Making Scrapbooking Easier

It’s Thursday.  Today I am calling it Thankful Thursday.  I am thankful this blog is up and running.  There will be a lot of tweaks along the way but – it is going.

Today I wanted to tell all of you of the one thing that made me a more effective scrapbooker.  For the first few years that I was scrapbooking I carried all of my supplies, albums, and pictures in backpacks and bags.  Finally, I purchased a tote on wheels where I kept all of my supplies and the album and pictures I was currently working with.  That made it a lot easier but it didn’t change my scrapbooking life.

Up to this point I almost never scrapped unless I was scrapbooking with friends.  Maybe once or twice a month.  I rarely took the time to scrapbook at home because it was such a hassle to get everything set up and put away when I was through.  Only if I had several hours to spend scrapping would I go to the trouble of pulling all of my supplies out.  (And how often does a mother of two and then three young boys have several hours to set aside for herself?)

Then, about five years ago, I made myself an area just for scrapbooking.  I use a folding table so I can have enough space to spread out.  The best part is I don’t have to put everything away when I am finished.  If I just want to scrapbook for 15 minutes it is 15 minutes I use for scrapbooking and not packing and unpacking supplies.  Sometimes, I just stand and look at the pictures I’m getting ready to work with and let the ideas flow.  That would never have happened if I would have kept my old system of everything being stored away after each scrapbooking session.

I know that space is hard to come by.  In the house I started doing this in I actually started in our formal dining room.  I put a small table there in the corner because we rarely used that room anyway.  In our current home I am on one wall and my husband’s desk is on the other.  he works on his computer while I scrap.  I imagine that is what we will look like when we retire.

Thanks for reading this.  I hope you have a blessed day!





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Where to Buy Albums

It’s Wednesday.  Half way to the weekend – my favorite two days of the week.  (The other five are pretty good, too).

The last two days I’ve shared about what type and size of album I like to use.  Today I want to tell you where I get my albums.

When I first started scrapbooking I only bought albums from Creative Memories.  These were the Strap Hinge Albums.  They were very good quality but fairly expensive.  You can buy them off ebay, too, and sometimes get a lower price – watch the shipping charges.  When I started scrapbooking more I needed more albums.  It started to become too expensive.  I looked at different local craft stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore) and found some Strap Hinge Albums.  They weren’t (at least at that time) as good of quality as I had received from Creative Memories.

At the recommendation of my friend/sister-in-law I tried the 3-Ring Photo Albums and have loved them.  I always have bought mine at Hobby Lobby.  I always get them at a great price by watching for specials in their weekly ads.  They also have coupons so if it isn’t on special you can usually get it for 40% off.  *TIP* If you have a smart phone you may not have to print your coupon.  At many stores you can show the cashier your coupon from your email or text message to receive the discount.

I hope this helps and that you have a terrific day!

God bless!

Album Sizes

Hello, fellow scrappers!  I hope this day is going well for all of you!  My excitement continues with this adventure of mine.

Yesterday I wrote about a few different types of albums.  Today I am writing about album sizes.  When you are first starting out there are so many different choices that it can be overwhelming.  The most used album size is 12″x12″.  I have a few of these albums.  I used them when scrapbooking my children’s individual albums.  Most people use them for everything.

The album size I use for scrapbooking my everyday pictures is 8 1/2″x11″.  For me it works out best.  Sometimes the task of filling up the 12″x12″ page seems daunting while it is so easy to use up the 8 1/2″x11″ space.  The downside to using the 8 1/2″x11″ book is more papers and embellishments are made for the 12″x12″ album because it is the most used size.  Also, there are occasions where I would like to squeeze one more picture on the page.

There are also smaller albums and I have used them a few times.  I have made a couple of smaller albums for my grandchildren.  They were 8″x8″.  That is a great size for small hands.  🙂  I also made a very small album after my oldest son graduated from high school.

I do have one larger album.  It isn’t complete.  I keep it for those huge pictures that I sometimes get when I go to a professional photographer.  It is very handy to have one of these albums to keep those pictures in so they will be safe – and it is fun to look through.  The size of mine is 11″x14″.

If you are starting out, I would suggest that you just pick one.  Once you’ve finished that one try out another size.  See what you are most comfortable with and go with it.

I hope this is a wonderful day for you!

God bless!

Scrapbook Albums (and a little more about me)

Hello world!  I am so excited today!  It is the day for new beginnings.  Today my youngest son, Tim, starts to 8th grade and today I make this blog a part of my weekday life.  My plan is to post Monday through Friday every week.  I sure hope you will join me here.

Let me start by telling you a little more about myself.  I am married to my best friend, Brad.  We’ve known each other since our senior year of high school and we were married after my freshman year of college.  We’ve been married 28 years.  Our oldest son is Jake.  He is married and has a wonderful wife, son, and daughter.  Our middle son is Ben. He is also married and has a wonderful wife, son, and daughter.  Finally, along came Tim. I am truly a blessed woman!

Something every scrapbooker needs is an album.  I’ve used several kinds and now have a favorite.  Let me tell you about a few that I have used and what I currently use.

– Strap Hinge Albums – I do think that these albums look the nicest setting on your shelves.  The problem with these albums shows itself when you want to add a page to your album.  A common scenario is finding a picture that you would like to add to your finished album.  To add a page is a big hassle.  I used these albums until a few years ago.

– Post Bound Albums – These albums are very easy to find and can be inexpensive.  The problem I have with these albums is if you add very many extra pages the album starts gaping open.  I do use these albums when I am scrapbooking a subject that I think won’t take a lot of pages.  I made a mistake of using a Post Bound Album when scrapbooking my latest vacation with my high school friends and I had to use two Post Bound Albums.  Oops!

– 3-Ring Photo Albums – These are the albums that I currently use.  They look a lot like a notebook, although they often have a place on the spine to record what is inside.  Why I like these so well is that they hold a lot of pages and if I need to add a page in later it is very simple.

Everyone has their preferences and sometimes those change.  That’s okay.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!

God bless!

A Little Bit About Me

Over twenty years ago I attended a scrapbook party.  I then hosted a party.  By the time that was over I was hooked.  I love to scrap!

I have always loved pictures and I have always kept them organized.  I use to buy the photo albums that you slip your pictures in and I wrote on the back of each picture about what was happening in the photo.  I kept this up for quite sometime.  What I scrapbooked for several years were all the photos that wouldn’t fit in those albums.  I had an album for each of my children and then a family album for all the group pictures.

A little over five years ago I decided to start scrapbooking all those photos that I had put in plastic sleeves.  I started back when my family first began – 1984.  I am now scrapbooking in the year 1994, so no I am not caught up.  Along the way I have scrapped several albums that have nothing to do with the plastic sleeved pictures.  I just finished one last week.  It was of a trip I took with two buddies I went to high school with over spring break.

I use to get distraught thinking I would never get caught up.  I now KNOW I will never be caught up but it no longer upsets me.  There will always be more pictures because the journey of life is still continuing.  Scrapbooking should bring joy into your life.  I plan to share ideas and tips that I’ve honed from my many years of scrapping.  I hope to make your scrapbooking experience a little easier and a lot of fun!