Project Life – The End of 2016 (and the beginning of 2017)

Hello friends,

The end of a project – finally!  The 2nd album for 2016 is finally on my shelf right beside the 1st album of 2016 – and out of the craft room!

Here is how I finished the album.

How we celebrated in the New Year (again) (I love it)!

The first small slot is a PL journaling card that I wrote on about how we brought in the New Year.  I also added a di-cut heart.

The second slot has a PL card that says, “You will forever be my always”.  The pictures aren’t great because it is night time on the beach.  They are of the fireworks and a selfie of Brad and I.

I had the backside of the layout to complete so I made it an intro to 2017.

The first slot I put the numbers 2017 on a PL card.

In the  next slot (small one) I used a PL resolutions card and I wrote my resolutions (they are good for any year).

My resolutions.

Lower my expectations of others – often I expect people to do something that they have no idea I would like.  When it doesn’t happen I get my feelings hurt or get frustrated.  I am doing better but still have room to improve.

Not to be fearful or worry – I definitely need to work on that, too.  Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything but negative things to happen.  It even decreases the length of your life.

Live large and be joyful – I want to find the joy in all circumstances.  The Bible says to so I need to do a better job of it.

Finally, Seek God continually.

Aren’t these awesome resolutions?

The next small slot has a New Years card.

The bottom left card says, “The story” and I added “of us”.

I put in a horizontal, striped, PL card next.

Finally, I put stickers that say celebrate, bravo, and then January on the last PL card.

I am finished!


Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  Tomorrow – a new album to work on!

God bless!


Project Life Christmas and Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day!



More work done in the craft room.  More than just scrapping.  We are getting ready to put our house on the market and I have started packing it up.  I am packing the things that I use the least first.  I am going to be sad when I have to pack up all of the scrapbooking things and stop scrapping until I unload in a different house.

Here are a few pages of PL.

More Christmas

The first photo is of Abby sitting at the vanity that Brad and I refinished.  It was a thrift store find.  I love how this picture has Abby’s face in the mirror.  The top two small pics and the picture below them is of everyone playing with their Nerf guns.  Love the pics of Ben and Matthew.  Amber looks really serious about her aiming.  I attached that picture to a large PL card.  I then put a play gun sticker beside it.  The bottom left picture is Matthew with a rocket (bath time fun).  Then (sharing one slot) two pics of Brad with a present and his stocking.  It was a good day.

Family friends visit.

Right after Christmas some of our NC friends came to visit.  They have kids so Matthew and Abby had a fun time with them.  The top 1/2 of the page is playing in our back yard.  The first bottom picture is of Matthew outside a restaurant in Beaufort.  Brad and I watched the kids for a few days while the parents worked.  The bottom two small slots have one PL card cut in 1/2.  I put a journaling card on the card before I cut it.  I journaled about our friends visiting and about the rooster.  I added stickers.  I think the car and track stickers look perfect because of the picture on the top far right.  Finally, the last slot is a PL card that says “well, hello there”.

Love the pages and love finishing up a project.  Almost through.  Just bringing in the new year.  Hopefully tomorrow that will happen.

God bless!

More of Project Life (Almost Done)

Hello  there,

Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mine went (as it always does)  way too fast.  Hubby had to work today but not too late.  Watched a few TV shows with the family this evening and had some laughs.  🙂

More PL layouts.


Look at the Gingerbread house Contest in Savannah.

The left top pic was Brad and I.  The right top pic was our friends Karen and Corey.  The top small pic is of the theater in Savannah (loved it).  The second small slot has a PL card with a winter sticker on it.  The third small slot has a picture of a fireplace with stockings hung (love it a lot, too).  The bottom small slot has a PL card that tells about what is happening on the page.  It has a 3D sticker that says Merry Christmas with snowflakes.  I added some more snowflake stickers on the top of the card.  The bottom left pic is a beautiful little church.  The bottom right pic is of Snoopy on his dog house.  Love, love, love all of them!

Some of our Christmas pics.

I also have scrapped some Christmas pics.  The top left is of my youngest in my new dachshund apron.  He is a much better model of it than I.  🙂  The top small slot has a sparkly deer on a blue card.  The second small slot has a small journaling card that I wrote about the pics and put two cute deer stickers on (and snowflakes).  I just noticed that I didn’t use the corner rounder on one of the corners.  Oops.  The third slot uses a snowflake made with a dryer sheet (I will post a video below to show how Terri and I learned about this skill) and a deer, snowflakes, and a Merry Christmas sticker along the bottom of a card.  The bottom left pic is of my middle son opening a gift and being silly.  The bottom small slot shows him with the same present (Google Home).  The third small slot is of a gift that my friend Grace gave me and my husband.  I added my own special touch – some mini mugs with some of my family’s names on them.  I bought them a long time ago and I gave one to my mom and dad.  When they passed away I got them back.  I want to find some for other members of my family.  That would be awesome!  Love the gift!

Here is the video of the dryer sheet project.


That is all for the day.  Hopefully more tomorrow – a busy time so I am never sure.

God bless!

Project Life Week 51 (2016)

Hello out there,

Since I finished up Tim’s albums I am in the mindset of finishing other projects – I have a few.  I have seen t-shirts that say “Queen of Unfinished Projects”.  I never thought that applied to me until last year.  Suddenly life got a little out of control and I have a lot of things that are “almost” done.  Now to tie up at least a few of those ends.

Week 51 of year 2016 – Project Life album.

I fully intended to have a 2017 album but I got so far behind that I came to accept several months ago that Project LIfe is a part of my past – at least for now.  They are my husband’s favorite albums but it is so easy to get behind.  It was hard for me to admit defeat – especially since I had already printed several months of 2017’s pictures.

Week 51 was mostly about Tim.  The first picture is Tim getting ready to go out of our door for his last day of school.  He finished high school in December but didn’t graduate until May 31st.  The right pic on the first row is him getting out of the car at school.  The first small card is a tan PL card that I put a high school sticker along the bottom of.  I also put a sticker that says, “outta here”.  And I put alpha/numeric stickers to show that it was week 51.  I wrote how it was Tim’s last day.  The second small project life card was a school card.  I filled in when he attended, what school and explained in the notes section how he finished in Dec but didn’t graduate until May.  The bottom left slot has a picture of Tim and his favorite teacher.  I trimmed down a PL card that says, “Memorable teacher” and attached it to the bottom of the picture.  I wrote her name and how she was Tim’s favorite teacher.  The third small slot talked about an endoscopy that Tim had the day after he finished school.  He was trying to figure out about his life time struggle of acid reflux.  The bottom small slot  has a pic of Tim at the hospital.  Finally, the last slot on the page is of his school’s mascot that was painted on the wall.  I added more of the “high school” sticker across the bottom of the picture.

That is all for the day.  Tomorrow – 2016 Christmas.  Wow!  I am behind!

God bless!

1st Car

Hey Guys,

This is the last layout for Tim’s senior/high school albums.  I am so excited about the albums being finished for two reasons.  One:  They are awesome!  Two:  I honestly am ready to scrap something else and to finish some other projects.  🙂

Here is the last page – it is wonderful!

Tim’s first car – he got it on his 19th birthday.

I had been saving some of the stickers for quite some time for this layout.  I dug through several of my travel papers to decide what I wanted on my background.  I like this one the best because of all the street signs and because it is kind of muted.  I didn’t want the page to be too busy.  I then matted the picture of Tim and the car.  I added the border sticker on the bottom of the page.  I attached the photo after figuring out where I wanted everything.  I then matted the stoplight sticker and the “Speed Limit 50” sticker (saving room to have a tag to journal on beside it).  I attached those to the background paper and then added the sticker that created the title of the page – 1st car.

It wasn’t a lot of work but it did take planning and thought.  Love it!

God bless!

Senior Picture Collage

Hi friends,

I have another idea that Pinterest helped to inspire.

Senior collage layout. – <3

I started with a perfect piece of background paper.  All of Tim’s pictures were taken outside – most where there were trees.  I then punched several squares out of complementary brown paper.  I cut out some rectangles that were twice as big as the squares.  I then punched pictures from the next size smaller of square punches.  I also cut out pictures to go onto the brown rectangular paper.  I wanted to put the year that Tim graduated and I knew where those numbers and squares would go so I attached those squares to the page.  I used my magnetic rulers to keep everything where I wanted it.  Next I played around with where I wanted the pictures.  When I finally found the way that I liked them the best I adhered them to the page.  I love how it turned out!

God bless!

Now & Then

Hi friends,

Another post – two days in row.  I am awesome!  🙂

This post has a picture that I put in Tim’s yearbook (his kindergarten picture) along with a scripture.  He had no idea that it was going to be in there.  He was surprised and I think it was a good surprise.  I also had one of his senior pictures in the layout.  That is how I got the title “Now & Then”.  I love it!  I also love how his shirts in both pics are really similar.

An awesome layout inspired by Pinterest.

I started with the burlap background paper.  I then matted the two pics on a piece of brown paper and then matted that on the dotted paper.  I adhered that to the burlap paper.  I added the title to the burlap.  I used the ruler trick to make sure it was straight and evenly spaced.  You barely attach the letters to a ruler and then lay the ruler (with the letters) on top of where you want them attached.  You press down on the letters to strongly attach them and then gently remove the ruler.  Last but not least, I journaled about the yearbook picture onto a tag and attached it to the brown mat.

I love how it turned out.

God bless!

Epic Fails – not in scrapping


Hope your weekend was awesome!

I am scrapping not so awesome events – Tim’s sprained ankles.  Ouch!

Tim’s big ouchies!

I started with a piece of red cardstock with stars punched out on the top and bottom.  I put paper behind the stars.  I used camo paper and tan paper.  I then matted all the pics, figured out where I wanted them, and adhered them.  I found the title “Epic Fails” on a layout on Pinterest.  I adhered the letters around a picture.  I journaled on a tag and adhered it to the layout and added stickers that I had been saving for this layout for a long time.  🙂

Love the page but wish that he didn’t have to go through the sprains.

God bless!

High School Collage

Hello friends,

I am making another collage paper.  Had some pics that I wanted to scrap before I finished the album.  That was the best way to do it.

Fun times in high school.

All I did was line up the pics going down the left side of the page.  I then put the pic on the top right side of the page.  The picture I wanted to include last was a larger picture that was a portrait picture.  I mounted it on a piece of decorative paper before adhering it to the page.  I also included his Bluffton School ID on the left side of the page on top of a part of the picture that wasn’t essential.  I divided the page with a border sticker and also included a sticker that says “laughter”.

Sometimes I think that I overuse the collage pages but it is such an easy way to put pictures in the album that otherwise wouldn’t fit.

God bless all of you!



Hello crafters,

Hope you are all having the time and energy to be doing a little crafting here and there.  My husband and I are planning on downsizing.  One of the first steps we have to do to get the house ready to go on the market is to have our upstairs carpets cleaned (then we will know if they have to be replaced).  In order to do that I have to pack up my scrapbook room.  I am a little bummed (it will put a big stall on my scrapping) and excited (I will be able to go through and downsize my scrapping stuff).  I love it but there is a lot that I honestly haven’t used for years.  It adds to confusion so I might as well let it go (and maybe someone else will be blessed by it) and when I get to unpack I will be able to organize a little better.

I believe that Tim will soar!

I used a piece of beloved camera paper as a background paper.  It is a little busy so I matted the pictures on a piece of green wood paper (green matches the blanket and Tim’s school colors) and further matted the individual pics on black paper.  I figured out where I wanted the pics (layering a bit) and adhered them to the green paper.  I added the kite sticker (I have had it for years) and then the word “soar”.  Finally I added a journaling card (it had a chevron design at the top and that coordinated with the design in Tim’s blanket) explaining how our family friend, Colleen, made Tim the blanket.

Love scrapping graduation layouts but happy they are coming to a close.

God bless!