Project Life Week 29 (Part 2)

Hi friends, family and fellow scrappers!


I am always so excited for the weekend.  This year we have so much to do before Christmas.  We have committed to a project for our granddaughter that is a joint effort with my hubby and me.  We have so little time together from his crazy work schedule that I am feeling a little pressured that it might not happen.  I will post a picture after Christmas.  I am excited but nervous about the time frame.

The second part of PL week 29.

This page shows pictures of us and the crowd (I wanted to show how big the crowd was) at the Christian event in Washington.  We left early and ended up not coming back because the event was shut down early because of the heat.  We ended up going to The Museum of American History.  One of the displays was of all of the presidential candidates and of course I took a picture of the Trump one.  We passed by Ford’s Theater – I took a picture of that.

On the bottom Left picture I put two pictures on a PL card.  To make a clear definition I added a border sticker between the two.  I did the same thing with the bottom small slot.  I used a PL journaling card.  I put a picture on 1/2 of it and journaled on the other half.  I then added the border sticker.

That’s it for part II.  Part III the next time I post.

God bless!



Project Life Week 29 (Part I)

Hello out there….

Back to PL after one day of traditional scrapping.  I really want to do more traditional but I am so far behind on PL.

First part of PL week 29.

This is a start of the time when my Washington friend (use to be California friend) popped by my house to pick me up (along with three of her girls) to go to Washington DC for the Together 2016 event.  It was kind of a Christian march on Washington.  It was at the Washington monument area.  It was so hot that we had to  leave early to get lunch.  They ended up cancelling the event while we were out for lunch because people were getting sick from the heat.  It was still awesome!

The first picture is a selfie with all of us in the car.  The second large picture is of the Washington monument.  The first small pic is of a license tag that says QQQQQQ.  It was strange so I took a picture.  The second small picture is of the welcome to Washington DC sign.  I saved the sheet from the hotel room.  I put it in part of the large slot (along with a picture from the event) and then also in the 3rd small slot.  In the 3rd small slot I mounted it on a PL card.  I also attached the clear disc with the gold 29 and wrote the word “Week”.  I also put on a sticker of a taxi.  We took several taxis over the two days.  We weren’t planning on it but it happened.  The last small slot has a PL journaling card.  I journaled about our trip on it.  Finally, the last large picture is NOT a selfie pic.  We actually had someone take a picture of all of us together in front of the monument.

That is it for the day.

God bless!


Superhero Boy


I did a super quick traditional scrapbook layout for Matthew’s scrapbook.  I found a perfect piece of paper at a garage sale this summer.  I knew (sort of) what I wanted to do.  I ended up with simple.

Matthew in two of his favorite superhero costumes (and swimming clothes).

I matted three pictures of Matthew in superhero costumes and then in swimming outfit.  If you look you can see that his swimming outfit of choice is Batman on the top and Spiderman on the bottom.  He loves superheros.  This year at Halloween he was Thor.  He is so much like his dad that way.

After matting the pictures I layered them on the page leaving as many Spidermans exposed as possible.  I then matted a saying and adhered it to the page.  I know that you can’t read the saying but it says, “You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons.  And if you treat them like sons they’ll turn into heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes”.

I think it turned out really super.  🙂

God bless!









Project Life Week 28 (part II)

Hi friends,

Back for more fun.  I love scrapping and wish I had more time for it!

PL week 28.  Sweet Absey's birthday party.

PL week 28. Sweet Absey’s birthday party.

This was a fun day for Absey Doodle.  I put the week 28 clear disc on top of the empty space of a picture.  I then wrote “week” and about the pictures with a slick writer pen on top of the picture.  I also put a Happy Birthday sticker on the picture.

Besides the party we have a few pictures of Matthew and Grandpa putting the teeter totter, that we got Absey, together.  There is a picture of them using it in the house.  Finally there is a picture of Ben helping Matthew teeter totter when Abigail was through.

Fun day for a fun girl!

God bless!


Project Life Week 28 (part I)


I hope that your Thanksgiving feast was wonderful and you stuffed yourself and didn’t gain an ounce.  🙂

I am back on the PL journey.  Life is always so busy that I am not getting all I need to accomplished in my scrapbook world.  I guess the main thing is to enjoy it.

Sweet Absey's birthday party.  PL week 28.

Sweet Absey’s birthday party. PL week 28.

All of the pictures on this page is of Abby’s 7th birthday party.  I made her a checkerboard Minecraft cake and it turned out really cute.  I wish I had a CLOSEUP.  I made a tag to tell what was going on.  I put a tag on top of a PL card.  I journaled on it and put a cute birthday sticker on top of that.  So cute!

She had such a fun time and I was so happy to be able to be there.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!


Project Life Week 27 (part 2)

Hello guys and gals (mostly gals),

Moving on with PL.  I have a lot more of these where this is coming from.

Finishing week 27.

Finishing week 27.

Most of this page is from another day at the park.  When you have two kids during the summer it kills a lot of time, uses a lot of energy, and just makes life a lot more enjoyable to go to the park.  The second small picture is of a birds nest I found when taking down a hanging plant to throw away.  The last small picture and the bottom one is a new, fun recipe that I found on Facebook.


You grill hotdogs.  Prepare cornbread.  Put the grilled hotdogs onto the prepared cornbread and cook until the cornbread is done.  I had already made homemade chili.  I cut up the hotdogs/cornbread combination and put it on a plate.  Topped it with chili.  Finally, I added cheese and sour cream.  Yum!

That is all for now.

God bless!


Project Life Week 27

Hello fellow Indians and pilgrims,

I don’t know if it is proper to say indians any more.  I never found anything offensive by it but I am not always in the know.

Celebrating America!

Celebrating America!

Kind of funny I salutated with names related to Thanksgiving and in the PL album I am scrapping the 4th of July.  Such is life.  🙂

The first slot is my week 27 card that I made.  I used a July sticker since this is the first layout with July stuff.  I have been trying to do that more consistently in this album.  I used yellow letters to spell week and the clear acrylic disc with the gold numbers 2 and 7 to clarify that it is week 27.  I put stickers and border stickers on the card to make it a little more 4th of Julyish.

The top right picture is of yum that I made.  We all love fruit but my granddaughter Abby loves her strawberries and blueberries best so we piled them on.

The first small slot is of fireworks.  The second small slot is just a plain PL card.  The third small slot is a PL memory card that I wrote on about our day.  The last small slot is of Matthew with his face covered in the yum.  🙂

The bottom row is of us watching fireworks.  We found a good spot last year to watch that was close to home.  We went again this year and it was just as good.

That is all for the day.

God bless!


Finishing Up PL Week 26

Hi friends,

I intended on posting every day this week.  That didn’t happen.  Life did. Doctor appointments, birthdays, food poisoning….  Some of that will be in PL eventually.

Today I am finishing up a long week.  A lot happened.  A lot of fun!

The ending of a big week.

The ending of a big week.

The first picture was taken in my car.  It is of the birthday present that Ben and Amber got me.  It is a taser gun.  They know that I travel here and there quite a bit (North Carolina and KS are two favorites).  Often I am by myself.  They wanted to make sure that I am safe.  Isn’t that sweet?

Three of the pics are of the kids playing at their favorite park.  We have a lot of pictures taken at this park.

The first small slot is a PL card.  I wrote about all of the pics (except the bottom left one).  I put a sticker that says fun in the sun and I put arrow stickers on the card, too.

The second small card is a PL card that I did nothing to.

The bottom left picture is a throwback picture of my brother Greg and his son.  He text it to me and I printed it off.  It was at my parents house.  Neither of my parents are with us anymore and their house is someone else’s house.  This picture brings back a lot of memories.  I explained the picture in the bottom small slot.  I put a sticker on a PL card.  I wrote on the sticker with white ink.  I added a camera sticker and basketball stickers.

That is all for PL week 26.  Finally!

God bless!



Twenty-One Pilots Concert (part II)

Hey y’all!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!  I wanted to finish the Twenty-one Pilots concert in PL.  It was such a fun time.

We got pretty close to the singer at one point of the concert.  I got fantastic pictures.

We got pretty close to the singer at one point of the concert. I got fantastic pictures.

The first picture is Tyler getting ready to climb up the pole right in front of us.

The top right picture is when he is almost to the top.

The first small slot is a picture of Tim watching the concert.

The second small picture is of the stage.

The third small slot is when Tyler was climbing on the top.

The last slot is when he was up on top and standing straight.

The large slots on the bottom row are close ups of Tyler.  They are awesome!

That is it for the concert.  Tomorrow – new topic.

God bless!



Twenty-One Pilots Concert

Hello amigos,

Back in June, Tim and I went to Greensboro and picked up Tim’s girlfriend.  We then went to Raleigh to a Twenty-One Pilots concert.  They are such a fun group.

A fun time!

A fun time!

The tickets were just printed out at home.  I saved them and cut out the main information and attached it to a PL card.  I saved a tag from a pair of pants that said “twentyone”.  I attached it to the top of the PL card with adhesive and a brad of an airplane.  I then added clear circle stickers to make the word “pilots”.

The right large picture is of Tim and his gal pal when we first arrived.  I put an acrylic card in front of the picture that says “I am in love with today”.

The first small slot tells about the concert.  It wasn’t a perfect night.  It was an outside arena.  It stormed.  The concert was called off for a while.  We went to the parking garage to wait.  It started again.  It was wonderful but not as long as it would have been otherwise.

The second small slot is of the crowd looking from the parking garage.

The third small slot is a PL card.

The last small slot is a picture I put on  PL card.  The top of the PL card says “Favorite”.  Tyler, the group singer, is on a pole like thing right in front of us.  AWESOME!

The bottom left picture is a selfie – everyone needs to remember that I was at the concert, too.  🙂

Finally, the last picture on the page is the view right in front of us.  We didn’t have a very good view of the stage.  But….we did have the pole right in front of us that Tyler climbed and sang a song from.  Payoff.

That is it for now.

Hope your weekend it wonderful!

God bless!