Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a fun day/evening!  My favorite part of the day is seeing all the kiddos dressed in their costumes.  Here are my favorite costumes of my older kids.  So cute!

Ben was Robin Hood and Jake was Little John.

Found a LOL.

So funny!

Have a fun day!

God bless!



Marker Organization

It’s a great day!  Hope your Monday was successful!  Fall is here and I love this time of year!  Beautiful colors on the trees (and ground).  Temperatures I dream about in the hot summer and cold winter.

Today I want to show how I store my markers.  I keep the majority of them on my desktop in a container that has four compartments.  One compartment I keep my fine point markers in – the ones I use the most. Another I keep my calligraphy markers in. The third compartment (which is getting very full) I keep all others (silver, gold, metallic, round-tip…).  Finally, the last compartment has scissors, a small straight edge, and a few other small hand tools that I use more often than others.

Containing my markers.

I’ve really liked how this container let me divide my markers into different sections. Makes it easier to grab what I want.

I do have colored pencils and a few other markers that I keep in a drawer.  I rarely use my pencils but just yesterday I was reading a scrapbooking book about using them.  Maybe I’ll break them out and get creative.

I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

God bless!

Fall Colors

We finally took a drive to see the fall colors.  We drove at times through the Blue Ridge Parkway.  My husband told me that he thought we should have went sooner because a lot of the trees had lost a lot of the leaves.  He was right.  Next year, if we get the opportunity to go, we will go mid October.  Here are a couple of pictures of what we saw.  It was still beautiful.

Part of the countryside.

Taken from the car. Look at the different colors. God with his paintbrush.

We tried to do something that Tim would enjoy (and us) because he doesn’t exactly like going for car rides.  We went to a cavern.  Here are a couple of pics of us in line to go inside (doesn’t he look enthusiastic?).

Waiting to go in the cave.

Brad and Tim – we had to wait 30-45 minutes. Not too bad.

Called the “Guess What” formation. Visitors are asked to name it.


We did have a good day.  For Tim it was a little slow but he will look back on it with fond memories.  I hope your weekend was wonderful!

God bless!


Fun Friday Pages

I am so glad it is Friday!  I know, I know, I always am.  I did want to tell everyone to get out there and vote.  My hubby and I did yesterday afternoon.  Only had to wait a couple of minutes.

Go vote!

Here are the pages that I completed this week.

My bro and his friends before their senior proms (and before they picked up their dates). Good lookin’ dudes!

Prom 1995.

Our first daschund, Chewey. Fun puppy!

Tim and some of his buds.

Tim and Lakota.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the fall color!

God bless!

Weaving a Mat

It’s Thursday! Over half way to the weekend!  The last two days I’ve showed how to weave to make a background page.  Today I want to show how to weave a mat.  It really turns out cute!

The first thing that I did was to tear my paper (again I used two colors – I had a third color for my background page) into 1″ strips.  The number of strips needed depends on how big the picture is.  I then laid down one color of strips and tried to decide how I wanted them – I knew I didn’t want them straight across.  After I got the basic idea I wove the other color – under, over – all the way across.  I then attached the strip to the first and last vertical strip.

My first horizontal strip is woven and attached to the end vertical strips.

I then continued to weave the horizontal strips as far down as needed (depending on picture size and look desired).

My mat is completely woven.

What I did next was attach the picture to the mat and then attach the mat to the background page.  I then tore off any extra ends until the desired look was accomplished.  Here is my finished page.

Oh, what a cutie!

I think it is adorable!

God bless you and yours on this fine day!

Weaving with a Border

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Hope your Tuesday was wonderful!  Yesterday I made a woven background page.  Today I am going to do the same thing but to make it with a border.  I am going to use the same color scheme because I am going to put the pages from yesterday and today together.  The border is going to be yellow.  The way I decide the width of my border may be different than others.  Since I scrap with 8 1/2″x11″ papers to create a border I start with a 12″x12″ paper and cut it down to 8 1/2″x11″.  The thick scrap left is the perfect size for my border.

After creating my plain yellow border I tear green and blue strips that are 1″ wide.  I then attach one narrow end of the green strips (or whatever color I desire the background page to be) to the bottom of the border.  I then keep attaching the strips until I get to the top of the border.  I then attach the border (with the green strips attached to it) to a card stock of plain – I used white – paper.  I only put adhesive on the border part.

Border with green strips of card stock attached.

Then, starting at the top I start to weave in the blue strips that I have torn.  I first start close to the border going under and over, under and over until I reach the bottom.  I attach the strip that I just wove to the top of the green strip.  I then weave in another strip.  I alternate.  If I started the first strip on top of the green, the next strip will start below the green.  I continue doing this until I get to the edge of the white card stock.  Sometimes the last strip will need to be shaved off a bit before weaving it.

Weaving in the 2nd color for the woven/border page.

Once all of the strips are in place, I trim the extra off to be the same size as the 8 1/2″x11″ card stock.  Finally, I adhere all the loose pieces to the paper below them and WALA – it is complete.  Here is my finished page.  It is so colorful!

MY adorable nephew and niece.

I hope you are enjoying these ideas!  Have a blessed day!


Hello, everyone!  What a great day to be alive!  I am going to demonstrate something that is easy, a little time consuming, but sure makes a fun page.  What I am going to show is how to weave a background page.  This can be very colorful or it could be a solid color but add a lot of texture with the strips of paper used.  I chose to use just two colors, this time, so it will be easy to see what I am doing.

First I put a dot at 1″ intervals on the paper I was going to use.  I did the same thing at the opposite end.  This was just so I could line up my straight edge and have 1″ wide strips.  (The last time I did this I used 1 1/2″ strips.  It is whatever the person scrapping likes or the look that is trying to be accomplished.)  I then tore my paper using the straight edge.  I lined up the dots at both ends with the straight edge and held it firmly in place while I made the tear.  I did this for both colors that I was using.

Paper lined up, dots marked on both ends at 1″ intervals, straight edge ready.

Straight edge is in place and being held down. Starting to tear from the top.

Straight edge must be held firmly all the way down for a clean tear.

I adhered one end of each of the first color to a white piece of card stock (could use a different color but it won’t show much).  I went all the way up the page.

Adhere one end of the first color all the way up the page.

Then, with the other color, I started at the top of the page (on the side where the other color is attached) and started weaving the alternate color in and out of the strips vertically.  I pushed the strip as close to the attached side as possible.  Then I got another strip and did the same thing except instead of starting under on the weave I started over.

A partially finished weaved background page.

I did this all the way across the page.  Then I trimmed off the excess on the end and adhered all the ends to the white card stock (or whatever paper it was touching).  I did take a plain strip of the green paper and put it over the end where I started attaching first.  I thought this gave the page a neater look.  Here is the finished background paper and then my finished page.

Finished woven background paper.

My sweet nieces and nephew.

I hope all of you have a blessed day!

Baby Shower!

On Friday I posted that I was having a busy day.  One of my chores was to make cupcakes for my friend’s baby shower that was on Saturday.  Here is the result of my cupcake making spree:

Cupcakes for the baby shower!

They were yummy and cute but I don’t think I should start my own cupcake business.  I will leave that to my sister-in-law who started her own business called Cups of Cake.  She is the expert!

Hope your day is fabulous!

God bless!

Fun Friday Pages

Today isn’t only fun Friday, it is crazy, busy, hope I can get everything done without forgetting anything important Friday.  Whew!  I have a meeting at my son’s school, volunteer at my church library, make LOTS of cupcakes for my friends baby shower tomorrow (I am so excited for her and her husband.  She is due 12-12-12.), get everything else ready for the shower, and just normal life stuff.  I feel like I should go back to bed.  I had a fun week scrapping.  Here are the pictures I scrapped that I haven’t used in posts.

Jake playing baseball.

Birthday ice cream at Braums.

Birthday party time!

Game time!

Balloon popping relay.

Hope your day is as fun and colorful as Ben’s birthday pictures!

God bless!



Journaling – Quick Options

Good day to all of you!  We are finally into glorious fall!  I love it when the trees change.  I am hoping to take a drive and see all of God’s beautiful colors before they fall to the ground.

I’ve been sharing about the importance of journaling.  I wanted to share a short cut.  At all craft stores they have all kinds of tags and papers that are lined.  These let you journal until your hearts content, using your own handwriting, and without drawing lines (no fear of going up or down hill).  Here are a few examples:

A lined piece of paper that is perfect for journaling about school pictures and a couple of large lined tags.

I used another large lined tag for the pages I scrapped.  I actually divided it up and used it on two pages.  Here is the result.

Mom’s birthdays.

Another birthday – notice the tag.

I hope I am giving you some ideas to spur your creativity.

Have a great day and God bless!