Project Life Memory Page


On Friday I added an extra page in September (the benefit of using a 3 ring binder is you can easily change your pages around or add pages).  Well, on the back side of the slots that I filled with the Angel Oak pics were a lot of empty slots.  I decided to fill those slots with memory pics.  Pictures that I have been sent or found on Facebook (however I came across them) that are older than this years book.  Most of them are much older.

My PL memory page.

The first picture is of my dad in his Air Force uniform.  He was at the house where he was born and raised.  I centered it on a PL card.  In the first small slot I found a card with stars and journaling.  I wrote about the picture.  I also added two “flags”.  One with stripes and one says love.  I then put a gold star on the side of the “flags”.

The second pic has my Uncle Gordon in it.  He was the local sheriff for a year.  I didn’t realize that.  In the last small slot I used a journaling card that says “details here” with a hand pointing up.  I wrote about the picture and I added a sticker that says “family”.

On the bottom row the first picture is of my mom and me holding my nephew Jaden.  The second small slot is a PL card that says “Hello Fine Fellow”.  I thought that was fitting.  I wrote about the picture on the card at the bottom.

The last picture on the page is of my dad’s mom.  We called her Mom.  The children are my two oldest brothers and my cousin. The third small slot has a PL journaling card that has a large & sign on it.  I journaled about the picture and then put a sticker that says “family” on the top.

That is it for this day.  See you tomorrow!

God bless!

Family Pics at the Angel Oak Tree

Howdy howdy,

Today I am going back to the month of September in my Project Life album.  One thing that I love about a PL album is that it is a 3 ring binder.  I can add a page if I need to.  Well….I needed to.  We took family pics at an old, huge tree and I forgot to print them off for PL.  I  couldn’t let that slip by so I printed them and added them to my album.

Some of the family at the Angel Oak.

I started off with a PL card that I thought was perfect.  It had a bird sitting on a tree limb.  It left a space to write so I wrote the date.  I then put a family pic of all the family that lives in SC.

The first small space has a PL card that I wrote about the day.  The second small space is a PL card that says “A Little Bit Crazy in Love”.  I thought that was appropriate because below it is a pic of my son and his wife.

The third small space has a card that has a lot of words about family all over it.  The last small card is a PL card that I put a chipboard sticker that says “family” on it.

The last picture on the page is of my son and his family.

That is it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!

God bless!

Project Life Week 44 (part 3)

Hello my  creative friends,

Today I am finishing up Halloween week (and a few other things happened in that week, too).

The last page of week 44. Another week bites the dust!

The first small slot on the page is a Halloween PL card.  I put a Trick or Treat sticker at the top and then added a few stickers of candy.

In the second small slot I wrote about the Halloween pics on a PL journaling card.  I also put a crazy jack-o-lantern sticker on the card and a sticker that says treats.

The first large picture on the page is Abigail, Amber, and Matthew getting ready to go door to door.  I went with them and Brad stayed home to give out candy.

The horizontal picture is of Matthew (Thor) and Abigail (a lalaloopsy kitty) in front of a wiener Halloween dog.

The last large slot (on the bottom row) is a PL card with a place for the date and journaling.  I wrote that it was 11/04/16.  I put a voting sticker on the card and how we voted.  It was Tim’s first time voting.  Afterwards I took him to school and his favorite teacher was in the office.  I took the opportunity to take a picture of them together.  I wrote about that on the journaling card.  I put an arrow sticker pointing to the picture on the card.

On the picture of Tim and his fav teacher I put a chipboard sticker that I have been saving for years.  It says favorite teacher and has an apple on it.  Perfect!  Tim didn’t have too many of those.

That is it for week 45.  Crazy!  Still in 2016.  Working my way through it – not giving up!

God bless!

Project Life Week 44 (part 2)


Part two of week 44 in Project Life.  Usually it is referred to as Halloween week.  Most everything in week 44 is about Halloween.

Part 2 of PL week 44.

The first large slot and then the first two small slots are about a pizza place that we finally tried on Hilton Head.  We had seen it several times.  The first picture is of a chalkboard. It says, ” There are two types of people in this world.  Those who love pizza and those who lie.  The two small slots have a picture that is divided in two.  It is of the sign of the pizza joint.  I liked the chalkboard and the sign caught our interest but we didn’t care for the pizza.  🙁

The large slot on the right side of the page is of Brad and I in our costumes.  He was a slice of bread with peanut butter on it.  I was a slice of bread with jelly on it.  Together we made the best sandwich ever.

The bottom left picture is of a creepy house across from a park that Matthew and I went to.  Why I took the picture is it had a tombstone that said, “Ima Goner”.  “I’m a Goner” is my favorite Twenty-one Pilots song.  I sent a picture to Tim.

The last large picture is of Matthew on a tire swing at the park.

The third small slot is a PL card that I put a few Halloween stickers on.

The last small slot is a PL card that I put a tire swing di-cut on.  I put a cat sticker in the tire swing hole.  I also put a sticker that says “boo”.

More tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 44

Hi friends,

Another week started in PL.  Only 8 weeks left after this one to finish up 2016.  (Will it ever end?)

Halloween (and other fun things)

The first picture on this page is of Absey with her awesome coach after all the games were finished.

The first small pic is of some birds on the beach.  I put “week 44” stickers on top of the pic.

The rest of the pictures are of my brother and his family on Halloween. There is also a picture of Tim in the bottom small slot (on the right – on the left is the continuation of the picture above).  He is dressed in an 80’s track suit.  He found it at a thrift store and thought it would be great to wear on Halloween.

In the second small slot I put a PL card and wrote about all of the pics.  I put a Halloween sticker on top with a camera right below it.  I also put a black cat on the bottom right corner.

More Halloween on the next post.

God bless you and yours!

Project Life Week 43 (Part IV)


This is going to be a day of fun for us.  It is my daughter-in-law’s birthday.  After she gets off work we are going to a movie.  Later in the evening we are eating at Kobe’s.  I think there will be a few pictures taken.  🙂

A fun time with fun people.

The first slot has two pictures (divided by a border sticker) of Matthew riding the big tricycle at the pumpkin patch.  The first small slot has a picture of Absey Doodle on a trike.

The second picture on the top row has Matthew in a Spiderman costume that is MUCH to small.  He loved it thought.  I put a vellum saying on top of the picture (and I added a spiderweb sticker in the corner).

A close up of Matthew’s pic.

I love the saying, “Between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood, we find a delightful creature of a boy”.  So sweet!  I think it matches the picture perfectly.

In the second small slot and on down into the bottom left slot is Abby with her trophy from soccer.  I mounted the bottom part on a pink PL card.  I found a vellum quote that says,”Pretty in Pink” and put it on the card.  It is perfect because her soccer uniform is pink.  I added pink bows to the top of the vellum paper and I put a sparkly soccer ball to the side of the  vellum paper.

The third small picture is of Abby putting her coaches hat on his head.  The story behind it was a girl was being silly and knocked the coaches hat off.  Abigail didn’t find the humor in it and picked it up and placed it back on.  She adored that coach.  He was a great one.

The last small slot is a PL journaling card.  I wrote about all of the pictures.

Finally, the last slot is of my niece on the dance team at her college.  Such a pretty girl!

That is all for today.  Hope to see you next week!

God bless!

Project Life Week 43 (part III)

Hello scrapers,

Today’s Project Life is a three year old tradition for me (and my daughter-in-law and two of my grandkids).  We go to a pumpkin patch that has a lot going on.  It has been a good time all three years.

Holiday Farms with family

The first picture is of Abby on top of an American flag hay bale.  That girl is so patriotic so it is the perfect prop for her.

The second large pic is a selfie with the four of us.  I put it on a PL card and added a cute farm animal sticker.

The first two small pics are of the pig race.  🙂  I put a pig sticker on the first one.

In the third small slot I put a PL card and put all that was happening.  I added fun farm stickers around the words.

The last small slot has a picture of both kids next to a giant measuring stick.  This picture is taken every year and shows how much that they have grown.

The first picture on the bottom row is actually two pictures.  I left a space between the two and added pumpkin stickers.  The pictures are of finding the perfect pumpkin.

The last picture is also in the pumpkin patch.  I added a sticker that says, “what a great day”.

A fun day was had.  More about it tomorrow.

God bless!


Project Life Week 43 (part II)

Hola friends,

Another day in the life of my family.  I am hoping to change my PL album next year – again.  Instead of breaking it up in weeks I am planning to break it up by months.  I am trying to do that this year by posting what month it is when the new month rolls around.  I also mark when a new week rolls around.  That is what I think that I will do away with.  It is more of a hassle.  We will see when I finally get to it.  🙂

Layout 2 of week 43.

I used a journaling card and put mainly candy corn stickers and a pumpkin sticker around the edges of the card.  I also added a soccer ball because a bit of the layout has to do with Abby’s soccer game.

The first small slot has a picture of Abby’s team gathered in a huddle talking strategy.

The second and third small slots have pictures of when Brad and I went to the Bluffton Art and Seafood Festival.  I took a picture of the tent telling where we were and then of my favorite food place (not seafood) where dumplings are sold.  I always buy them whether I am hungry or not because they sell out.  Tim loves them, too, so I get some for him also.

The rest of the pictures on the page are from Holiday Farms.  This is the 3rd time that Amber and the kids went with me there to enjoy the day and pick out our pumpkins.  I think I wore the same shirt last year.  So strange!  More to follow on the next layout from our fun filled day.

God bless you and your lives!

Project Life Week 43 (A Lot of Layouts)

Hi friends,

Continuing on with PL for a few days.  I was in a car accident a few weeks ago.  It was really bad but God is good.  I am alive and healing.  I am going to go on vacation in a few weeks.  I am not sure if I am going to get to post for a bit but I will be back.  Hopefully I will make a YouTube video or two while I am gone.  🙂

First layout of PL week 43.

I took Matthew to get his hair cut.  I also took the kids to the beach for them to show Flat Stanley a good time.  The 2nd large slot has a picture that my friend sent to her son’s school to show where Flat Stanley had traveled.  She put it on Facebook and I saved a copy of it.  The bottom right picture is also a Flat Stanley picture (Abby on the beach with Flat Stanley).

The first little slot is a PL card that says “Hello”.  I put Week 43 in green and white alpha/numeric stickers.  The second small slot is my sweet Matthew snoozing in the van.  The third small slot has a PL card with a picture of a sandbox and it has the word sandbox printed on the side.  I put the word “God’s” above it in alpha stickers.  I always call the beach God’s sandbox.  The last small slot has a PL journaling card where I wrote about the pictures.  I put a brad of a pair of scissors where I told about Matthew’s haircut.

The first large pic on the bottom row is my niece in her princess dress.  She was the princess at the local high schools homecoming.  I put a clear acrylic PL card over the picture.  It has a cute saying on the upper portion of the card.

That is it for today.  More tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 42


A fun week with Project Life. A fun but short week.  Only one layout for this week.

Week 42.  Short and sweet.

In the top left and bottom left pictures I have pics of Flat Stanley.  He is a story book character that one of our friend’s son sent us to have adventures with.  If you haven’t heard about him then look him up on the computer.  It is really fun.  In the top picture the kids and I are holding Flat Stanley.  In the bottom picture we made him a place to stay in Abigail’s doll house.

There are three pictures of our front door decorated for Halloween.  It wasn’t hard to do and turned out really cute.  I did learn a lesson.  Never use masking tape on the door like that.  It was very hard to get off.  Brad had to help me and it was difficult for him, too.

The bottom small slot has a picture of Matthew with a library book.  He is quite the character – just like Flat Stanley!

The second small slot has a PL journaling card.  I wrote about the pictures and put a sticker of a silly pumpkin on it.

The third small slot has a PL card that I put alpha/numeric stickers on that say Week 42.

That is it for week 42.

May God bless you and your loved ones!