Project Life Week 42


A fun week with Project Life. A fun but short week.  Only one layout for this week.

Week 42.  Short and sweet.

In the top left and bottom left pictures I have pics of Flat Stanley.  He is a story book character that one of our friend’s son sent us to have adventures with.  If you haven’t heard about him then look him up on the computer.  It is really fun.  In the top picture the kids and I are holding Flat Stanley.  In the bottom picture we made him a place to stay in Abigail’s doll house.

There are three pictures of our front door decorated for Halloween.  It wasn’t hard to do and turned out really cute.  I did learn a lesson.  Never use masking tape on the door like that.  It was very hard to get off.  Brad had to help me and it was difficult for him, too.

The bottom small slot has a picture of Matthew with a library book.  He is quite the character – just like Flat Stanley!

The second small slot has a PL journaling card.  I wrote about the pictures and put a sticker of a silly pumpkin on it.

The third small slot has a PL card that I put alpha/numeric stickers on that say Week 42.

That is it for week 42.

May God bless you and your loved ones!


Project Life Week 41 (part II)

Hello Laddies and Lasses,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  A great day to be alive!  And it is a Friday?  How great is that?

Last part of PL week 41.

This page mostly has the kids at the playground when I was watching them.  The top small slot is a PL card decorated with di-cuts and stickers.  The third small slot is almost the same as the previous layout.  It is a fall colored PL card with metal adhesive leaves on it.

The last picture is me hooked up to take a sleep study.  I had been talking to my friend, Terri, about it.  She had a sleep study previously.  I sent her a picture of me looking oh so cute – yeah….

In the last small slot I have a PL journaling card.  I wrote on the top about the park and the bottom about the sleep study.  I divided the two with a border sticker.

That is it for this layout.  Week 42 next week.

God bless!


Project Life Week 41 (part 1)

Howdie Howdie!

Another week of PL is upon us.  In this week we start off finishing up our evacuation due to Hurricane Matthew.

Enjoying cousin time before going home from running from a hurricane.

This is a new PL week so I started off with a PL journaling card.  I put alpha/numeric stickers to tell that it is the 41st week of the year.  Underneath that I wrote about what was going on in the picture beside it.  I also “x”ed what day it was using the calendar provided by the journaling card.  Below that I wrote about what we found when we got home.

The right top picture is of the cousins at a fair.  We left the following morning.

The first small picture is of our fence.  A lot of the post were hollowed out.  The picture below that is of where our fence was blown down.  Work for Brad and Tim. (I even contributed a bit.)  I mounted the blown down fence picture on a PL card.  I journaled about it on the side and put a sticker that says, “Living on the edge”.

The second small picture is a fall looking PL card with metal leaf stickers adhered.

The third small slot is a picture of a booth at the fair.  It has hat pins (there was also jewelry) made from bullets.

The last small slot is of a few Halloween decorations that I found at our new favorite thrift store.

The last picture of the page is also mounted on a PL card.  I wrote about it on the side.  It is of a tree that was bent sideways.  It is at the outlets in Bluffton.  There were so many trees destroyed in the area – especially on Hilton Head.

That is it for the start of this week.  More tomorrow – I hope.

God bless!


Project Life Week 40 (part II)


Finishing up week 40 today.  Can’t wait to get our painting at our house started and finished.  The house put back together.  Company visiting.  Us vacationing.  Getting ready for graduation.  Watching our youngest graduate.  So much to look forward to.  Now….I just need to breathe.

How we spend our time when we evacuate.

The first picture is really fuzzy.  We drove by where the skate park is here in Bluffton.  The National Guard was setting up to help however they could.  There were a lot of soldiers on site.  Pretty awesome!

We went to a park in GA with my niece and her friend.  We took a lot of pictures.  Diego even got to go.  Fun time.  I wrote about it on a PL journaling card on the second row.

The last picture is of my cute toe nails.  I had fall leaves painted on them.  I had blingy shoes, too.  I got a little pampered during this evacuation.

That is it for now.

God bless!


Project Life Week 40 (part I)

Hi my faithful few,

Back to Project Life today.  Twelve more weeks until LAST year is finished.  I am always on catch up.  🙂

Evacuating for a hurricane – this KS girl never thought that would happen.

The first pic is before evacuation.  It was a pretty nice day.  I was wearing my shirt that said, “The beach is calling and I must go”.  Brad and I went.  Beautiful!

The second card on the top row is a PL journaling card.  I journaled about Hurricane Matthew and about evacuating.  I adhered a bottle top that had October printed on it on the card. I also wrote the week number.

On the second row I put pictures of us getting ready to evacuate (of course we had to take our pup.  The right half had one picture, cut in half, of our home.  I wasn’t sure what it would look like when we returned.

On the bottom row was a picture of Tim in the car waiting for us to leave.  I wrote the date with a slick writer on the picture.  The last picture was the three of us standing in front of our house.  We really didn’t know what to expect but it all worked out fine.  Praise the Lord!

Many blessing to you all!


Tough Little Guy

Hi friends,

This is the last layout that I have for Matthew’s album.  Then to finish up Project Life for the year.  I have enjoyed this album.  My youngest grandson will be turning 5 in a few months.  I see another album (for all of my grandkids) in the future.  Before that, PL and Tim’s scrapbook(s) for high school.

This boy pulls my heart strings every day (as do all of my grandkids).

On this layout I used one of the pieces of decorative paper from Matthew’s album.  I matted the right picture but adhered the other picture right onto the background sheet.  After that was adhered I adhered the matted picture and had it butt right up against the other picture.  I had a cute suns and clouds sticker that I put at the top of the left picture.

The word little was already on the paper (it was to be put beside another page that had another word on it to make a two page layout but that isn’t how I chose to do it).  I used alpha stickers to put “tough” beside “little” and “guy” below the word.

I then used a strip of paper that I had been saving for a long time.  It says, “the world is mud-licious and puddle wonderful”.  I put it just above the top right picture, leaving a space above it to put a tag.  On the tag I wrote, “Happy 4th birthday” and then the date.  I adhered it with a brad in the shape of a star.

That is it for today (and for this album).  I have already organized the album in chronological order and it is lovely.  I hope that he loves it some day.

God bless!


Times with Grandpa

Hello readers!

This page includes both kids but the starring role is their grandpa.

Grandpa time!

I picked a bright fun piece of cardstock to start this layout with.  I matted the bottom picture.  I then trimmed, layered and matted the top two pics. I left the bottom corner of the mat on even though the pictures weren’t in that corner.  I added a sticker that says “My” and a sticker that says “Grandpa” to that portion.  I used border stickers to surround that area.  I also used border stickers on the bottom right photo. Below that photo I added a sticker that says “Here comes TROUBLE”.   Finally, I trimmed down the bottom picture and matted it.  I put a fish sticker that was the approximate size of the picture on the top of the picture and then I put a sticker that says “The Good Guys” below.  Last but not least in the top right portion of the layout I added playground stickers.  A bright, fun page.

God bless you and all of yours!


May, May, Go Away, It is Matthew’s Birthday!

Howdie ho, neighbor!

This is a picture from the same set of pics that I have been scrapping for a few days.

Celebrating Matthew’s birthday!

I wanted to use a piece of decorative cardstock that had the birthday month all over it.  Unfortunately It was a pink background.  I decided to go ahead and use it but try to draw the attention away from the color.  I did that by using another color that was on the paper and it was a kind of avocado green.  I matted the picture with that color and made sure that when I adhered it to the page that the big green word “May” was not covered.  I added a border strip on top of the mat and on the bottom.  I then added a sticker of a camera that says, “Smile for the camera”.  The last thing that I did was to add a cute card that says, “Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake.”.

Fun page for a fun BOY.

God bless!


Shirtless Matthew


Another cute layout has been completed.  This boy is photogenic!  🙂  I am an unbiased grandma – ha ha!

My cute dude!

This decorative piece of paper was from a Carnival Cruise line packet.  I didn’t want it to say carnival and I didn’t want it to show a fancy drink that was on the page by the palm tree.

The first thing that I did was to trim around the chair and the palm tree leaf where I new that I wanted it to hang over the mat that I was going to put Matthew’s pics on.  I used my X-acto knife.  I matted Matthew’s pics and then put them on the decorative paper. I adhered the part of the chair that I had trimmed around and the leaf that I had cut around to the mat.   I added a border strip on the mat, too. I used another smaller palm tree sticker and a monkey sticker to cover up the fancy drink.  I added a pair of sunglasses on top of the chair and then I also added a little starfish sticker to the bottom right corner.

A cute page was born!

God  bless!

See you tomorrow (I hope).


Fun in the Sun (or in the Studio)

Hello friends,

So happy that you are here and taking an interest in my creations and in creating new ones of your own.  In a few days I will have to take a break because painters are coming to paint my scrapbook room.  I have to pack it up and put it away and then do the opposite.  When we moved to this house my scrapbook (craft) room had an elephant on the wall as you walk in and a monkey in a palm tree (that continues onto the ceiling)  on the far wall.  As I am packing up and putting away I am trying to go through some of it and get rid of what I will never use.  I am trying not to be a scrapbooking hoarder.  That is tough.  I am also trying to organize as I go so that when it comes time to unpack I can make things a little nicer and neater.  (Hoping my hubby will help).

Meanwhile I am trying to get a few more pages done before that happens.

This is a cute pic of Matthew.  We always try to have cute outfits to put on the kids when they have their pics taken.  Well, Matthew’s mama came up with the idea of taking off clothes (just his shirt) since we were having a beach background.  It turned out really cute.

Baywatch for kids. 🙂

I started with a orange piece of cardstock (Matthew’s favorite colors – as I have said before).  I then put the half page of cardstock that has the saying on it on the left side of the page.  I matted Matthew’s picture (before matting it I used a X-acto knife and cut around the ticket, half circle of triangles, and the tags on the right of the mat.  I put them on top of the picture and added a little adhesive to the back of them to make them lay flat) and then added some cute stickers and di-cuts (including the cute camera).

So cute!

More where this came from!

See you tomorrow!

God bless!