Prom Fun

Hello darlin’,

Doesn’t that sound southern?  What about honey, sugar, sweetie.  So many names that we are referred to since moving to the south.  I am picking up on a few, too.  Not sure what I think about that.  🙂

Today I had to look for Pinterest inspiration for another prom picture.

Don’t they look royal?

The glitter portion of the paper looks more peach than shows in the picture.  I used the glitter paper for the background paper.  I then had awesome “pretty paper” that I traced with a decorative ruler and cut out.  I tried adhering it to the glitter paper but the glitter paper wouldn’t let me.  I ended up using glue to adhere it.  That is the problem with glitter paper.  It argues when you try to attach anything to it.  I matted both pictures on peach paper.  I then put a black strip of paper across the “pretty paper”.  I then adhered the matted photos onto the black strip.  I made a crown out of glitter paper and put pearls on the tips.  Before attaching it to the layout I traced the border of the pretty paper with Stickles (a glitter glue).  Between glue for the glitter paper and the Stickles, there was a lot of drying time on this layout.  Last I adhered the crown to the layout and then added two heart brads to look pretty and to really secure it.  Love how it turned out.

I “stole” an idea and made it my own.  Paper lifting.  😉

That is all for the day.

God bless!


Junior Class Picture

Hello, hello, hello,

Today I am scrapping another class picture.  I must admit that I had to go to Pinterest and look for school picture ideas.  I took an idea and made it my own.  That is what I do a lot of time when I have a scrappin block.  🙂

Almost a senior. We (I mean he) can do this!

I took a sturdy piece of cardstock (I wanted to make sure that there was blue in it because of his picture and a sticker that I wanted to use).

I matted his picture and adhered it to the right side of the cardstock.

I then cut out a orange rectangle (color on the background paper).  I adhered the rectangle to the background paper beside the picture. I dug through my brad’s and picked out two that I like.  Using my paper piercer, I poked two holes in the orange paper and cardstock.  I then put in the brads.  I dug out some tan twine and wrapped it around the brad’s a few times and tied a knot.

Last touch….the sticker that I wanted to use (Junior Year) and another one (Almost a Senior).

Very easy once I found an idea.

God bless!

It’s “Sew Easy” (and time consuming)

Hi friends,

I am doing a senior prom layout today.  It was easy but time consuming (just like the title says).

I looked through all of my “Sew Easy” stencils and decided to put two different hearts on the layout.  I could have free handed other designs but I decided that prom was a perfect time to use hearts.

The sewing tools needed for papercrafting.

The stencil I used, the thread I used, and I also needed a piercing mat and a paper piercer.

First you put your stencil on top of a piece of paper (the heavier piece of paper is better to sew on) and that is placed on the piercing mat.  Then you pierce all of the holes into the paper.  Finally you start sewing starting on the back side of the page.  Finish up on the back side of the page and tie the knot there.

The back of the paper after I sewed on one heart.

The finished page. It is a lighter shade of gray than the picture shows.

After sewing the hearts I matted the pics and adhered them to the page.  A really simple but pretty layout.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

God bless!



More Cards (Taking Classes are Fun!)

Hey, y’all!

Went to another card class and made three more cards.  Found a new technique that I want to try (after I get a supply or two).

Pretty card with the new technique.

If you notice the background of the white cardstock it has shiny flowers on it.  How this is accomplished is by using embossing paste and a stencil.  You rub the paste across the stencil and then about 1 hour and 45 minutes later you use the embossing gun on it.  This was done at a class.  I have stencils at home but I need to get some embossing paste.  Really want to try this on a layout.

Cute and easy.

Bicycle paper on the left.  Bicycle stamp on the right.  Add paper and a few jewels and wallah!  Cute!

Very cute but I need to wait until Christmas to get a tool to make this at home.

The blue paper on the card is made by running the paper through a machine (like a Big Shot) to add different images – in this case bicycles.

The tag was punched and a brad was added.  The words were stamped and embossed with embossing powder and a heat gun.

Cute stamped image that was colored in with markers.  Jewels and sequins were added.  I think this is my favorite because I love bicycles.

That is it for today.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!

God bless!

Favorite Teacher

Hi guys!

Hope your day is going fabulously!  I have been taking the grandkids to VBS this week.  It is about 30 minutes away so when they are there I find things to do like eat breakfast, look at thrift stores, go to the beach and look at God’s creation…..  It is a nice time but I am ready for a nap (that can’t happen while watching grandkids) when I get home.

Today I am posting a layout that I did of Tim and his favorite teacher.  A lady that my husband and I adore, too.  She had a heart for Tim.  Can’t beat that!

Tim and his favorite teacher.

This page took quite a bit of work.  It isn’t perfect (which I  am sure you can see if you look very closely) but I really like it.  I took a thick piece of cardstock and turned it so that the back was face up.  I traced a large circle (I don’t know the circumference) onto the middle of the page.  I then got out my magnetic ruler and laid the paper on to my magnetic mat.  There are measurements on the mat, too.  I drew across the circle to make it in halves, then fourths, and then I drew two more lines to end up with the circle being divided in eighths.  I then got out my X-acto knife and cut all the lines inside of the circle.  I then turned the paper over and folded out the triangles and adhered them to the paper so it looked like sun rays.  One thing that I wish I would have done differently is once I attached the “rays” to the paper I saw that I couldn’t distinguish the triangles from the paper as well as I hoped.  I then traced the edges of the “rays” with a black marker.  I wish that I would have done that before folding the paper.  Oh, well….  I then matted the picture on a piece of chevron paper and attached that (using adhesive on the front edges of the mat) to the cardstock.  I then added enamel dots onto each “ray”.  I then added words that described her on each “ray”.  I added her name to the top of the layout. *Word to the wise: even though you think that you will remember someone’s name or what is happening in a picture in the future, there is a good chance that it will be forgotten.  Better add the name or journal a bit.*  Finally, I added a journaling box and wrote about why we were in the office when the picture was taken (Tim was returning from voting for the first time) and about the teacher.

That is it for today.  Like I said earlier, even though I can look at this layout with a critical eye and see errors, I really like how it turned out.

God bless and hope to see you tomorrow!

Rock the Cap

Hi friends,

I finished an awesome scrapbook page of Tim graduating!  I used the Cricut to accomplish this beauty.  🙂

Tim is graduating!

I made the letters and the graduation cap with the Cricut.  I matted the pictures in Tim’s school colors.  I then adhered everything to the page.  Last but not least I added a silhouette sticker, of a graduate, in the top right corner.

A fun page.  I saw the saying “rock the cap” and I knew that I wanted to use it.

God bless!

Sophomore School Picture

Hello friends!  It’s Friday!

I am always so excited that it is so close to the weekend.  Last night I went to the Savannah Banana’s baseball game.  We hadn’t done that before in this area and we haven’t done it for a very long time anywhere.  I had a good time.  I like baseball more than my husband but he seemed to enjoy himself, too.  And – we won!

Today I am going to show you how I scrapped Tim’s sophomore year school picture.

Sophomore year!

I found paper that went well with the background of the photo (circles).  I decided to break out the Cricut.  I made a camera with it and also the banner that says “smile”.  The camera also has a bold circle for the lens.  I matted the picture before I attached it.  I then added a piece of another piece of cardstock to the top of the page – the backpacks.  (Boy, these kids wear heavy backpacks to school everyday!)  Then I added the Cricut embellishments and topped it off with the sophomore sticker.  Perfect page!

Hope your weekend is fantastico!

God bless!

You Shine! Layout

Hi friends,

I am finally managing to post a scrapbook layout.  On Monday I hurt my hip terribly.  I tried to post on Tuesday and Wednesday but our internet wouldn’t connect with my computer.  Today I win!  😀

An awesome layout for an awesome guy!

I saw a layout with a similar idea on Pinterest.  It was with hearts and was different in some ways but it gave me the idea for this layout.

First I punched a circle with the biggest circle punch that I have on a piece of cardstock.  Then I punched a circle around a blown up picture of Tim skating with the second biggest circle punch that I have.  I adhered it to a piece of flashy green cardstock and then adhered it behind the circle in the cardstock.  I started a circle around the picture with tiny gold enamel dots.  I then went to a larger size enamel dots that were black and gold.  The next step were with stars.  I continually adhered bigger and bigger ones.  Finally I ended up with the awesome bling stars.  After the biggest star I continued around the circle with the words “You SHINE!!”.

In the bottom left corner of the page I put a small picture of the same picture (I had adhered it to the flashy green cardstock, too) so that a lot more of the skate park was shown.

I added the date with stickers in the bottom right corner and a camera sticker in the top right corner.

A really fun layout!

Thanks for visiting today!

God bless!


Industrial Scrapbooking Using Metal Tape and Embossing Tools

Hi friends,

This is an exciting post for me.  This is how I made the beginning layouts for my son’s senior year scrapbook.  I had seen a video that was similar in some ways and had been thinking of making these layouts for several months.  I was waiting to go to KS so that my friend, Terri, and I could do these awesome layouts together.  Below is the video of us making one of the layouts and the pictures of the layouts.  Please watch the video and take a look at the awesome pictures below.

Tim’s announcement page.

Such awesome layouts!

Thanks for stopping by!  God bless you and yours!

Shirtless Matthew


Another cute layout has been completed.  This boy is photogenic!  🙂  I am an unbiased grandma – ha ha!

My cute dude!

This decorative piece of paper was from a Carnival Cruise line packet.  I didn’t want it to say carnival and I didn’t want it to show a fancy drink that was on the page by the palm tree.

The first thing that I did was to trim around the chair and the palm tree leaf where I new that I wanted it to hang over the mat that I was going to put Matthew’s pics on.  I used my X-acto knife.  I matted Matthew’s pics and then put them on the decorative paper. I adhered the part of the chair that I had trimmed around and the leaf that I had cut around to the mat.   I added a border strip on the mat, too. I used another smaller palm tree sticker and a monkey sticker to cover up the fancy drink.  I added a pair of sunglasses on top of the chair and then I also added a little starfish sticker to the bottom right corner.

A cute page was born!

God  bless!

See you tomorrow (I hope).