Project Life Week 34

Hey y’all!

A quick look of the first part of week 34.  My niece, Tiara, came for a visit and we had a good ol time!

First part of PL week 34.

Of course the first thing that anyone would do when visiting is hit the beach.  Matthew, Tiara,and I did just that.  On the first picture I put a gold chipboard circle that says “hello”.  I wrote the word “week” and put numbers for the week 34.

The first small slot is Tiara and I at the beach.

The second small slot is a PL card that I put heart stickers on and wrote “Tiara came for a visit!”.

The right large slot on the top row has a picture of our toes after a pedi.  I put a cute flip flop sticker on the pic, too.

The first picture on the bottom row is Matthew at the beach.

The rest of the pictures are when all of us went to Ben and Amber’s community pool.  It was a good evening.

That is it for today.  Hope to finish up week 34 tomorrow!

God bless!


Project Life Week 33

Hi friends,

I am scrapping week 33.  Moving on through the year.  This is an easy week but the next PL week is another long one because we have company arrive.  Keep our lives fun her in SC.

Project Life Week 33.

It was nice being home after a long vacation but I already missed my family and friends.  The two big pics on the top row is of the kids at the movie theater.  They posed with an advertisement for an upcoming movie.  The first small picture is Matthew with his craft from the library.  The second small picture is of Tim on the first day of his senior year.  It is morning and he isn’t a morning picture.  I wished I would have thought to make him take a better picture since it is his senior year.

On the bottom left I made the first slot to hold two pictures.  I put a picture of Tim (we were taking some possible senior pics in KS) and then a picture of Abigail setting at her desk the first day of school.  The third and fourth small slots have a PL card with the week and what is happening in the pictures and a picture of my daughter in law with a Alice in Wonderland necklace (her favorite) that I got her for her birthday.  The last large picture on the page is of Absey Doodle holding a sign about the first day of school.  I put a cutie pie sticker on the picture.

That is it for this PL week.

God bless!


Project Life Week 32

Hi friends,

Hope your weekend and Monday was fantastic.  I spent my day with two of my grandkids.  Absey was out of school.  We decided to go to their favorite park.  Free entertainment except gasoline.

Week 32 (one page) coming up!

Last day in KS and on our way home.

The first large and small pictures are of celebrating my daughter in law’s birthday early.  The second large picture and then the 3rd small pic is of my plate at Long John Silvers.  Brad had been craving it so Tim and I stopped on the way home and rubbed it in with pictures.  The bottom left picture is of Tim with his uncle.  His uncle has a wig on (to give him a hard time).  Tim’s hair is his with some extra color.  So funny!  The last small pocket and large one is of their cat WAY up high.  On the bottom picture I added a sticker that says, “Let the cat out of the bag.”.

Next PL we will be home!

God bless!


Project Life Week 31 (part IV)

Hi friends,

I am finishing up week 31 today.  So happy to be moving on!

The last part of week 31.

My brother and his family went to the ark in Kentucky.  It is a new attraction that goes along with The Creation Museum.  I have been to The Creation Museum but the ark is new.  I really want to go.  The first picture is of my bro and his family at the ark.  The 2nd slot is a sticker set of Noah’s ark.  This is an old sticker set that I bought then didn’t use.  Some of the animals got bent up but there was plenty to put on one PL card.  I thought it was perfect for this layout.

The first two small slots are of me and my buddy Linda.  We (and two other friends) went out to eat.  We took pictures together because she had a wonderful idea of going on Wheel of Fortune together.  It hasn’t happened yet but who knows?  We needed pics for the application.  The bottom left picture is the whole group at Olive Garden eating lunch.

The third small slot has a PL card that I journaled on to tell about the pictures. I put a sticker that says, “Crop Paper Scissors” instead of “Rock Paper Scissors”.  🙂    We had a crafting night at Linda’s house.  We try to do this every time that I visit and I love it!   On the bottom right picture I put a sticker that says “Love to Scrap”.

That is it for today and week 31!

God bless!


Project Life Week 31 (part III)

Hello my glorious scrappers!

I am working on another day of PL Life.  My album for the year is overflowing so I bought another one and started a new album (#2 for 2016).  I went back and ended book one after June.  This is a first.  The other two years I was able to make it with one very full album.

A fun family time that took place at a place where I have a lot of memories (Not the donuts store.). 

The first large picture and the first two small pictures are from a new donuts store in Wichita, KS.  I had been hearing about it on Facebook for several months.  It is called Hurts Donuts.  The first small slot is a picture of some of the donuts that I got from the drive thru.  I asked for a variety and they gave it to me.  The second small picture is the Whaabulance that they have sitting outside in their parking lot (because it is Hurts Donuts).  We went after I took my nephew and his family to the movie theater.

That is another story.  My nephew wanted to go see Suicide Squad.  He has a cutie patootie daughter that insisted that she needed to see it.  I told them that I was skeptical about her going but they thought it would be fine.  We went.  After a few minutes it was obvious that she wasn’t fine so she and I went theater hopping to kid movies.  I had never done that before but this time I felt ok about it because of the situation.  We did have a good time, too.

The next day I took my nephew’s wife and kiddos to meet other family members at a hamburger/ice cream place in Howard, KS.  SO GOOD!  It is called Toots.  We ate, visited, and the kids played.  A fun time.

I talked all about it on the PL journaling card and added a donuts sticker.

That is all for today – more tomorrow!

God bless!



Project Life Week 31 (Part II)

Hola, sweet friends,

Can’t believe our first Friday in the new year is here already.  It is true that our lives fly by faster the older we get.  Unfortunately, I sometimes find myself wishing mine away.  For example, I sometimes find myself yearning for the weekends and not enjoying the weekdays (which comprise the majority of our lives) as much as I should.  That is probably normal but I don’t think it is good.

While I was in KS I didn’t wish away one second of it.  I so miss my KS family and friends!  Here is the second part of an amazing week.

An amazing day with my son, his wife, and amazing grandkids.

I put as many pics as possible on this page.  On the upper two I put border stickers as dividers so that I could put two pictures in each slot.

The first small slot and the bottom left slot has one picture in it of Ethan with his new bike that his grandpa and I got him.  I added two banners and put haircuts on one and bicycles on the other.  I then added a film strip sticker and a camera sticker to the bottom PL card.   – so cute!

The far right small slot and then the bottom right slot I did the same thing with Lily on her new bike.  To decorate I first added a part of a card (the pink strip with a bicycle on it) to the PL card.  Then I added the bicycle, street sign, and butterfly stickers.  I love it!

The middle two small slots are of the kids waiting on their dad to get a hair cut.  (The second pic is me holding my Lily – doesn’t get to happen often enough).

That’s it for now.

Hope to see you Monday!

God bless!



Project Life Week 31


Hope this year has started out great for you.  I am off sugar (including all soda – miss my Dr. Pepper!).  Next week I am starting Nutrisystem.  I lost quite a bit of weight about 5 years ago using that program so here I go again.  Brad started doing AWESOME a few days ago.  This is going to be a great year of health for us.  Sounds like a typical resolution, huh?  I did it before so I know I can do it again.  This time it just has to stick.

Scrapping most days now.  Have to keep this up.  I have so much that I want to accomplish.  Today the start of PL Week 31.

Week 31 (the start) was a really good week.

The top slot has a picture of Tim and my Olathe KS family’s dog.  Such a great animal.  I put it on a PL card.  I added a clear disc with a gold 31 on it.  I put a banner above it and added alphastickers for the word week.  Can you see my substitution?  I ran out of e’s.  That is pretty common using the work “week” all the time.  I used backwards 3’s.  I also added a suitcase sticker since we were on vacation.  The 2nd picture is Tim, the awesome dog, and my beautiful niece Courts.

The first small slot is a PL journaling card that I wrote about the pictures on.  I added paw print stickers below the words.  The next two small pictures and the first bottom picture are of my KS family when we met at a restaurant.  The Last small picture is of Ethan with his new bicycle helmet on.  The last picture on the page is Lily getting her first professional haircut.  She was awesome!  I put the picture on a PL card.  I added a sticker that says, “new beginnings” and a cute butterfly sticker.

That is it for the start of the awesome week.

God bless!


Gluing a Puzzle

Hi friends,

Gluing a puzzle together sounds easy enough – I have done it once before – but I decided that I wanted to make it easier this time (and better).

When putting my puzzle together (I started it on Thanksgiving with a few family members.  Then my granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and husband also added some pieces.) I started it on a thin board.

*side note* My husband did something so easy that my grandkids have enjoyed so much over the last few years.  This thin board is one that my husband drew a quick race track on for them to use hot wheels to race on.  It took him less than 5 minutes.  He used a black Sharpie.  It slides behind our piano when not in use.

I did the puzzle on this board so I could move it to another table if needed.  It probably took me three weeks to complete it.  It was 550 pieces and I did most of it on my own just doing a few pieces at a time.  We are going to have an “ocean” themed room so my husband and I decided to frame the puzzle.  The first step is to glue it.

So….after the puzzle was complete I laid out three pieces of wax paper (larger than the size of the puzzle) right beside the board.  I (with my hubby’s help) slid the puzzle from the board onto the waxed paper.  Then we slid the wax paper with the puzzle on top back onto the board.  I used Mod Podge to glue the puzzle.  A tip was to use Mod Podge with a matte finish so that there wouldn’t be any shine.  Before starting the application I pushed down on the puzzle and also pushed in from the sides (running my hands over the top from the sides towards the middle) to make the puzzle as flat and tight as possible.  Using a medium sized paint brushed I applied Mod Podge all over the top and sides of the puzzle making sure that every piece was thoroughly covered.  Then, drying time.

The purpose of the wax paper is to create a surface that won’t be harmed and for easy removal of the puzzle afterwards.

My puzzle turned out great.  I am planning on framing it myself.  I haven’t got to it yet but my puzzle is securely in one piece waiting for me.

Baby sea turtles. So cute!

Have a blessed day!


Project Life Week 30 (Part V)

Happy New Year, friends!

Boy am I behind on PL!  My philosophy is, “Never give up!”.  This is the final episode of week 30.  Onward and upward!

5th and final episode of PL week 30.

We were at my brother’s creek.  These are pictures of my husband, me, my son, my grandson, my brothers, my sister-in-laws, and my nieces and nephews.  I wrote names on the pictures with my much loved slick writers.  I used a sticker that says “Ethan” on one picture with him (I once bought a page of stickers with only his name printed all over it.  I wish that I had one for all the grandkids).  The only slot that doesn’t have a family picture is one with a PL card that has sun rays on it.

Finally ready for week 31.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!


Project Life Week 30 (part IV)

Hello (ho, ho, ho),

Christmas is over but the Christmas spirit remains around here.  Friends are coming to visit and that is AWESOME!

Hurrying up to get everything posted so  that I am all ready to have fun when friends arrive!

Tim with family in SE KS.

We went to SE KS.  My grandson went with us.  My sis-in-law and her girls made us some awesome tasting and beautiful pies.  I had to take pictures of them and add some fun stickers to the pictures and to PL cards.  I also took advantage of some KS stickers that I had and some summer stickers on PL cards.

The top picture is Ethan (grandson) and his cousin.  The far right slot has pics of two nieces with the lemon meringue pie.  The bottom left pic is my sis-in-law and my sweet nephew.  The 3rd small slot is the rhubarb pie.  Finally, the last large slot is Tim, Ethan, and Brad riding in the back of the truck to the water hole.  The kids all swam.  Fun times!

That is it for this page.

God bless!