Project Life – The End of 2016 (and the beginning of 2017)

Hello friends,

The end of a project – finally!  The 2nd album for 2016 is finally on my shelf right beside the 1st album of 2016 – and out of the craft room!

Here is how I finished the album.

How we celebrated in the New Year (again) (I love it)!

The first small slot is a PL journaling card that I wrote on about how we brought in the New Year.  I also added a di-cut heart.

The second slot has a PL card that says, “You will forever be my always”.  The pictures aren’t great because it is night time on the beach.  They are of the fireworks and a selfie of Brad and I.

I had the backside of the layout to complete so I made it an intro to 2017.

The first slot I put the numbers 2017 on a PL card.

In the  next slot (small one) I used a PL resolutions card and I wrote my resolutions (they are good for any year).

My resolutions.

Lower my expectations of others – often I expect people to do something that they have no idea I would like.  When it doesn’t happen I get my feelings hurt or get frustrated.  I am doing better but still have room to improve.

Not to be fearful or worry – I definitely need to work on that, too.  Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything but negative things to happen.  It even decreases the length of your life.

Live large and be joyful – I want to find the joy in all circumstances.  The Bible says to so I need to do a better job of it.

Finally, Seek God continually.

Aren’t these awesome resolutions?

The next small slot has a New Years card.

The bottom left card says, “The story” and I added “of us”.

I put in a horizontal, striped, PL card next.

Finally, I put stickers that say celebrate, bravo, and then January on the last PL card.

I am finished!


Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  Tomorrow – a new album to work on!

God bless!


Project Life Christmas and Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day!



More work done in the craft room.  More than just scrapping.  We are getting ready to put our house on the market and I have started packing it up.  I am packing the things that I use the least first.  I am going to be sad when I have to pack up all of the scrapbooking things and stop scrapping until I unload in a different house.

Here are a few pages of PL.

More Christmas

The first photo is of Abby sitting at the vanity that Brad and I refinished.  It was a thrift store find.  I love how this picture has Abby’s face in the mirror.  The top two small pics and the picture below them is of everyone playing with their Nerf guns.  Love the pics of Ben and Matthew.  Amber looks really serious about her aiming.  I attached that picture to a large PL card.  I then put a play gun sticker beside it.  The bottom left picture is Matthew with a rocket (bath time fun).  Then (sharing one slot) two pics of Brad with a present and his stocking.  It was a good day.

Family friends visit.

Right after Christmas some of our NC friends came to visit.  They have kids so Matthew and Abby had a fun time with them.  The top 1/2 of the page is playing in our back yard.  The first bottom picture is of Matthew outside a restaurant in Beaufort.  Brad and I watched the kids for a few days while the parents worked.  The bottom two small slots have one PL card cut in 1/2.  I put a journaling card on the card before I cut it.  I journaled about our friends visiting and about the rooster.  I added stickers.  I think the car and track stickers look perfect because of the picture on the top far right.  Finally, the last slot is a PL card that says “well, hello there”.

Love the pages and love finishing up a project.  Almost through.  Just bringing in the new year.  Hopefully tomorrow that will happen.

God bless!

More of Project Life (Almost Done)

Hello  there,

Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mine went (as it always does)  way too fast.  Hubby had to work today but not too late.  Watched a few TV shows with the family this evening and had some laughs.  🙂

More PL layouts.


Look at the Gingerbread house Contest in Savannah.

The left top pic was Brad and I.  The right top pic was our friends Karen and Corey.  The top small pic is of the theater in Savannah (loved it).  The second small slot has a PL card with a winter sticker on it.  The third small slot has a picture of a fireplace with stockings hung (love it a lot, too).  The bottom small slot has a PL card that tells about what is happening on the page.  It has a 3D sticker that says Merry Christmas with snowflakes.  I added some more snowflake stickers on the top of the card.  The bottom left pic is a beautiful little church.  The bottom right pic is of Snoopy on his dog house.  Love, love, love all of them!

Some of our Christmas pics.

I also have scrapped some Christmas pics.  The top left is of my youngest in my new dachshund apron.  He is a much better model of it than I.  🙂  The top small slot has a sparkly deer on a blue card.  The second small slot has a small journaling card that I wrote about the pics and put two cute deer stickers on (and snowflakes).  I just noticed that I didn’t use the corner rounder on one of the corners.  Oops.  The third slot uses a snowflake made with a dryer sheet (I will post a video below to show how Terri and I learned about this skill) and a deer, snowflakes, and a Merry Christmas sticker along the bottom of a card.  The bottom left pic is of my middle son opening a gift and being silly.  The bottom small slot shows him with the same present (Google Home).  The third small slot is of a gift that my friend Grace gave me and my husband.  I added my own special touch – some mini mugs with some of my family’s names on them.  I bought them a long time ago and I gave one to my mom and dad.  When they passed away I got them back.  I want to find some for other members of my family.  That would be awesome!  Love the gift!

Here is the video of the dryer sheet project.


That is all for the day.  Hopefully more tomorrow – a busy time so I am never sure.

God bless!

Project Life Week 51 (2016)

Hello out there,

Since I finished up Tim’s albums I am in the mindset of finishing other projects – I have a few.  I have seen t-shirts that say “Queen of Unfinished Projects”.  I never thought that applied to me until last year.  Suddenly life got a little out of control and I have a lot of things that are “almost” done.  Now to tie up at least a few of those ends.

Week 51 of year 2016 – Project Life album.

I fully intended to have a 2017 album but I got so far behind that I came to accept several months ago that Project LIfe is a part of my past – at least for now.  They are my husband’s favorite albums but it is so easy to get behind.  It was hard for me to admit defeat – especially since I had already printed several months of 2017’s pictures.

Week 51 was mostly about Tim.  The first picture is Tim getting ready to go out of our door for his last day of school.  He finished high school in December but didn’t graduate until May 31st.  The right pic on the first row is him getting out of the car at school.  The first small card is a tan PL card that I put a high school sticker along the bottom of.  I also put a sticker that says, “outta here”.  And I put alpha/numeric stickers to show that it was week 51.  I wrote how it was Tim’s last day.  The second small project life card was a school card.  I filled in when he attended, what school and explained in the notes section how he finished in Dec but didn’t graduate until May.  The bottom left slot has a picture of Tim and his favorite teacher.  I trimmed down a PL card that says, “Memorable teacher” and attached it to the bottom of the picture.  I wrote her name and how she was Tim’s favorite teacher.  The third small slot talked about an endoscopy that Tim had the day after he finished school.  He was trying to figure out about his life time struggle of acid reflux.  The bottom small slot  has a pic of Tim at the hospital.  Finally, the last slot on the page is of his school’s mascot that was painted on the wall.  I added more of the “high school” sticker across the bottom of the picture.

That is all for the day.  Tomorrow – 2016 Christmas.  Wow!  I am behind!

God bless!

It’s “Sew Easy” (and time consuming)

Hi friends,

I am doing a senior prom layout today.  It was easy but time consuming (just like the title says).

I looked through all of my “Sew Easy” stencils and decided to put two different hearts on the layout.  I could have free handed other designs but I decided that prom was a perfect time to use hearts.

The sewing tools needed for papercrafting.

The stencil I used, the thread I used, and I also needed a piercing mat and a paper piercer.

First you put your stencil on top of a piece of paper (the heavier piece of paper is better to sew on) and that is placed on the piercing mat.  Then you pierce all of the holes into the paper.  Finally you start sewing starting on the back side of the page.  Finish up on the back side of the page and tie the knot there.

The back of the paper after I sewed on one heart.

The finished page. It is a lighter shade of gray than the picture shows.

After sewing the hearts I matted the pics and adhered them to the page.  A really simple but pretty layout.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

God bless!



Project Life Week 49 (part II)

Hi friends and family and fellow scrappers,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and a fabulous time celebrating Father’s Day!

I am finishing up week 49 today and then I am going to do a bit of traditional scrapbooking. To be honest traditional scrapping is my favorite because I love the creativity but I do love Project Life albums.

Part II and final part of week 49.

The first slot has a cross stitching picture that my mother in law made for me.  It is perfect and it goes perfectly in my bedroom.  She is awesome!

The first small slot has my odometer reading.  I love catching it when it flips to a new big number.

The second small slot is a journaling card that I made from some journaling paper.  I wrote about what is happening in the pics.

All of the other slots is about going to Charleston to see the Holiday Festival of Lights with my cousins.  In the bottom slots I used a brochure to tell about our experience.  I also used a border sticker in the last slot to decorate the sides of the brochure.

That is it for the day.

God bless you and your loved ones!

Project Life Week 49

Hi guys!

It’s Friday!  Not too many big plans for the weekend.  I do plan on taking the kids and a friend to the park and to the fountains to play in today.  And….this weekend is Fathers Day!  Hope to treat my husband well!  My dad is in heaven so I am sure that he will have a great day.  🙂

First page of week 49 of PL.

This page is all about Christmas.  The vertical pics are of the kids decorating our tree.

The first small slot has a picture of Matthew with Diego.  Diego has a Christmas hat on.

The second small slot is my week 49 card.  I took a PL card that says “Good Times” and put a Christmas sticker on it and wrote “week 49”.

The top horizontal pic is of Matthew with a Christmas train that we had bought.

Finally the bottom horizontal pic is a closeup of presents that came in the mail.

It is that time of the year – at least it was in this layout.

God bless!

Project Life Week 48 (part II)

Hello friends,

Finishing up week 48 today.  Four weeks left.  I have all the pictures printed but the last week.  I need to get that going!

The first and second slots has the December sticker to welcome in the month.  I also put cute deer and snowflake stickers on the cards.  On the second card I used the extra space to write about all the pictures.

The first picture was of Abigail waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Clause.  Every year in our community Mr and Mrs. Clause visit on a fire truck.  We wait with the front door open (weather permitting) so that we can’t miss hearing the truck.  It is dark so the pictures aren’t very good. The bottom right picture are of the night’s star – Mr. and Mrs. Clause.

The two big horizontal slots have Christmas lights.  The top of the first slot is when we were driving down a street.  I thought it was really pretty.  The bottom of the first slot and then the second slot are of a color changing ornament that we bought this year.  In the first slot I put a boarder sticker across the pictures where one picture met the other picture.

That is it for week 48.  More tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 48 (Part I)

Hi friends,

Back on track with scrapbooking and blogging.  My son graduated from high school and we had a lot of company visit.  A good and busy time was had.

Tim graduates!

Now to get to business!

First part of PL week 48.

This page is almost all of Matthew.  First Matthew at the park, then Matthew at the library at play time, then Matthew at the restaurant by the theater, and Matthew checking out a business’s Christmas tree.  Yes, that is a stuffed cheeseburger.  He knew it was there so I assume his parents have taken him to this place before.

Above the Christmas tree pic is a picture of the ornament that I got Tim for Christmas this year.  It is called “Wiener Wonderland”.

I put the PL week information in the top right slot.  I used a handmade Christmas card that was given to me to make the the card out of.  I put a chipboard snowflake sticker on the card in two places.  On one I wrote what week it was.

I will finish up week 48 tomorrow.

God bless you and your loved ones!

Project Life Week 47


Just a one page Project Life week.  That is definitely the exception.  I wish I had more of those but I guess my life is too exciting (yeah, right).

Project Life week 47.

The first small slot is a pumpkin sticker on a yellow PL card.

The second small slot has a picture of my newest pedicure – Christmas trees on my big toe.  It is almost Christmas!

The large slot on the top row has chip board banners that I put “week 47” stickers on.  I also put stickers that say “thanksgiving” in the little squares down below the banners.  Finally I wrote that we went to Greensboro the weekend after Thanksgiving at the bottom of the card.


The first horizontal slot is the last pic of Thanksgiving.

The bottom horizontal slot has a picture of Matthew and Abby on a sleigh.  It is attached to a piece of Christmas cardstock.

The last picture on the page is Tim and Camila at the mall in Greensboro.  I put a heart sticker on the picture.

That is all for the entire week.  Hip hip hooray.

God bless!