Fun Friday Pages

It’s Friday!  It’s Friday!  This week was so busy it just flew.  My son turned 14 on Tuesday and then my grandson turned 7 on Thursday.  Time flies – I am so glad I am a scrapbooker to document some of the important moments in life.

Here are the pages I scrapped this week that didn’t make it into my daily post.

Mom at the beach (lake or somewhere…).

Mom as a high school senior and graduate.

My mama and her mama.

My parents as a young family.

My dad on his 59th birthday and his sister,June, at Christmas. I placed them together to show how much they look alike. I didn’t realize it before this page.

My family acting silly on my dad’s birthday.

Blowing out his birthday candles.

That’s all folks!  Have a very blessed weekend!


The first punch I ever bought was a square.  Actually, I bought two.  I was at a Creative Memories function and I saw someone make what I am about to explain.  It looked like it took a lot of work or it was bought from the store.  I was so impressed that I had to give it a try.  It was so simple.  Here are the supplies needed.

Two sizes of square punches, two different papers, and an embellishment are needed.

My background paper is going to be the plain red.  To contrast with this I made the large square the Christmas paper.  I punched three large squares.  Then, I punched three small squares from the same red paper that I am using as my background.  I then placed adhesive on the back of the small square and secured it to the top (centered) of the large square.  I did this to all three squares.  Then I took my embellishment and placed it in the middle of the small square.  A lot of things can be used for an embellishment.  The most common are stickers but brads, buttons, paper art…..

Once the squares were completed I finished my page.  I put the pictures on a mat and then adhered them to the page and adhered the squares to the page.  I did journal a bit and then I was finished.  TaDa!

My brother Sam opening presents. – Squares!

I did place the squares on their corners but they look just as well on their sides.  I hope all of you have a blessed day!

More Circles

This circle page is really cute.  I started with the idea of making a tag out of a circle (this tag could also be an award ribbon).  It was super simple – just like I like it.  First I punched a circle with my circle punch.  I used plain white cardstock because there were white circles in the background of my paper and I wanted to journal on the tag.  I added some lines to my circle to make journaling easier.  I used my straight edge on my magnetic board.

I then cut different pieces of Christmas ribbon.  The same ribbon could be used but I decided to use several kinds.  I cut 6 pieces but that could vary depending on how big the circle is and the look that is liked.  I lined up the pieces of ribbon in the order I wanted to apply them to the back of the circle.  I then applied a glue dot to the front side of the top of each piece of ribbon.  See the photo below.

Circle with lines and ribbon lined up in the order I like with glue dots applied.

I then started applying the ribbon to the back of the circle.  I first applied the one on the extreme left and then the one on the extreme right.  I went back and forth to make sure they were spaced where I wanted them.  I then trimmed the ribbon to the desired length.  The result was so cute!  I think I will use this a lot in the future!

The finished page of my nephew Joe.

I hope you enjoyed this idea as much as I enjoyed discovering it!

Be blessed!


The next few days I want to have a few posts on shapes.  Today’s will be circles.  I really like circles.  In fact, I have a room that my family calls the circle room.  It started with a metal wall art that had small circles all over.  I found a painted picture that had circles in the same colors that I thought would look great with the metal wall art.  Then I found pillows to put in our chairs that were perfect.  Finally, our rug has circles.  I kept finding more and more things that I loved but after the rug I made myself stop.  I thought I might be going too far. Circles create a sense of movement.  They help the eye keep moving to all of the page but it is gentle movement.  Flow…

In the page below I used two sizes of circle punches.  When punching paper precision isn’t a big issue.  But when cutting pictures turn the hole punch over.  Look and center your picture where you want it before squeezing the punch and cutting the picture. Before investing in hole punches I would trace the circle template I would want to use – either on the back of the paper/picture I wanted to cut or with a pencil.  I would then cut it out as smoothly as possible.  If I used a pencil I would then erase the line.  The problem I had was that no matter how hard I tried to cut the circle smoothly I would always see where the edge wasn’t smooth.  I do enjoy my punches but I went a lot of years using templates (or even tracing around objects like glasses and bowls).

The boys opening presents – circles!

Have a blessed day!

That’s distressing!

I want to share an idea that is especially fun to use with old and/or black and white photos. It adds a sense of experiencing that time period.  It is called distressing.  It involves taking a perfectly good piece of scrapbooking paper and sanding on it to make it look old.  The effect can be very subtle but will often complete the page.  It doesn’t take much work.

All that is needed is a piece of sand paper but if that isn’t available most households/purses have an emery board in them.  I now keep one with my scrapbook supplies.

Pictures to scrap, paper to distress, and emery board.

Gently sand the paper to add that aged effect.  Afterwards, wipe the paper off to remove the grit before starting the page.

Distressed paper.

Use the paper to create your page.

My mom as a girl (page 1 of layout).

(page 2 of layout)

Distressing a page can be very subtle but it does add a nice touch.  Hope you and yours have a blessed day!

Fun Friday Pages

It’s that time of the week when I post pages that I have finished.  I used a few of them in my previous posts.  Not too many to show this week but I did make progress in this scrapbooking journey and I did enjoy my time.

My wedding day!

My brother, Jeff, and his beautiful bride.

Some of the pictures from 1993 that got mixed into my 1994 pictures.

My grandpa. I posted the picture of my grandma earlier this week.

Ben gets rollerblades!

This is all I have to post.  I hope it gives you a few ideas on how to scrap your pictures.

Have a great weekend and God bless!


It’s Thursday!  Almost the weekend!  I know I’ve posted before that I LOVE the weekend – just like most people.  I bought a new tool over the weekend – 55% off coupon was used.  It is a magnetic, self healing, cutting mat.  An 18″ metal ruler comes with it.  It has a grid on it.  Today was the first day I really used it.  It was SO nice.

What I used it for was to help me add letters in a straight line across my page.  Before I would eye ball it (sometimes successfully), hold a ruler in place while applying the letters, or draw a light line with a pencil, add the letters, and erase the line.  All of these ways work – used them for over 20 years — this is just faster, easier, and more accurate.

First, I lined up the page on the mat.  I made sure it was positioned according to the grid.  Then I put the ruler across the page also lined up with the grid.  It securely holds the page in place since it is magnetic.

The page is lined up on the grid and the ruler is also lined up, securing the page in place.

Then it is very easy to apply the letters in a straight line using the ruler as the guide where the bottom of the letters go.

Applying the letters using the ruler as a guide.

It seems so easy to just add letters to a page.  It can be a source of irritation if you keep having to replace letters because they aren’t “quite right”.  This just makes scrapbooking that much easier.

Here is my finished page.

My grandma.

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!

Oops! Found More Pictures!

Hi everyone!  Hope today is treating you well.  So far, I haven’t accomplished as much as I had planned.  My son came home from school not feeling well.  It shouldn’t throw me off too much but it does.  There is tomorrow.  😛

I wanted to share what happened this weekend concerning my photo albums.  First, I found pictures for Christmas 1993 mixed into my 1994 pictures that I am scrapping now.  To verify that they were from 1993 I went back to my old albums, that I have already scrapped, and lo and behold they were from 1993. I also found a page of 1994 pictures (that I had already scrapped) mixed in.  How did that happen?  I don’t have an answer.

There is a bright side to all of this.  I had already started using my 3-Ring Albums.  First, I pulled out the page that should be in 1994 and I slipped it into a new album sleeve right where it belongs.  Now, I am scrapbooking a few pages from Christmas 1993 and adding it to that album.  It would have been a major pain if I wasn’t using the 3-Ring Albums.

Below is a picture from Christmas 1993 that I quickly finished to put in its proper place.  When scrapping pictures from Christmas and birthdays it is always fun and quick to throw in a present page.  Just wrap ribbon around the page and secure with adhesive.  I also added a glue dot in the center on the front side so it would stay taunt.

Present time with my family.

I hope your day was more productive than mine.

Be blessed!



Most pages need some kind of journaling.  Even if I know what the pages are about and who are in them, whoever is looking at them may not have the same knowledge.  Especially if it is someone from another generation.  If a quick note is all that is required a tag is a perfect solution.  It provides the space to write and it can add a lot to a page.

Some tags can be purchased.  Another quick solution is to buy the punches that make tags.  Those are great and I have two.  Tags are very easy to make.  I am going to write step by step instructions and insert pictures to show just how easy.

The nice thing about making your own tag is you can make them any size.  Once it is determined what size is needed cut a rectangle with a paper trimmer.  Then using a straight edge draw a line to cut off the corner of one rectangle. Cut it – but do NOT throw the extra piece away.  It is going to be used to measure the other corner.  That way the sides will be exactly the same and it won’t be hard to do.

The rectangle with one corner cut off. Keep the corner.

Flip the extra piece around and lay it on the other corner.  Draw a line where a cut needs to be made.

Flipping the corner over and holding it down on the opposite side, draw a line showing where to cut.

Make the cut on the second side.

The tag after both corners were cut.

Finally, if wanted, use a hole punch a create a hole in the center of the top.

Hole punched. Ready to journal on and/or decorate.

Many people like to add ribbon to the tag.  I do it both ways.  Of course, usually I write about what is going on and who is in the picture.  Here is the finished page where the tag went.

Christmas morning!

I hope your Tuesday is wonderful!  God bless you and yours!

Lots of Memories!

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I sure did.  A lot of time with my husband and 13 – almost 14 year old son.  I’ve mentioned before that most of the pictures I am scrapping now are from 1994.  (I am in December so I am almost to 1995 – yea!)  I do occasionally scrapbook other projects like a vacation.

Two years ago in July my mom passed away.  My dad had already died in 2006.  They left a lot of things to go through.  A lot of those are pictures.  We live out of state from where the rest of my family lives.  This summer we went back for a visit.  I came home with two boxes of memories (pictures).  There are more but that is all my stuffed car could hold.  These pictures aren’t in any order, which can be overwhelming.

A few weeks ago I decided to use my 3-Ring Albums for this long term project.  They will be perfect since the pictures aren’t in any order.  I will scrapbook a page and then place it in the album(s) where it fits chronologically.  It will give me the flexibility to move pages to different albums as I get more and more pages finished.  I’ve decided not to let this project overwhelm me because scrapbooking should bring joy to my life.

I must admit, seeing all of these memories has brought joy but some sadness.  It is tough to lose your parents.  It does get easier with time.  I believe it would be a lot more difficult not to have the pictures to cherish their memories.

Have a great week and God bless!