometimes that might not be the look that I want to achieve but this time it is).  It makes it easier when I  use a grid.

Paper and tearing tool are lined up.

The next thing I did was to hold the ruler FIRMLY in place and tear on the edge I want the design on.

Holding the tearing tool in place.

After the tear was complete.

The tear is complete and I could have stopped here  to make this my border.  I decided to make this page a little more decorative.  I line up my tool and tore the other side of the paper.  I placed the tool on the same place just a few inches over so that the wave would look the same.    I then repeated this and made another strip using a different color of paper.  Here is the finished page.

My grandma’s 80th birthday party. All of her daughters were there.

Notice that both papers have the rough texture from the tear but the green paper did show it more.  Different papers tear differently.  I love this page.  The colors I chose remind me of the colors that were popular during the time period.

All of the women in the picture are now gone from this earth.  Treasure your family and friends while they are here.  Take a lot of pictures to enjoy later.

God bless!


Tearing Paper – on Purpose

This scrapbooking idea seems like it would be a no brainer.  How to tear paper?  Simple, right?  Well, it isn’t very hard but there is some technique involved.

First, let me answer the question that is often asked.  Why tear paper?  Doesn’t that make things look messy?  Having torn paper on the page can create depth and texture. It is another way to be creative.  I will show a simple torn page.  On another post I will experiment with layering torn pages.

First, it needs to be decided how wide of section needs to be torn.  Many decorative papers have a white core.  If a more finished look is desired then that white might not want to be displayed.  To make the page more textured and rougher the white might be just what is needed.  That needs to be decided before tearing the paper.  I’ve decided that I want the rough texture exposed.  My paper is already mostly white (it is snow) so it won’t show a lot other than the roughness.

Since I am going to use the part with the core exposed I lay the side down that I want to keep.  I then figure out how wide the paper is that I want to keep and I mark a light dot at the top and bottom (that way I don’t make the top just the right width and the bottom too narrow).  To start tearing I hold the side I am keeping down on my mat.  With my right hand I start at the top and make small tears, approximately two inches, all the way down the page.  I keep checking where my ending dot is to make sure that I don’t get too far off track.  It is easy to correct if you tear it too wide – just tear off a little more.  But, if you tear it too narrow you can’t add paper back  (at least without glue or tape).

Tearing my snow paper.

Now, if I wanted to keep the side without the inner core exposed, I would lay the side down that I’m not  planning on using and tear the part that I want to use on my layout.  Just the opposite from above.

After the initial tear, especially if that rough textured look is desired, it can be fun to pull away some of the paper along the edges to expose more of the center.  Have fun and experiment.

I then placed the torn paper on a solid blue back ground paper for contrast.

Torn paper attached to background page.

Here is my finished page.

Baby it’s cold outside!

I love it!  We sure enjoyed those winter days!  I love those boys of mine!

God bless!

Fun Friday Pages

Hi, everyone!  It’s the day to display what I have accomplished this week.  Only a few to show but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.  Remember….whatever progress you make is still progress.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired to scrap!

Favorite family activity!

Hurrying to make the snowman before all the snow is gone.

Cool scrapbook paper (and Ben with his snowman). 🙂

Ben with his wrestling medals.

Jake receiving basketball trophy.

Enjoy your weekend and God bless!


Too Much Sitting

This week I have spent a lot of time – sitting.  Not only have I created my usual posts, looked at other blogger’s posts, and done my usual scrapbooking but I have also created an online scrapbook and Christmas card.

The company I use to help me with this is Shutterfly.  I’ve used them for my Christmas cards for the last few years.  I have also used Shutterfly to make a handful of scrapbooks – the ones I have given to my grandchildren.  They are hardbound – just like a real book.  So awesome.  I don’t know if they have improved or if I have just gotten more creative making them.

To be fair, there are other companies out there that offer the same service.  Shutterfly is the only one I have ever used.  I have never had a problem with them and always finding coupons and special offers to use.  The reason I made the book this week was because I had a free book coupon that was expiring on Thursday.  There is one downside.  Even with a coupon there is still shipping and handling.  It was approximately $7.00.

Let me know if you’ve used Shutterfly or any of their competitors and what your experience was.

I’m inserting a copy of our Christmas card from a few years ago.  Makes me happy looking at it.  🙂

God bless!