Pinning a Few Tags

I’ve been looking at ideas that I have pulled out of magazines and books.  When at The Container Store last weekend I found a package of mini clothes pins.  I have seen them used in a lot of layouts but I had pulled a page out of a magazine that I really liked.  That is what this page is based on.

My finished page of my awesome kid.

My finished page of my awesome kid.  

To make the tags I found some big letters that I already had.  I then inked around the tags using the technique of applying the ink directly from the ink pad to the tag.  I added some washi tape.  In the journaling tag I used it had some ribbon/tape pieces at the bottom that were cut in a “v”.  I duplicated that with the washi tape.  I journaled on the jouraling tag and called them complete.  I found a piece of ribbon and attached it with my Fastenater to one side of the layout.  I then weaved the tags onto the ribbon and attached the ribbon to the other side of the layout.

I then adhered my picture (already matted) to the layout and then put a small amount of adhesive on the back of the tags so that they would stay where I liked them.  I added the darling mini clothes pins to the top of the tags where it looked like they were holding the tags to the ribbon.  Finally, I added some washi tape to both sides of the layout and three clips on the bottom side of the matted picture.  This turned out awesome – just like my son!

I hope your Thursday is tremendously terrific!

God bless!


Hey, scrapbooking family!  This is just a quick idea – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.  I have all these pictures that have precious handwriting on the back.  Until this point I had been writing down some of what was written on the picture.  I had an ‘aha’ moment while scrapping and I photocopied the words and used it on the layout.

My grandma’s precious handwriting. ♥

Before I felt like I had to suck it up and cover up the words.  This might be a better alternative occasionally.  Why not let my grandma journal for me?

God bless!


Hello, scrapbooking family!  Hope your week is going as you planned.  I just wanted to show another way to journal.  This can be writing by hand or by using the computer.  I chose to use the computer this time.  Instead of having the journaling go across the page or as a banner, as I’ve shown in the past, make the journaling into a column (like newspapers and magazines do).  When just one column is needed then it can become the border.  This is what I am showing in my finished page.

Baby on the way!

To accomplish on the computer, simply adjust the margins.  Very simple!

Have a great hump day!

God bless!


Journaling – Quick Options

Good day to all of you!  We are finally into glorious fall!  I love it when the trees change.  I am hoping to take a drive and see all of God’s beautiful colors before they fall to the ground.

I’ve been sharing about the importance of journaling.  I wanted to share a short cut.  At all craft stores they have all kinds of tags and papers that are lined.  These let you journal until your hearts content, using your own handwriting, and without drawing lines (no fear of going up or down hill).  Here are a few examples:

A lined piece of paper that is perfect for journaling about school pictures and a couple of large lined tags.

I used another large lined tag for the pages I scrapped.  I actually divided it up and used it on two pages.  Here is the result.

Mom’s birthdays.

Another birthday – notice the tag.

I hope I am giving you some ideas to spur your creativity.

Have a great day and God bless!


Journaling – Using the Computer

In my previous post I talked about the importance of journaling and the importance of, at least some of the time, using your own handwriting.  Some people are very comfortable with this and this is the method that they prefer.  Others have a hard time forming what they want to say on paper and are more comfortable using the computer.

I usually journal in my own handwriting just because it is what I am use to and that makes it quicker.  The more comfortable I get on the computer, the easier using it to journal becomes.  Today I made my journal entry on the computer.  I put a light blue cardstock in the printer and printed my journaling.  I could have used the blue cardstock as my background page but I decided to use a Road Trip paper as my background page.  Another option would be to print the entry column style.

Here is the page that I scrapbooked.  It was was very easy to do and probably as quick, if not quicker, as handwriting the entry – especially if I had drawn lines on the page ahead of time.

Using my computer to complete the page.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

God bless!



I’ve talked on other posts about how important it is to tell your story on your pages.  Sometimes the pictures say everything that needs to be said.  That’s not very often.  Especially if the perspective is from someone looking at the album when the scrapbooker is not there to explain it.  This could happen now or in the future when the person that created the album is not alive.

There are a lot of ways to journal.  I think it is very important to use actual handwriting at least some of the time.  Even if my handwriting isn’t the best, people who are close to me can look at a note and know it is from me even if I don’t sign my name.  I love looking at cards and notes from my mom and dad (who aren’t alive now) and knowing that they wrote them.  I also have notes from my husband and kids that I hold close, letters from my grandma and aunts that are priceless to me….  To me, a written message is the most personal and more treasured.    Something physical that can be held on to and looked at over and over.

One of the easiest ways to journal and make sure it isn’t going down the page is to draw lines.  That can be done with a marker that is left on the page or with a pencil and then erasing it after the journaling is completed.  I chose to draw the lines with a marker and then leave it on the page.  I put my pictures on the page before I drew the lines.  I then lined up my page on the grid on my magnetic board and secured it with magnets.  I then began to draw lines everywhere I wanted to journal.

Page in place, magnets holding it steady, straight edge lined up on the grid.

I had a lot of story to tell with these pictures because I didn’t take very many of them.  I do have a lot of memories that I wanted to share.  I made this a two page layout because one page of journaling wasn’t enough.  Here is the finished result.

Colorado snow storm.

Pictures in the car.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

God bless!