Graduation (Ephemera) Page

Hey friends,

A quick graduation page using decorations that we used to celebrate.

Ephemera – the cheapest and best way to scrap!

The pictures had the banner in the background.  I saved a few pieces of it.  The graduation paper I chose had circles in it that said words of encouragement.  The banners were circles – perfect.

I trimmed the pics down and then matted them.  I wouldn’t be able to fit all the pics and the banner if I wasn’t willing to cut out the unnecessary background.  I put the banner on and then attached the pics.  I added ribbon stickers.  A fun and awesome layout.

God bless all of you on this winter day.

A Corny Layout

Howdy friends, family and fellow scrappers,

Today I am showing you one of Terri’s awesome layouts.  She takes scrapping to a whole new level.  🙂

What a corny idea. 😉

Terri had a decorative piece of paper that was decorated with corn.  Her daughter and her daughter’s fiance were in a corn maze so she used the corn paper to create a fun layout.  She cut out a rectangle of the corn paper and used it like a big mat for the picture.  She adhered the picture to the back of the paper so that it was showing through.  She used a white rectangle of paper to add the cute title to (Lost in the cornfield with you).  She also used washi tape around the picture.  She used what looks like a corn seed packet for decoration.  Finally for the 3D effect she took a pop can pull and tied thread (kind of like corn silk) to it.  She adhered it to the page.

What a fun layout.

Thanks for sharing, Terri!

God bless!

Using Ephemera

Hello Scapping Warriors,

We are in it through the long haul.  We are determined to scrap our memories and to enjoy doing so.  We may have lulls but we won’t give up.  That is a pep talk for us all.  We won’t be discouraged and feel like our efforts are unappreciated.


After Tim’s graduation I had a lot of decorations around the house (still have a few).  I could have just tossed all of them (did a few) but I decided to try and use some of them in his scrapbook.

A balloon holder for helium balloons.

I almost trashed this item but decided that I could use the graduation caps.  It sat on my scrapping desk for quite awhile but then I got busy with it.  I cut off most of the caps and then tossed the rest of it into the trash.

I then got busy making my page.

One of the rewards that Tim received.

First I trimmed down the certificate (just the edges).  Then I adhered it to the right side of the cardstock, leaving room at the top and bottom.  I then started gluing on the caps from the balloon holder.  It was pretty messy and some of the glue started showing.  I then started adding other graduation cap stickers that I already had (strategically placing them over a few glue splatters).  I included the extra 2017 cap stickers from his announcements.  I like that touch.  I added a sticker that says, “I’m done!” and one that says, “The tassel was worth the hassle!”.  Last I added the cap that has a lot of bling onto the document itself.


God bless!

Industrial Scrapbooking Using Metal Tape and Embossing Tools

Hi friends,

This is an exciting post for me.  This is how I made the beginning layouts for my son’s senior year scrapbook.  I had seen a video that was similar in some ways and had been thinking of making these layouts for several months.  I was waiting to go to KS so that my friend, Terri, and I could do these awesome layouts together.  Below is the video of us making one of the layouts and the pictures of the layouts.  Please watch the video and take a look at the awesome pictures below.

Tim’s announcement page.

Such awesome layouts!

Thanks for stopping by!  God bless you and yours!

Frames, Frames, Frames

Hey y’all,

First I need to tell you that I won’t be on her for about a month.  Please keep checking back.  Let me tell you about the adventure I am about to embark on.  First my husband, son, and I are going to KC to see his side of the family.  We are having a mini family reunion for a handful of days.  Then, we are going back to the part of KS where I lived and where we shared the biggest part of our married life.  We are going to visit friends and more family.  Then, my hubby is driving home, my son is going to go hang with his grandparents for a bit, and I am flying to Washington to see my wonderful friend and her wonderful family.  Then, I am flying back to KS for about a week.  Then, my buddy that I first met in high school and I are flying back to my home.  She is going to stay for a week or so.What a fun time.  After that my son has prom and he will be graduating from high school.  Just in case you were wondering….he has already fulfilled all of the needed credits to graduate.  He is going down to help his grandparents get their house ready to move (and to enjoy their company).

On to my frames!

A little back history.  When my sister died I bought a lot of frames.  Most of them were aqua because she loved the ocean and beach.  I filled them with a lot of memories.  After her funeral I kept some of the pictures out but I put a lot of them away.  I have several empty frames.  After painting the scrapbook room I have been trying to organize, get ride of things that I don’t ever use, and get rid of clutter.  I was trying to figure out what to do with the frames.

I really do love them and they match my newly painted upstairs.  The obvious answer is to put pictures in them.  I did do that to one.  I put a picture of when Brad and I took two of the grandkids to the aquarium.  I have a cork board where I put quotes that I found that inspired me.  I am going to use the cork board for something else so two of the quotes I framed.  Here is the result.

All three of the frames clustered together. I didn’t keep them that way.

One of the quotes I really like.

The quote says, “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.  It was a little too small for the opening.  I had a piece of aqua burlap that I trimmed down.  I then attached the paper to it.  Awesome!

Another quote that I love!

This really looks awesome in person.  The paper is glittery.  It says, “Anyone can find the dirt in someone.  Be the one that finds the gold.  Proverbs 11:27”.

I still have more frames but the quotes didn’t work for the frames.  I need to find more pics or quotes.  Or come up with another creative idea.

God bless!

It’s Movie Time

Hi guys,

As promised on the last YouTube video, I made a movie layout using the stork paper.  Here it is.

Movie time fun!

Movie time fun!

When buying this background paper I intended to use it as a newborn baby background.  Didn’t happen.  I decided to use it as a background for how much our family enjoys going to the movies after seeing the movie “Storks”.

I used the movie ticket from the movie “Storks” as the perfect ephemera.  I matted the ticket and pictures that we had taken of the kids at the movie “Angry Birds” that we all went to.  I journaled on a tag and then added some movie stickers.  I also added some cardstock tickets and wrote on them “Action”, “Comedy”, and “Animation”.  A fun page of something that our family partakes in a lot.

Thanks for taking a look!

God bless!


Hey y’all,

Terri (day 2).  I showed you the flowers yesterday.  Today I am showing you the bees.

To me this looks frightening. But I do love honey!

To me this looks frightening. But I do love honey!

Isn’t this an awesome layout.  Terri repurposed a food box to make her layout complete.  She matted all of her pictures and used some really fun bee rub-ons.  She used her Cricut to make the title.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make an awesome layout.  Terri’s mind is always busy looking at things to see how she could use them in scrapbooking and other areas of her life.  She is an awesome person!

God bless!

Picture Perfect!

Hi friends,

Another amazing and simple idea by Terri.  Terri has been redoing her bedroom.  She has been looking for ways to decorate without breaking the bank.  One such way is to frame scrapbook paper to make artwork.

Framed scrapbook paper.

Framed scrapbook paper.

These are going to make a nice addition on Terri’s walls and for a very small price.  There are so many cute and varied pieces of scrapbook paper there isn’t a good reason not to use them to decorate around the house.  Thanks, Terri!

God bless!

Repurposing with Terri

Hi friends,

Terri has been busy organizing her home.  Before getting rid of things she tries to think of ways to repurpose them.  Here is a really nice idea.

"New" pillows.

“New” pillows.

Terri had two sweater skirts that she knew that she wouldn’t wear anymore.  She cut two identical pieces of the skirt, to make two sides of the pillow, from each skirt.  She then cut “strips” the same length and in the same places all the way around both pieces.  She then matched the pieces and tied them together most of the way around.  She stuffed the pillows and then finished tying the remaining strips.  Really cute way to get the most of something that wouldn’t be worn again.  And so cute!  Not to mention the cute doggy!

God bless!

Why Buy Them?

Hi friends,

Christmas is over and everyone rushes out to buy up wrapping paper and tags at a very cheap price.  But Terri is more creative than most.  She made tags out of her Christmas cards that she received in the mail.  Isn’t she clever?

A wonderful assortment of Terri's tags.

A wonderful assortment of Terri’s tags.

This project didn’t take long but they sure are cute!  Punches make the project go really fast!

Thanks Terri for the reminder of how cute recycling can be!

God bless!