A Twenty-one Pilot’s Thank You

Hello Crafty People,

Today I have created another Twenty-one Pilot’s layout.  We have so many pics from concerts that there might be one or two more layouts to follow.

A personal thanks from Twenty-one Pilots.

When Tim first went to a Twenty-one Pilot’s concert the band wasn’t nearly as popular as they are now.  They handed out these pieces of paper that said “hello” and “Thank You” on it.  It was only black and white so I colored in on the paper using the group’s favorite colors.  I adhered it to a piece of cardstock.  I matted all the pics on white papers.  I put them on the bottom of the cardstock, layering them.  I love the first picture.  We were outside and it was pouring.  That picture really shows the rain.

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!

Fun in the Sun (or in the Studio)

Hello friends,

So happy that you are here and taking an interest in my creations and in creating new ones of your own.  In a few days I will have to take a break because painters are coming to paint my scrapbook room.  I have to pack it up and put it away and then do the opposite.  When we moved to this house my scrapbook (craft) room had an elephant on the wall as you walk in and a monkey in a palm tree (that continues onto the ceiling)  on the far wall.  As I am packing up and putting away I am trying to go through some of it and get rid of what I will never use.  I am trying not to be a scrapbooking hoarder.  That is tough.  I am also trying to organize as I go so that when it comes time to unpack I can make things a little nicer and neater.  (Hoping my hubby will help).

Meanwhile I am trying to get a few more pages done before that happens.

This is a cute pic of Matthew.  We always try to have cute outfits to put on the kids when they have their pics taken.  Well, Matthew’s mama came up with the idea of taking off clothes (just his shirt) since we were having a beach background.  It turned out really cute.

Baywatch for kids. 🙂

I started with a orange piece of cardstock (Matthew’s favorite colors – as I have said before).  I then put the half page of cardstock that has the saying on it on the left side of the page.  I matted Matthew’s picture (before matting it I used a X-acto knife and cut around the ticket, half circle of triangles, and the tags on the right of the mat.  I put them on top of the picture and added a little adhesive to the back of them to make them lay flat) and then added some cute stickers and di-cuts (including the cute camera).

So cute!

More where this came from!

See you tomorrow!

God bless!

Beach Time Boy


This doesn’t come from Hawaii but from the beach.  Trying to think of a new way to say hi everyday is difficult.

Cuteness (times 2).

Cuteness (times 2).

This is for Matthew’s album but one of the pictures has Abby in it, too.  I matted all the photos.  On some I rounded the corners of the matting, on some I kept them square, on some I rounded the corners of the pictures, some I kept square, and finally, on the bucket I trimmed around the top of the bucket on the picture and then trimmed around the picture on the matting.

The background is part of a page that I had cut apart using it on another layout.  The paper had two gold ribbons attached to it.  I then attached the partial background paper to a piece of blue cardstock.  I attached a border sticker that I had also dissected.  It had the words “Hittin’ the” and then I added big, curvy, multi colored letters that say “beach”.  The partial border sticker had a boat so I added another boat sticker at the other end.  I also wrote 2016 down below it.

I attached the pictures making the bucket twisted a bit.  I added a a cute sticker in between all of the pictures that says, “Good time for summer days”.  Perfect for a beach layout.

That is all!

God bless!

Project Life Week 52 (Part VI)


This is getting crazy, right?  I knew it was going to be this way.  There are so many pics that didn’t get into the PL album, too.

Finishing up Christmas and then our picnic on the beach.

Finishing up Christmas and then our picnic on the beach.

After presents were open, Ben and Brad put together the kids’ bikes.  They rode for quite awhile.  Matthew’s is a balancing bike.  No pedals or training wheels.  It is supposed to teach kids how to ride a bike without the the need of training wheels.  He loves it.  On the second row I attached a bicycle tag to a PL card.  The second small slot is me out watching the kids.  I really don’t care for this picture of me besides the fact that it reminds me a lot of my mom.  The third small slot has two pics pared down and attached to a PL card.  The last small slot is a snowman picture (don’t see snowmen where we live now) on a PL card.

The bottom row consists of Brad and I picnicking on the beach.  I got a picnic basket when I was with my friend, Debbie, in CA over spring break last year.  We got matching picnic baskets.  When we visit each other we are going to picnic.  Also, when we go on picnics we will think of each other.  We both had always wanted a nice one.  Well, I had never used mine.  The day before Brad had to go back to work was a very nice temperature (a little cloudy).  We packed a very quick picnic and hit the beach.  The first large slot is a picture of me holding a plate (Debbie sent me these awesome plates for my birthday).  I trimmed it down and attached it to a PL card.  On the right side of the card I put a picture of the picnic basket that I had trimmed down.  I also put the perfect border sticker as a divider on the card.  It says “Yum! Yum! Yum!”.  I also journaled on the card.  I got a lot of use out of that slot.  The last large slot also has two pics in it.  The first are Brad’s toes in the sand.  The second is a LARGE snake that we saw while walking up to the beach.  I hadn’t seen one by the beach before.  Creeped me out a bit.  Some people think it is a coral snake.  Others a corn snake.  I hope it is a corn snake because they are not poisonous.

More tomorrow!

God bless!

Project Life Week 51 – Part I

Hi friends,

Another day of scrapping the PL way.  I am looking forward to getting caught up so I can go back to a bit of “regular” scrapping.

Part I of PL week 51.

Part I of PL week 51.

This is sweet Abby’s winter concert night.  The first slot is from the front of the concert program.  The second slot is Abby and me before we left for the concert.  I had to get her ready because Amber had to work.  Amber met us there.  The first small slot is proud dad with the kids with the Christmas tree behind them.  The second small slot is part of the decoration from the program.  I cut it out and put it on a PL card.  I added some stickers.  The bottom sticker is a border sticker that I also added at the bottom of the pics in the bottom right slot.  The third and forth small slots are two pics that I cut in half and trimmed down.  I rounded the top corners.  I put the bottom half of the pics in the bottom large slot on a PL card.  I wanted the bottom of the pictures because I wanted Absey Doodles cute shoes that she wore to the concert to show.  You can’t really see them in the picture of the page but you can when looking at the album.  I wrote the week below the pics on the PL card before adding the border sticker.  The bottom left pic is Ben, Matthew, and Tim waiting for the concert to start (and for Amber to arrive).

This was a fun night and Abby looked so pretty!

See you after the weekend!

God bless!

Project Life Week 47 (Part II)

Hi friends,

This is the last part of week 47.  It was just a fun night out with my daughter-in-law and two of my grandkids.

Second part of week 47 - Disney on Ice.

Second part of week 47 – Disney on Ice.

This was a VERY fun night.  I love to watch ice skating and these skaters were awesome!  The first slot had our tickets put on a PL card.  I trimmed down two pics and added them at the bottom.  I wanted to put as many pics as possible on this layout because I had a lot.

All of the small slots had pics that I trimmed down.  The 3rd small slot had two different trimmed down pics.  I put them on a PL card.  I also added a couple of snowflake stickers.

The top right pic is of the kids in their Disney outfits getting ready to leave and celebrate.

The bottom left pic is part of a picture that I put on a PL card.  I wanted all of the characters in it so I continued it into the small slot (the 3rd small slot that I wrote about above).  I added snowflakes to this slot, too.

The last large pic (bottom right slot) are a lot of the princesses.

We had such a great night.  We try go somewhere special like this once or twice a year.  We don’t know how long that we will be in the situation to do things like this.  Last spring we went to Mickey’s Magic.

Well, week 47 is documented.

On to week 48!

God bless!

“Bear”y Sweet Layout

Hi guys!

On today’s layout I used a play on words.  There is a big teddy bear in the picture with my little granddaughter.  I decided to make the title “A Bear-y Sweet Girl.  But instead of spelling bear I put a picture of a teddy bear.

My bear y sweet granddaughter.

My bear y sweet granddaughter.

To make the layout I used a piece of decorative paper that came in the scrapbook I am using for my granddaughter.  It had a great place to put a title above and below the picture.  I used different pink decorative alpha stickers.  I put hearts on either side of the word “girl” down below the picture.  I then attached the picture without matting it. There really wasn’t any room to mat the picture without having it go over into the title area.  To make the picture looked more finished added a light piece of decorative aluminum to just one corner of the picture.  For some reason I couldn’t get the adhesive to stick so I attached it with three tiny pink brads.  I also added the date using plastic letters and numbers.

Very cute layout for a very cute girl!

God bless!

My Heart

Hello friends,

Today I am starting my youngest granddaughter’s scrapbook.  It is not going to be scrapped chronologically but eventually I will put the pages that way.  This layout is a very simple one.  I punched a heart from the bottom left corner of my decorative cardstock paper I am using for the background.  The heart that I punched out I covered in a layer of white lace – I only attached the lace on the ends.  I then weaved two pieces of pink lace through the white lace I had already applied (attaching the pink lace at the ends).  I adhered the lace covered heart to a slightly larger piece of paper and then attached the paper to the back of the decorative cardstock background paper.

I rounded the corner of the picture and then matted it.  I rounded the corners of the mat and then attached it to the background paper.  The only thing left was an awesome sticker that says, “children are LOVE made visible”.  True.

My sweet Lily.  Love her!

My sweet Lily. Love her!

Hope your day is as sweet as this granddaughter of mine!

God bless!

Project Life Week 38

Hello buds,

Today I come at ya with another Project Life layout.  This one came together fast.  I had a lot of pics to choose from.  Tim’s first working experience, driving experience, friends from KS visiting….

Left side of PL week 38.

Left side of PL week 38.

The first picture is of costumes that I had bought for my grandkids for Halloween.  Normally I wait until a week or so before and go buy them and then mail them.  There isn’t a lot to choose from.  This year I decided to buy them early and get the choice costumes.  My granddaughter in TX decided she wanted to be a Frozen character (blue outfit) so I had to take the Sophie outfit back.  My granddaughter in KS wanted to be Wonder Woman.  There isn’t that costume at the store (no matter how early I shop ) so I found it on ebay.  It was mailed to her and her parents let her try it on early – the small pic is of the little beauty.  My oldest grandson is going to be a Marine and my youngest is going to be Spiderman.

The next pic is of Tim coming out after his first day of working at Chick Fil A.  My boy is growing up!

The alligator is actually on the ceiling of a new hamburger joint that Brad and I tried.

Last but not least (on this page) is a pic of my new (bought on ebay) dehydrator with apples being dried out.

Right side of PL week 38.

Right side of PL week 38.

The first pic is of Tim’s first driving experience.  He has been studying his handbook but his dad decided to take him in a little used parking lot to give it a try.

Below it (little pic) is of the lighthouse on Tybee island.  On the card next to it I explained how I picked up my friends, Bonnie and Carmela, at the airport in Jacksonville.  On the way home we took a detour to see the lighthouse.  It was closed and it was dark out side but the lighthouse was lit up.  It was very beautiful and none of us had ever experienced that.

The top right pic is of the three of us on a dolphin cruise.  The flag (below it) is on the boat that took us.  The little pic on the far right is on the lighthouse on Hilton Head – at the top of course (I cut the strip of a picture that we took that said, “Welcome to the top of the lighthouse” and put it on a blank PL card.  The rest of the card I decorated with my Week 38, a chipboard palm tree, and a sticker that says,

“Palm trees

ocean breeze

Salty air –

sunkissed hair

That endless


Take me there…”

The bottom left pic is of all of our feet with 2014 written in the sand.

Complete layout of PL week 38.

Complete layout of PL week 38.

That is all for week 38’s layout.  It was a crazy few days with my friends.  We left in the morning and only once got home before 9 – yes pm.

Hope you have some special friends to laugh with – we did a lot of that!

God bless!