Ways to Obtain Organization

Hey y’all,

Last post I wrote about why to get organized.  This post I am going to give you a few hints.  Just like the last post, this one is from an old scrapping magazine that I scanned called Creating Keepsakes.  I am just writing a few of the bare basic ideas.

Scheduling Time – Write it on the calendar just like you would any important event.  Once you have most of it done you might want to do something that I try to incorporate in my scrapping lifestyle.  At the end of every scrapbooking session I put everything away and then I try to find a few things that are not in their right “home” and put them away.

Keep often-used supplies in a working container. – Tools that are used all the time should not have to be pulled out every time you scrap.  Keep them in a container on your desktop or if you don’t have the luxury of having a place that you can designate as your scrapping area put the important tools in a container that is easy to pull out.

Establish a Permanent Home – If you don’t have the convenience of having a scrapping work space  find at least a shelf or closet to put you supplies and photos not in your container (listed above).

– Use Theme Containers – Consider having separate containers for different themes such as Christmas, Halloween, school, graduation.  I have hanging paper files and separate my decorative papers that way.  It might be nice to do the same with stickers, die cuts, chipboard, punches, ……

 – Use Clear Storage Items – Your containers will be more convenient to use if you can see what is in them without opening them.  If they aren’t clear make sure that you label them.

 – Store Small Items With Care – This is an area that I need to work on.  Find a good way to store your small things (like stickers).  A few ideas are baseball card holders, accordion files, and clear slide holders. 

Keep Your Mementos Together – Keep your mementos and photos from a specific event together.  I am not real great at this but I am trying to improve.  I have started putting all of my mementos for Project Life into a container to glance through before scrapping for my week.  Everything else is in a basket.  Like I said, I need to get better at this.

– Put It Back – I have improved greatly on this throughout the years.  I have had a scrapbooking (crafting area) for probably 5-6 years.  At first I basked in the luxury of not having to put everything away every time I scrapped.  My room got out of control.  Now I learned that it is so much easier if I put everything where it goes.  There are a few exceptions to this – like if I have to leave in the middle of a layout I often leave things where they were so I don’t forget what I was doing (middle age problem?).

Well, a little food for thought.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

God bless!

The Importance of Scrapbook Organization

Hi friends,

While I was in KS my mom-in-law gave me all sorts of scrapbook things that she acquired from garage sales and thrift stores.  I’ve mentioned this before.  It is always fun to get the new to me stuff.  She gave me a pile of old scrapbook magazines.  I must admit that I didn’t read them cover to cover but I did go through all the magazines and gleaned a few tidbits from them.  Over the next few days I want to share some of it.

The magazine that this information is coming from is Creative Keepsakes.  A lot has changed since these magazines were published but some things remain the same.  One of these is why it is important to keep our scrapbook stash organized – it can become overwhelming at times.  I am just giving a real brief hi-light of the article.

  1.  More time to actually scrapbook.    If you know where everything is then it takes less time to find it when you need it.   It also makes cleanup go a lot faster.
  2. Less things (especially photos) misplaced or damage.  The example given is photos in a shoe box – how they tend to get the corners bent and photos damaged.  A lot of times you know that you have a picture but you just can’t seem to locate it.  Ugh!  The same thing can be applied to scrapbooking supplies.  I have bent a lot of stickers.
  3. Not buying duplicates.  I have bought duplicates of different scrapbooking supplies because I have either forgot that I owned them or I can’t find them and really need that Item immediately.  Pretty wasteful.  Usually the duplicate shows up soon after the new item is bought.
  4. Cheaper in the long run.  At first proper storage may seem like it cost too much but it is really economical when considering there is much less chance of damage to the supplies that have already been purchased.  Scrapbooking supplies can be pricey.
  5. Finally, when our supplies are organized there is less stress and more productivity.  Scrapbooking should be enjoyable.  Let’s make it more so by doing what we can to keep our things organized.     My things are much neater and organized than they use to be but I still have a lot of room for improvement.

Hope this helped to encourage you.  What I try to do is every time I scrapbook I try to put everything away and then do one or two extra things to make everything a little nicer.  Doesn’t always happen but it does for the most part.

Hope you weekend is wonderful!

God bless!

More Organizing

Hi friends,

I hope you are having a great day!  I am busy cleaning this room of mine.  It is getting much better than it has been in a LONG time.  Even before we moved.  I am trying to get everything better organized so I don’t have to dig as long when I am looking for something specific.  Today I organized a lot of scrapbooking embellishments.  Eyelets, brads, decorative paperclips, bread clips, wooden shapes…..  Let me show you some of my containers and some of my organization.

These are a lot of the containers that I used today.

These are a lot of the containers that I used today.

Some of them are better than others.  I had a lot of eyelets that were stored in their original containers.  They kept getting knocked over and spilled.  Also, I had bought, a LONG time ago, small stackable circle containers.  Several of the smallest ones kept coming apart and spilling their contents.  And there wasn’t a great place to keep them.  They are now in the trash along with the containers the eyelets were in.  I did keep the larger circle containers.  They seem to stay together better and to be better quality.

To replace the containers I got rid of I bought some off ebay called Lockables from CraftMates.  I saw a You Tube video about them.  What is nice about them is they won’t open up unless you push a button on the side and pull up on the lid.  So great for when you drop the container and for traveling.  Here is an example of one.

The case that holds several containers.

The case that holds several containers.

One side of the open case.  Notice all they eyelets are in separate containers but right next to each other.  SO NICE!

One side of the open case. Notice all the eyelets are in separate containers but right next to each other. SO NICE!  I even have a few empty containers mixed in so if I get some different ones.  After the eyelets are decorative paper clips.

The brads were not easy to organize.  I wanted to try and get them in some sort of order.  This is one of the cases that is filled with brads.

I've had this case awhile.  The bottom portion has four trays that are divided up.  The top portion holds some of my chipboard decorations.

I’ve had this case awhile. The bottom portion has four trays that are divided up. The top portion holds some of my chipboard decorations.

To show you how I tried to organize my brads I will show you one of my neater trays.  It is one that is inside of the above container.

Almost all of the brads in this container are flowers.

Almost all of the brads in this container are flowers.

So….this is what I have been doing today.  I felt I needed to take a few days in order to be ready for the next awesome project.  I hope you will forgive me and enjoy seeing how I am organizing my awesome stuff.  😉

God bless you!




My Room Needs Help

Hi understanding friends,

I have finally finished my Absey girls scrapbook (There ended up being two scrapbooks.).  In the craziness of working on that I let my room go WILD!!!  It was more than the granddaughter’s scrapbook.  With the move last summer/fall the room never fully got organized.  Then I let all the baby/girl stuff pile on my work area while I was scrapping along with all the pics I wanted to scrap and all the finished pages.  I also got some fun stuff for Christmas that never got put away.  WOW!

Here is what I was dealing with before I started working on it.  Take in mind this is after I was through with all the pictures and the albums are put together and put away.

Please don't judge me.  ;)

Please don’t judge me. 😉

Then last night I got the wild hair to start working on the mess.  It was a wild hair because it was after 9 pm.  Where would a sane person start to help the situation?  I would think it would be putting away some of the obvious stuff strewn across the work area.  Not me.  I started with organizing buttons…..

All of my buttons in one container looking very nice.

All of my buttons in one container looking very nice.

Now, I must say that my buttons use to be in several different containers and to find something specific I had to search, search, search.  This is very nice but why did I start with buttons?

Finally, after a few hours sleep (I was up past 1 and the alarm went off at 5 – yes, in the morning) I got started putting the mess away.  It isn’t perfectly organized now but I have my work station back.

The much cleaner work station.

The much cleaner work station.

I still have some organization I want to do but I am feeling much less stress.  And, I think my husband will be much happier.  He never complains about my messes but I finally broke him of the nice habit with about two months of the desktop getting messier and messier.

I hope you have had a day of accomplishment – especially if it didn’t involve sacrificing sleep.  🙂

God bless!


A Help for Organization

I read an idea – somewhere – not too long ago.  The idea is to have a cart (basket, box, something) to have beside your working desktop.  The cart should be empty at all times except when you are crafting.  When you are crafting and through with an item you put it on the cart.  When you are through for the day you put everything on the cart away.  This keeps your desktop clean and keeps your crafting items organized.

Today I had a $10 coupon and a 15% off coupon to World Market.  I could use both at the same time.  I went and bought a cart.

My new crafting cart.

My new crafting cart.

I haven’t tried the idea.  I will let you know how it works.  If it doesn’t work as well as I hope I know I can find a use for the wonderful cart.

Hope this idea helps you.  Let me know!

God bless!

Washi Organization

Hi friends,

I have another organization idea  to share.  I saw it a few days ago on Facebook and was eager to implement it.  It is on a page that I liked called “Scrapbook/Craft Organization Ideas”.  I only liked this page a week or so ago and so far this is the first idea that I snagged.

Before this I had washi organization issues.  Back in my old home I had small racks that stacked that I stored the rolls on.  The racks weren’t very stable and they did take up precious table space (which is currently extremely messy).

Old washi tape organizer.

Old washi tape organizer.  I have 5 of these racks that stack on top of each other.  They are about 6″ wide.

Since moving I have kept the tape in a box.  I just didn’t want to go back to the old way.

The new idea is very easy and pretty inexpensive.  The only thing I used was a hanger made for multiple pairs of pants and an over the door hook.  (The Facebook page used an over the door wreath hanger but I already had a hook).

Adding washi tape to the hanger.

Adding washi tape to the hanger.

I am finished adding the washi tape that I now have but I do have room for more.  Yippee!

I am finished adding the washi tape that I now have but I do have room for more. Yippee!

There are several things I like about this solution.  The biggest one is I am using unused space to store the tape and it gets it off my desktop.  It also makes it highly visible and is easy to organize.  The only complaint I have is it is across the room from my desk but that is only 4-5 steps so it isn’t a big deal.

I have my old washi tape holders that I don’t know what to do with.  If you would like them then please message me.    I hope this idea helps you and spurs you on to be more organized (and me).

Christmas blessings!


A Little More Organization

Hi my scrapping friends,

As I was scrapbooking today and dealing with all of my alphabet stickers, I was getting frustrated (as I always do) trying to figure out which ones to use.  Before, I had them all in a plastic pocket in a binder.  It was even torn and they kept falling out.

I have a couple of empty organization cubes that my sister-in-law gave me.  She went to strictly digital scrapbooking (silly girl)  😉  .  One of them is a filing drawer to keep scrapbooking paper in.  I already have one that is used for the paper.  I was trying to figure out what to do with the extra one (it has been setting there empty for over a month).  I really didn’t need it for more paper.  Today it dawned on me to use it for my alphabet stickers.  I will label them with the colors (black, blue, green…) just like the paper and then have a few extra for letter stickers that are muli colored or crystals – different.  I am so excited.

I actually got started but ran out of the Post-It sticker tags for the top of each file.  I discovered these tags when I was putting together the paper cube.  Tomorrow I will hunt for some at the office supply store.  My scrapping life just got easier.

The filing cube.

The filing cube.

More organization!  Yea!

More organization! Yea!

Life just got a little easier!

God bless!




Pinterest Storage Idea

I saw this idea on Pinterest and it really seemed like something I could use.  The reason why is I have several colored pencils and pens that got overlooked because they were in a drawer because I had no place for them on my desktop or they needed to be stored horizontally.  The pens I used most were stored on my desktop along with some of my most used tools.  I tended to use those pens all the time because it was handy.

Here is my new storage container.

All of my pens, pencils, and paintbrushes fit into this.  Awsome!

All of my pens, pencils, and paintbrushes fit into this. Awsome!

A close up of my home made solution.

A close up of my home made solution.

This idea, from Pinterest, required a wine rack.  I may not have made this but I found a wine rack on the clearance rack at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It had a few little scratches in the paint (not very noticeable).  It was less than $9.00.  I then found vases at Hobby Lobby (they were having a glass sale and were $2.50 each).  They fit perfectly.  I added a large glue dot to the bottom of each vase (where it meets the metal) just to make sure it doesn’t slip out when I pick it up.  I was then finished and organized my tools.  My hand fits into the vase to grab whatever pen, pencil, or brush I want to use.  They are all very visible.  So cool!

The wine rack I bought has a handle to pick it up by so that makes it extra handy.

I still have my old container on my desk for the tools I use frequently.  It was bursting at the seams but now there is plenty of room.

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!


Paper Organization

Hello, fellow scrappers!  Hope your day is going well!  I am going to show you how I organize my paper.  This makes scrapbooking go muck quicker for me.  Before I organized my paper this way I had to search for specific paper every time I scrapbooked – even if I just wanted white card stock.

First, I got a filing drawer.  The one I got is just for scrapbook paper. I could also have used a regular filing cabinet.  With the ones made just for scrapbook paper the drawer and files are made for the 12″x12″ paper.  That is nice but not necessary.  Craft stores put scrapbooking storage items on sale frequently.  Here is a picture of mine.

My paper file drawer.

In my drawer I first placed the files with colors.  These are the papers that I use the most.  I arranged them alphabetically:  black, blue, brown, green, grey….  Then I sorted according to occasion (baby, birthday, Christmas, fall…).  These are also sorted alphabetically.

My file folders.

The papers that don’t go into the folders I divided up into 12″x12″ and 8 1/2″x11″ and stacked them on a shelf above the drawer.  Also, on different shelves I placed pads of scrapbook papers that I have bought that don’t fit into the categories of my file folders.


I am a paper and sticker girl so I have quite a bit of the stuff.  Hope this helps!

God bless!


Marker Organization

It’s a great day!  Hope your Monday was successful!  Fall is here and I love this time of year!  Beautiful colors on the trees (and ground).  Temperatures I dream about in the hot summer and cold winter.

Today I want to show how I store my markers.  I keep the majority of them on my desktop in a container that has four compartments.  One compartment I keep my fine point markers in – the ones I use the most. Another I keep my calligraphy markers in. The third compartment (which is getting very full) I keep all others (silver, gold, metallic, round-tip…).  Finally, the last compartment has scissors, a small straight edge, and a few other small hand tools that I use more often than others.

Containing my markers.

I’ve really liked how this container let me divide my markers into different sections. Makes it easier to grab what I want.

I do have colored pencils and a few other markers that I keep in a drawer.  I rarely use my pencils but just yesterday I was reading a scrapbooking book about using them.  Maybe I’ll break them out and get creative.

I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

God bless!